October 11, 2005 Special Dispatch No. 1002

Hizbullah's Al-Manar TV Interviews Head of Swedish 'Radio Islam': The Muslims' War is with the Jews; Judaism is a Criminal Mafia, Not a Religion

October 11, 2005
Special Dispatch No. 1002

In a September 30, 2005 interview on Hizbullah's Al-Manar TV, Ahmad Rami, director of "Radio Islam" in Sweden, stated that the Jews had, via the media and politics, completely occupied the West and the entire world, that "the Jews in Sweden, Germany, France, and America have rights that even the citizens of those countries do not have," and that "Judaism is not a religion, [but] a criminal and dangerous mafia."

It should be noted that, Rami was found guilty of incitement against Jews in Sweden and served six months in prison and Radio Islam was shut down. It restarted as a website and its servers are located in the United States (for more information about the location of the server, see footnote below). [1]

The following are excerpts from the interview. To view this clip visit:
The Jews in the West have 100% Complete Control of the Media, Control All Political Parties

Ahmad Rami: "Today, the Westerners harbor great respect for Hizbullah in their souls."

Host: "In public opinion?"

Rami: "Yes, in public opinion. They respect Hizbullah because it is waging Jihad."

Host: "Do you mean in Sweden, or Europe in general?"

Rami: " Europe in general. Sweden 's greatest author, Jan Myrdal, said to me: 'You Muslims may need our support, but we need your Jihad. Otherwise, whom will we support?' If there is no Jihad and resistance, who will the free people in the West support? There are free people in the West."


"The Zionist control of the media imposes a kind of media terrorism and hypocrisy, in such a way that many Swedes have a public opinion which they express on radio and TV. If [a Swede] wants to live a normal life and have work, he must claim to be Israel 's friend and the enemy of Israel 's enemies. But when you talk to regular Swedes, and even authors, privately, they are all against Israel and against the Zionist occupation. Nevertheless, if Israel finds itself in danger and if we become stronger than it, no Westerner will come to its defense.

"The Jews in the West – and this has become a tradition – have 100% complete control of the media, of the political parties, of the trade unions, and of the publishing houses. They politically control all the parties, from Right to Left.

"We can say today... I gave a lecture in Berlin recently, and a young man said to me: 'If we, the free people, get to rule [this country], we will help the Palestinian people.' I said to him: 'Brother, if you liberate Germany from Israeli control and occupation, we will talk about Palestine. The problem is that Israel and the Jews are using you, your strength, and your technology to fight us.'

"Ninety percent of the Israeli infrastructure was built with West German money. Therefore, Israel is a criminal beggar who receives money and aid and imposes his terms on those who support him. Generally, the one giving aid is the one who dictates the terms – whereas Israel receives aid, yet humiliates Germany, for example, and imposes its terms upon it.


"If the Jews were satisfied with the occupation of Palestine, the Westerners might not have had a problem. The problem is that they are occupying America, they are occupying France and the West in general. in terms of media, and culture and politics. This is real occupation.

"The difference between the occupation of Palestine and that of the West is that in Palestine, the occupation is mechanical and military, whereas the occupation of the West is an occupation of values, of mind, of ideology, and of culture. The Palestinian and South Lebanese bodies still have antibodies, whereas the Jewish occupation of the West resembles a cancer, a cancerous tumor, which the body cannot feel, and thus it can spread. They are trying to do the same thing in the Arab world. They use the normalization of relations to make this tumor spread throughout the Arab and Islamic world, and to paralyze us, to turn into cancer."


"Our War is with the Jews"

Host: "Don't you distinguish between Jews and Zionists?"

Rami: "The Jew is proud of being a Jew. He has called his country 'the Jewish State.' Why don't we call things by their real names? I have interviewed Jews who said that 99% of the Jews support Israel and act to help it."

Host: "True, but the basic question I'd like you to answer is whether, in your opinion, there is no difference between Zionism as an ideological political movement and Judaism as a religion."

Rami: "I believe that the Jew is more dangerous than the Zionist. Why? Because the so-called settlers..."

Host: "You attack the Jews as Jews. But we know that historically, Jews lived in Islamic countries. In fact, if we compare the history of the Jews in Arab countries and in Western countries, we will discover a great discrepancy. Whereas Judaism is thousands of years old, Zionism is only a few centuries old."

Rami: "Do you allow me to respond?"

Host: "Go ahead."

Rami: "I do not agree with you, because... Today, the so-called settlers, who are now fighting Sharon, oppose Zionism even though they are Jewish. They even refuse to serve in the Israeli army. All the Jewish rabbinical schools belong to this Jewish stream, which does not even recognize Israel, because it wants Greater Israel, from the Nile to the Euphrates. They consider the Zionists to be infidels. The Orthodox Jews consider the Zionists to be infidels who violated the religion..."

Host: "Because they rebelled against the divine will."

Rami: "Precisely. But what do they want? These settlers, who oppose the withdrawal from Gaza, want [a state] from the Nile to the Euphrates..."

Host: "Who wants that?"

Rami: "The Jew, the Jews... the Orthodox Jews. These so-called extremist Jews do not recognize Zionism. There can be no Zionism without Judaism."

Host: "True, but there can be Judaism without Zionism. What you said in the beginning is only half the truth. Zionism is a political ideological movement among the Jews. Therefore, there is no Zionism without Judaism, but the opposite is true as well."

Rami: "I am a Muslim. I am not a Communist or a Marxist. I oppose both Marxism and Communism. This analysis of yours is a Marxist-Communist analysis, because the Koran says that our battle is with the Jews. Zionism is not mentioned in the Koran. Our war is against the Jews.

"We should not turn tactics into strategy. Yasser Arafat's problem was that he tried to use tactics, and he repeated these tactics and these lies so many times, until they turned into strategy. Just like the Jews say clearly that they want their state to be Jewish, not Zionist, we want an Islamic state on Palestinian land, because it is our land, and the land of the Christians as well...

"By the way, Radio Islam in Sweden... During the trial against Radio Islam, the Swedish church stood by my side and supported me and Radio Islam, arousing the wrath of the Jews in Sweden. We should...

"The definition of who is a Jew is their problem. The Jews will not be the ones to define Islam for us, and say who are Muslims and who are Islamists. At most, we can say that the difference between Zionism and Judaism is like the difference between a carpenter and his hammer, or between Islam and the Islamists. What is Islam without a movement for its realization? The Jews... Zionism seeks to realize Judaism.


"We are now resisting the Jewish invasion. In the West... You can't find a single Jew in Sweden..."

Host: "...who does not sympathize with Israel."

Rami: "...who is not both a Jew and a Zionist. It's the same thing."


"When I lived in Morocco, I could have criticized anything except the ruler, who is the king. When I reached Sweden, I found that I could criticize anything and anyone..."

Host: "Including the king."

Rami: "Including the king. But I have no right to criticize the true rulers, the Jews. Moreover, the Jews are trying to implement a policy of stages, like Kissinger's policy. First they fought to prohibit the criticizing of Jews and of Judaism. They succeeded in bringing about laws forbidding the criticism of Jews. The second stage, in which they have now succeeded, is the prohibition on criticizing Zionism.

"In the trial against me, which lasted six months, I was accused of lack of respect for the Jewish people. My lawyer told the general prosecutor that Ahmad Rami is criticizing only the Jews, not the Zionists... The general prosecutor responded: 'But when Ahmad Rami says...'"

Host: "You were jailed in Sweden."

Rami: "Yes, I was sentenced to six months in jail. The general prosecutor said: 'When Ahmad Rami says Zionist, he means Jew.' They read what's on my mind.


"The Jews in Sweden, Germany, France, and America Have Rights That Even The Citizens of Those Countries Do Not Have. Judaism is a Criminal and Dangerous Mafia"

"The Jewish organizations are very smart, and they control the situation in the West. They studied the political map and infiltrated all parties, from Right to Left. They have completely occupied the political parties."

Host: "And this is true for Sweden ?"

Rami: "Yes. All the parties... In the Social Democratic Party, for example, all party members who control the ideology, the organization, and even the government are Jews. The police commissioner is a Jew... The head of the party... Even the party... From Right to Left, the Jews control all the parties.


"There is a battle between dead nations and living nations. The Jews are now active. They have occupied the entire world, and they are using their power worldwide to annihilate us and humiliate us, from inside and out. Their control stems entirely from the weakness of the Westerners. Even democracy is in decline in the West, because everything has its ups and downs."

Host: "Like a pyramid?"

Rami: "Yes. In the West today... For example, I, in Sweden, am fighting for freedom of speech for everybody in Sweden. In Germany I told them that now... I was asked: What is your Jihad? Why are you fighting? I told them: I am fighting so that the Swedes will have the same rights as the Jews in Sweden. I am fighting so that the Swedes will have the same rights as the Jews. The Jews in Sweden, Germany, France, and America have rights that even the citizens of those countries do not have."


"As far as I'm concerned, Judaism is not a religion. Judaism is a criminal and dangerous mafia."

[1] is registered at Clever Computers, Inc. in Atlanta, GA.

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