August 25, 2021 Special Dispatch No. 9515

Hizbullah Secretary-General Nasrallah Lashes Out Against U.S. Embassy In Lebanon In Several Consecutive Statements: Ambassador Shea Is A 'Crone,' Pits Lebanese Against One Another; U.S. And Saudi Arabia Failed To Cause Civil War In Lebanon, Are Now Trying To Cause Its Disintegration

August 25, 2021
Lebanon | Special Dispatch No. 9515

Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah said that the U.S. administration is running an economic and media war in Lebanon from within its embassy. He made these remarks in a public address that was posted on Spot Shot on YouTube on August 19, 2021. Nasrallah said that U.S. Ambassador Dorothy Shea meets with "so-called NGOs" and makes demands of them, incites, and bankrolls them. He said that the U.S. Embassy colludes and conspires against the Lebanese people.

In an address from August 17, which was aired on Al-Manar TV (Lebanon), Nasrallah said that Ambassador Shea, whom he referred to as a "crone," dictates policy such as demarcation of borders, treatment of the resistance, and succumbing to Israel in meetings with NGOs.

On August 22, 2021, he said in an address that also aired on Al-Manar TV that the U.S. Embassy interferes with fuel and drug companies in Lebanon. Nasrallah added that the U.S. has been working with Saudi Arabia to cause civil war in Lebanon but has failed, so it is now working to cause disintegration in the country. He explained that while in a civil war it characterized by groups and political parties fighting one another, in Lebanon, individuals fight one another. He added that soon people in Lebanon will be shooting and stabbing each other over fuel in gas stations, at bakeries, and over groceries.

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"The U.S. Embassy Is Behind All This Incitement And Media Mobilization, And It Is Pitting The Lebanese Against One Another"

Hassan Nasrallah, August 19: "There are those who seek to impose upon the Lebanese people choices that do not fit their national interests, and with regard to the capabilities of the resistance that can defend this country, as well as with regard to Lebanon's position on all that is happening in the region.

"We know that it is the U.S. administration that is running this war, and that the American Embassy in Aaoukar is the actual den from which this economic and media war is directed.

"The U.S. Embassy is behind all this incitement and media mobilization, and it is pitting the Lebanese against one another. We know that the U.S. ambassador personally meets with so-called NGOs, making demands of them, inciting them, and bankrolling them, and when they fail, she scolds them. Indeed, she will be scolding them for a long time.

"In light of this reality... This embassy in Aaoukar is not [meant] for diplomatic representation. Rather, it is an embassy that conspires and colludes against the Lebanese people, against their daily bread, against the sweat of their brow, and against their human dignity. She does this from her Satanic and strife-spreading position."


"America Wants Lebanon To Be Submissive, To Be Humiliated; What Is Dictated By The State Department, And By The Crone Representing It In Lebanon – Their Ambassador Here – Should Be Met With A Salute"

Nasrallah, August 17: "America wants Lebanon to be submissive, to be humiliated. What is dictated by the State Department, and by the crone representing it in Lebanon — their ambassador here — should be met with a salute by the Lebanese. Appointments, policies, meetings, demarcation of borders, how to deal with the resistance, how to succumb to Israel... Ultimately, Lebanon was part of the axis that defeated the American endeavor several times: In 1982, in 2000, in 2006, in 2011...


"For your information, [the NGOs] are directed by the U.S. Embassy in Aaoukar. In the past, the embassy would contact the heads of the political parties, but not anymore. Now, there are 20 or 100 NGOs — they call themselves 'civil society groups' — and they are in direct contact with the U.S. Embassy, without the mediation of this or that political leader, and they take money directly from the embassy.


"Along With Saudi Arabia, [The U.S. Has] Been Working... To Cause A Civil War In Lebanon; But They Failed... The Alternative Is Causing Disintegration [In Lebanese Society]"

Nasrallah, August 22: "The U.S. embassy does not make do with monitoring and writing reports. No. It interferes in everything — even in the matter of the fuel companies, the drug companies, the monopolies... The U.S. interferes in everything. It even interferes with the NGOs, in addition to the political parties... Wherever it can, it also interferes with the municipalities.

"Okay, today they reached a point, having failed to cause a civil war in Lebanon... They have been trying... I want to be open about it. I don't want to talk about the Arabs but I cannot ignore this. Along with Saudi Arabia, they have been working in the past few years to cause a civil war in Lebanon. But they failed. They were unable to do so.


"What is their alternative [to civil war]? The alternative is causing disintegration. This is what they have been doing since October 17, 2019, and to this day. Causing the disintegration of this society — the state, the political parties, the political forces, the families, the regions, the sects, and even the villages and towns... They do this by harming the means of making a living.

"The in-fighting replaces the civil war in Lebanon. Instead of groups and political parties fighting on another, people will fight people, families will fight families, and people from the same village will shoot one another at gas stations, stab one another with knives. For them, this is just the beginning. Tomorrow, we might shoot one another at bakeries, and over groceries. We saw what happened in the supermarket over subsidized food and over medicine. The country will fall into anarchy."

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