December 29, 2009 Special Dispatch No. 2718

Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah on Al-Manar TV: The U.S. Is a Beast; One Bite by Our Nation and Israel Is Gone; Crowd Replies - "Death to America"

December 29, 2009
Lebanon | Special Dispatch No. 2718

The following are excerpts from a speech given by Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah, which aired on Al-Manar TV on December 25, 2009. In it, Nasrallah called the U.S. a "barbaric" country that regularly engages in wholesale slaughter, and are currently doing so in Iraq.

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"There has Never been a Country … as Barbaric as They are in the USA"

Hassan Nasrallah: "They tell us that America is a civilized country. Blessed be Imam Khomeini for calling it "the Great Satan." Throughout the history of the human race, there has never been a country, a leadership, or an elite as barbaric as they are in the USA. You could not find an elite as hostile to the human race as the elite of the USA."

Crowds: "Death to America.

"Death to America.

"Death to America.

"Death to America."

"Hiroshima and Nagasaki … was Just a Walk in the Park Compared to Where the U.S. Administration is Taking the World"

Hassan Nasrallah: "They don't kill people one by one. They kill them wholesale. Forget about Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This was just a walk in the park compared to where the U.S. administration is taking the world. The main obstacle preventing the international community from reaching an agreement about climate change is the U.S. administration and its policies. You should follow this, because I don't want to spend all my time on this. You should follow all the details, because this is about the future of the human race on this planet. But the Americans – they know how to wear their neckties properly, and know how to speak in diplomatic language, but there is a beast lurking behind their neckties and diplomatic language. This is the truth."


"The Armies are Ready and the Peoples are Ready"

Hassan Nasrallah: "The wars that the U.S. is waging in the region and the world – are they really in order to save the peoples and serve their interests? They say: We have come to save the Afghan people, so we are killing it. This is salvation American-style. They kill. They slaughter. They say: We want to save the Iraqi people, so we are slaughtering it. Your predecessor [Saddam] was also a slaughterer, so what is the difference? They want to save... Are these wars really meant to save anyone? Are these wars waged in order to spread democracy? Are these wars waged in order to instate justice and liberate mankind? That's nonsense, and reality proves it. All these wars are for the sake of the oil, of the gas... Once I had a TV interview, and I brought a list.


"They dismantled their armies and military bases from all over the world, and brought them here. Why? In order to save us from dictatorial regimes? The dictatorial regimes are still there, and they are their allies. For the sake of freedom of speech? No. In order to take over our resources and our wealth.


"When it comes to an all-out war on the level of the nation – I am telling you that the armies are ready and the peoples are ready. The armies are ready, and the peoples are ready. What is this Israel, in the heart of the Arab and Islamic nation? Once there is a will among the elites – because the nation has the will for that... Israel does not amount to more than a mouthful. One bite and it's gone. But the problem lies in the will of the elites in this nation."

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