March 11, 2021 Special Dispatch No. 9227

Hong Kong Filmmaker Wong Jing Calls For Crackdown On 'Those Who Use Government Or Private Funds To Promote Anti-China Sentiment And Unrest In Hong Kong Films'

March 11, 2021
China | Special Dispatch No. 9227

On March 5, 2021, renowned Hong Kong filmmaker, actor, and screenwriter Wong Jing was applauded by state media for his vehement support for a draft decision by China's top legislature to profoundly change the electoral system of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR).

In an interview with the CCP-affiliated Global Times the next day, Wong called the implementation of the National Security Law and the proposed "reform and improvement" of the electoral system a "life-saving anchor" for Hong Kong. He also revealed that he was writing a script depicting the so-called "black violence" in Hong Kong,[1] and suggested cracking down on all kinds of government funding for films promoting anti-China sentiment and unrest in Hong Kong.[2]

Following is a full translation of the Global Times article with Wong's interview:[3]

Wong Jing (Source: Xinhua)

'I Want To Strike Those Who Harm The Motherland Square In The Face'

"The 'God of Gamblers' movie series, 'Hail the Judge,' and 'Royal Tramp' – For mainland audiences, Hong Kong director Wong Jing's films were once a window into Hong Kong. In recent years, in addition to directing, the still-prolific Wong Jing has become an outspoken voice on current events, where he maintains his forthright, opinionated and fiery style. For example, Wong repeatedly scolded anti-China Hong Kong rioters on social media during the Hong Kong riots in 2019. Last December, when Jimmy Lai Chee-ying[4] was taken in a van to the Lai Chi Kok Reception Centre [a Hong Kong prison], Wong applauded: 'Jimmy Lai, the number one traitor against China and Hong Kong, is finally in prison! No umbrella can protect him![5] ... Hope that they give him life imprisonment, so that Hong Kong can have a future! You reap what you sow!'

Apple Daily founder Jimmy Lai is escorted to a prison van after being charged under the National Security Law in Hong Kong, on December 12, 2020. (Source:

"While it may seem that people in show business are reluctant to discuss politics, Wong Jing is an exception. When asked why, he told the Global Times that it was 'mainly because I can't hold my tongue.' Wong claimed that he was unafraid even when the black rioters were at their ferocious peak: 'Why should I be afraid of them? How can someone like me, who comes from the relentless Hong Kong film industry, be afraid of those kids? This is just who I am. I wouldn't claim to be the most patriotic, but I'm doing my part and willing to strike those who harm the motherland square in the face.'

"Mr. Wong Tin-lam, Wong's father, worked for Sun Luen Films in the early years; it is more commonly known as the 'Sun' in the abbreviation for the three Hong Kong patriotic film studios 'Cheung-Fung-Sun.' According to public information, 'Cheung-Fung-Sun' are leftist film companies founded in the 1950s in Hong Kong, among which 'Cheung Sing' ['Great Wall'] boasts many famous Shanghai film makers who had come from the south, and produced star actors, such as Xia Meng (Hsia Moon), Shi Hui and Fu Chi. 'Fung Wong' ['Phoenix'] is a sister company led by master Zhu Shilin, at the time a young writer and director who was behind a number of great and popular comedies, earning it the moniker 'House of Comedy.' Finally, Sun Luen Films supported the creation of excellent post-war Cantonese films and was part of the colonial left's cultural front. The Global Times reporter would like to note that Wong Jing often posts on social media in memory of his father.

"When asked if he was concerned about people accusing him of being a Mainland 'loyalist,' Wong responded that he is just a commoner who says what he wants and is not 'doing it for money' or 'shooting whatever he can.' 'In any case,' he mused, 'I've been making films nonstop for the past few years!'"

'The National Security Law Is A Mirror That Reveals The True Form Of All These Demons And Monsters'

"Wong told the Global Times that Hong Kong's National Security Law and the reform of the electoral system are a 'life-saving anchor' for Hong Kong.' 'Those anti-China Hong Kong rioters were unstoppable in previous years,' Wong said, 'but when the National Security Law went into effect, they dispersed like birds and beasts, and now they're wagging their tails and begging for mercy in court, saying how they are so 'miserable' and how much they 'love their families' just to get bail, so I think this law is a mirror that reveals the true form of all these demons and monsters.'

"According to Wong, this is a litmus test for the robustness of the anti-China Hong Kong rioters' 'ideology,' and as it turns out, the majority of them are doing it for their own short-term gains, while others are doing it because of 'naive illusions' or out of 'delusion.' Overall, however, they lack a solid foundation on which to stand.

"Wong believes that reforming Hong Kong's electoral system is a necessary step for the future of the SAR. 'Once the electoral system is changed, they basically have no way to exploit the loopholes and can no longer use their positions to profit off certain forces.' He also believes that the electoral reform in Hong Kong will help the younger generation understand what is truly a benign political participation, giving them hope for the future."

'I Believe That In Future There Will Be More And More Measures To Support Patriotic Filmmakers'

Occupy Central (Source: Photo by Felix Wong)

"The conflict between 'blue' and 'yellow' [i.e. police and protesters] has spread from the streets to all walks of life in recent years, and the political schism has had an impact on Hong Kong's cultural sector. Wong told the Global Times that the implementation of Hong Kong's National Security Law and electoral reform would be beneficial in reducing conflict and saving Hong Kong cinema. 'These days, nearly half of Hong Kong's young film workers are 'lost sheep,' believing in the same anti-China Hong Kong rioters' discourse that targets more senior film workers, including myself.'

"This schism, according to Wong, began with the illegal 'Occupy Central' Hong Kong movement in 2014. 'When I was looking for crew members for a film I was working on a few years ago, one of the men referred to me as 'Police Jing' [literally, 'topaz,' a wordplay on Wong's name] and threatened to not work with me.' Wong expressed his concern to the Global Times that talented young people will go astray and only make films for their own consumption. If this trend continues, Hong Kong cinema will be doomed, because it is now impossible to make films for only one city. 'As far as I'm aware, they lose money on every film they make, and their funding is limited to government funds or foreign agencies.'

"'I hope that in the future, those who have gone down the wrong path will take advantage of the opportunity to correct their mistakes. Only then will there be a ray of hope for the future of Hong Kong cinema.' Wong believes the government will take steps to reform Hong Kong's cultural sector: 'I believe there will be more and more measures to support patriotic filmmakers in the future, and at the same time I suggest cracking down on those who use government or private funds to promote anti-China sentiment and unrest in Hong Kong films,' he said.

"'I dare not say whether it will be made eventually, but I am writing it,' Wong said of a script he's working on about Hong Kong's 'black violence.' When asked if he plans to run for office after the reform of Hong Kong's electoral system, Wong said he hasn't considered it yet, but that he would be obligated to do so if the country and Hong Kong require it."


[1]黑暴势力hēibào shìlì , literally "Black Violent Forces," is a 2019 neologism used by Chinese media for protesters in Hong Kong who opposed the National Security Law because of black clothing worn by many of them.

[3], March 7, 2021.

[4] Lai Chee-Ying (Jimmy Lai, b. 1947) is a self-made Hong Kong billionaire, media mogul, and pro-democracy activist who was arrested in the August 2020 police raid of his Apple Daily tabloid newsroom on suspicion of collusion with foreign forces under the National Security Law. See MEMRI Special Dispatch No. 9103, Chinese Dissident Wang Dan: Through 'Red Terror,' Xi And The CCP Seek To Crush Hong Kong People's Resolve To Fight, December 22, 2020.

[5] Following a 2014 series of sit-ins, in which many participants used umbrellas to shield themselves from tear gas and other projectiles fired by the Hong Kong police, the umbrella has become widely associated with Hong Kong anti-central-government protesters.

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