February 20, 2014 Special Dispatch No. 5653

Hizbullah's Al-Manar TV: Jews Invented Superman In The Service Of Global Jewish Goals

February 20, 2014
Lebanon | Special Dispatch No. 5653

According to an Al-Manar TV report, titled "Jews, Movies, Hollywoodism, and the American Dream" and broadcast on February 10, 2014, Hollywood was a Jewish invention, the goals of which were "to take over the greatest superpower in the world, to control all aspects of its daily life, and to harness it in the service of Jewish goals worldwide."

Following are excerpts:

Reporter: "[The American Jews] felt rejected by real American society. Therefore, they tried to change society's opinion of them by inventing cinematic characters that would serve as role models. That's when it all began. Everybody wanted to be like Superman, the hero from outer space, who could not fit in society as Superman, so he invented a character that was better suited for American society – the feeble, bespectacled Clark Kent."

Farroukh Majidi, university professor and international photographer: "If you hit the heart of somebody, the result is short term, but if you hit his brain, then the result is long term."

Reporter: "Incidentally, Superman was invented by the Jew, Joe Schuster."

Farroukh Majidi: "They try to make you believe that what you think comes out of yourself."

Reporter: "Hollywood is a Jewish invention that changed the way Americans view America, and created dreams, rather than reality. They managed to make the Americans live the dream, divorced from reality. Undoubtedly, the goal was to take over the greatest superpower in the world, to control all aspects of its daily life, and to harness it in the service of Jewish goals worldwide. Whenever someone challenges this, Superman is ready to deal with him."

Farroukh Majidi: "What is most dangerous is if you believe their culture. You should focus on that – not about a movie about a Jewish person who was the best, who was a savior, or a hero, or whatever. This is not going to touch us. What is touching us, what is ruining us, ruining our culture, is the penetration of their culture through mass media, through their movies, through this television. This is what we have to be aware of."


Reporter: "The Jews consider [Carl] Laemmle to have saved hundreds of people from the so-called 'Holocaust.' 'Schindler's List' is perhaps one move that implies this. This film was produced and distributed by Universal Studios.

"Carl Laemmle, the founder of Universal Studios, renounced his German identity for the sake of his Jewishness. He made money and used it for the Jewish enterprise. He worked to keep Hollywood in Jewish hands only. This influence continues to this day."


Farroukh Majidi: "I think we should think completely in another direction – to fight against what they want to do. Of course, this is their country, this is their culture, and they want to conquer all the world. As we want. But they know how to do it, and we don't.


"With this technology, with this equipment, with this skillfulness of the people… In this way, you believe that they are different. They know exactly how to use it because they have a lot of specialists, who surround them for making a movie, and we don't have it. Just we think about the subject from a political point of view."


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