June 8, 2010 Special Dispatch No. 3011

Head of Palestinian Writers Union in Gaza Presents 'Jewish Plan for Taking over the World'

June 8, 2010
Palestinians | Special Dispatch No. 3011

The head of the Palestinian Writers Union in Gaza, 'Atallah Abu Al-Subh, formerly the culture minister in the Hamas government and currently a columnist in the Gazan paper Filastin, penned a series of articles on the Talmud and The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. He wrote that these books, authored by "rabbis," set out the Jewish plan for taking over the world by various means, including by controlling countries and governments, instigating crises and revolutions, corrupting societies, sowing division in Arab and Muslim society, undermining education and religion, amassing huge weapons arsenals, stealing funds, and seizing property. He added that, since the Jews are liars and swindlers, there is no point in negotiating with them, and the only way to deal with them is through struggle and resistance.

Following are excerpts from the articles:

The Talmud "Presents the Most Despicable of Racist Constitutions"

The first article explains the nature of the Talmud and its "principles." According to Abu Al-Subh, the Talmud sets out a "racist constitution," and since the Jews adhere to this constitution, there is no possibility of making peace with them: "...[The Jews] characterize the Talmud as their oral law which designates them as the descendents of God, just as a son is the child of his father. The Koran [indeed] quotes the Jews as saying: 'We are sons of Allah, and his beloved [Koran 5:18].' [The Talmud] presents the most despicable of all racist constitutions, unparalleled by any law, regime, or [code of] conduct... Since the Jews accept its principles, it is impossible to make peace or coexist with them, or to believe [anything they say]. A brief perusal of some of these principles will reveal to the Palestinian the meaning and purpose… of negotiations with the Jews, and lead him to the inevitable conclusion that such negotiations are futile and are a waste of time and energy."

Abu Al-Subh follows with a presentation of some of these principles:

"1. Do not give meat to a non-Jew. Give it [instead] to a dog, which is better [than a non-Jew]. Gentiles are not dogs but donkeys (and it should be pointed out that [in Jewish culture] dogs are considered better than donkeys). The Jews are the only ones who deserve eternal life, while the others are donkeys, and therefore are not worthy [of eternal life]. Moreover, the Talmud says that the relationship between a non-Jewish child and his family is like the relationship between a donkey and his parents; that is, there is no [meaningful] family bond, and that is why they live in pens. [Also], a Jew is not allowed to marry a non-Jewish woman, because one who does so is marrying a beast!

"2. Non-Jews hold pagan beliefs, and therefore they are pigs, while Jewish men and women are human.

"3. Even though [non-Jews] are donkeys and pigs, God created them in human form out of consideration for the Jews. They exist only to constantly serve the Jews, who are princes, and it would be inconceivable for a prince to be served by a creature whose form he finds repulsive.

"4. Those who adhere to the Talmud believe that 'thou shall not kill' applies to Jews alone, while non-Jews should be exterminated one by one. If not killed, they should at least be maligned... Christian historians relate that in the year 214 [AD] the Jews killed 200,000 Christians in Rome, and that in the same period they [also] exterminated all the Christians living in Cyprus. In 1717 they killed masses of Christians in Amsterdam.

"5. The Talmud also states that non-Jewish women are fair game for Jewish men, and that intercourse with a non-Jewish woman does not constitute adultery. In this manner they have spread promiscuousness and loose [morals] across the world, and have violated all the sacred [principles]. They also permit trapping spies using homosexuality and other sexual deviations...

"6. Their conduct is based on lying (because they are lying to the animals [i.e. to the non-Jews, which they view as permissible]). If a Jew makes a promise to a non-Jew, he does not have to keep it or to be honest... [and] he is exempt from any pangs of conscience or self-recriminations.

"At this point I feel the need to pause and ask: What benefit can a Palestinian gain from negotiating with the Jews, when this is what they believe?... Is [the Palestinian] not familiar with these beliefs and principles? Of course he is, because PLO research centers have published encyclopedias that expose these secret beliefs; moreover, [the Palestinians] undoubtedly have qualified experts [in this field]. These [facts] are well-known to researchers of religion, history and schools [of philosophy]... So how long will [the Palestinians] continue [to negotiate with the Jews]?..."[1]

The Jews Believe They Own the World

According to Abu Al-Subh, the Talmud states that the world belongs to the Jews, and therefore they are allowed to take whatever they want: "The Jews stole our land and our property, and even the smiles of our children and our very bread. They stole the clothes off the back of my mother and father, stole our mosques, our heritage and our history. They did all this based on the Talmud, which commands them not to steal... One of their rabbis has interpreted this to mean that it is forbidden to steal from a Jew, but from a non-Jew one may steal without compunction.

"The Palestinians have long been suffering from this conduct [of the Jews]... Whenever a group of soldiers enters [a Palestinian home] to search it, [the soldiers] steal anything they can get their hands on, even the earring of a little girl. They justify this based on one of their most dangerous principles, which stipulates that 'the whole world belongs to [the children of] Israel, so that when they steal it is not really stealing, because one cannot steal one's own property.' To make things easier for those who hesitate to steal from the gentiles... the Talmud gives an example: 'Just as a housewife lives off her husband's money, the children of Israel should live off the riches of the gentiles' lands without bearing the burden of doing any work.' Now we understand why the Jews [always] want to leave the lowliest jobs to the Palestinians. They concentrate [the Palestinians] in yards called 'slave markets,' and then send them off to collect and sort garbage, purify sewage, clear tables [in bars full] of drunks, sweep the streets and do construction [jobs], taking advantage of their need to earn a living..."[2]

The Peace Process – Part of the Jewish Plan to Take over the World

Next, Abu Al-Subh discusses the Protocols of the Elders of Zion which, according to him, sets out the Jewish plan for taking over the world, and therefore also forms the basis for the peace process with the Arabs: "The Protocols were written by rabbis for the [edification] of the chief Zionist leaders... so as to enable them to seize the riches of the nations, [and to control the minds of] non-Jewish philosophers as well as [non-Jewish] countries, societies, media and education systems, and also the decision making processes in major countries and international organizations. [The Protocols] set out the mechanisms for realizing the major goals of global Zionism, ultimately leading to a complete takeover of the world...

"Each step [in the plan] brings [the Zionists] closer [to their final goal] and they will not relinquish any achievement unless they are assured of additional achievements [in the long run]. In this light we can interpret their advancement in the peace process and the goals they achieved in the Camp David [Accords], in the Wadi 'Araba agreement [i.e., the peace agreement with Jordan] and in the Oslo [Accords]. Even if they appeared to [compromise], they made considerable progress and achieved what they had planned and even more. As for Oslo, they took everything and gave nothing [in return]... Gaza is still under siege, and nothing will liberate it from the humiliating agreements signed by the PLO [in the domains of] trade, economy, education and health, except the establishment of an autarky or something [like it]. But unfortunately there is neither an autarky nor anything else. Understanding this truth is a necessary condition for implementing the Arab-Muslim revival plan, which will awaken the ummah and realize the aspirations of its peoples for a life of freedom and honor." [3]

The Jews Crown Kings and Instigate Revolutions

Abu Al-Subh writes further that the Protocols were approved at the Zionist Congress in Basel, and explains how the Jews go about implementing them:

"1. The takeover of the world will be achieved through terror and [the use of] force, not through debates and academic discussions. That is why Israel possesses the largest arsenal in the Middle East, and strives to [attain military] supremacy on land, in the air and at sea, [and surpass] all the Arab countries put together. It also has nuclear power that rivals that of the superpowers, and perhaps even supersedes many of them. This also explains why the peace negotiations with the PLO were never concluded, even after nearly 20 years of 'academic' debates. On the contrary, Israel exploited [the negotiations] to its own advantage. This places the PLO before a crucial decision, and there is no doubt that giving up [on negotiations] and returning to the path of resistance is the best option.

"2. The Jews regard political liberation as nonsense with which to entrap the masses. This explains Israel's infiltration of Africa and Asia during the 50s and 60s under the pretext of helping the liberation movements to achieve their goals, while in practice [Israel] infiltrated [these regions] only in order to plunder and exploit their resources, [important] sites and people as part of the plan to establish Greater Israel. Israel does not refrain from instigating revolutions and coups in the Arab world. It places one [leader] on the throne and removes another, according to its goals. In the last 60 years we have seen [various] Arab republics, regimes, and kingdoms that later turned out to have been loyal to Israel.

"3. By means of these Protocols, the Jews aim to impose their tyranny upon the nations. [They aim to keep] these nations under the rule of a single [tyrant] who will usurp their freedom and prevent them from realizing their aspirations and hopes, massacre free people [while] promoting traitors, and suppress capable persons while promoting the ignorant. This way, the [Arab peoples] will not develop and threaten Israel. The tyrant will regard [capable people] as a threat to his rule, [so] he will court Israel and ask to cooperate with it in order to consolidate his [control]... The Arab world provides the best examples of the Jews' open and successful backing of tyrannical regimes.

"4. In building their state, the Jews rely on seizing the money and property of the gentiles... In the same way, they [also] stole the lands of Palestine in 1948, and now they are stealing the [lands of the West] Bank, meter by meter, while Jerusalem is almost completely Judaized, and only a small part of it remains [Arab]. The Jews seize customs fees and salaries that rightfully belong to the Palestinians, and the European and American banks, owned by Jews, confiscate the funds of unions, organizations, countries and individuals who oppose Israel, without any regard for human rights or for international law... [These banks] constantly rob countries like Germany, America, and Iraq, and at the same time shirk repaying their debts and strike dubious deals that fill their coffers with profits."4

The Jews Plan to Outlaw All Other Religions

Elsewhere, Abu Al-Subh writes that when the Jews realize their plans for taking over the world, they will outlaw all other religions. He lists several historical examples in support of this claim and says that the Jews had agents who helped them to carry out their plot:

"...1. The Jews used the 'soft war' approach to fight Islam. They established secular and communist parties in Palestine, Egypt, and Syria, and succeeded in seizing control in Russia. They founded the cinema in Egypt, where those responsible for it ravaged Islam and its laws and ridiculed the clerics, portraying them as contemptible characters – greedy, ignorant, and lecherous...

"2. The rabbis' agents, among the notable proponents of secularism and Westernization, succeeded in distancing women from religion, [leaving them] with their faces exposed and half naked – something which harmed the social fabric, as well as family, leaders, and traditions, and caused the spread of prostitution.

"3. The agents prevented the establishment of religion-based parties and fought supporters of the latter, banning them from participating in political life so that they could not attain [positions in] the government or governmental institutions. They purged the military of supporters of the way of Islam by having them sentenced to be discharged from their positions, or to imprisonment or death. [These sentences] were issued by military courts against those who were forced [to confess] and [then] convicted of following the way of Islam. At the same time, [the agents] enabled the left-wing nationalist and secularist forces [to attain positions in the government and military], where they became tools of [Islam's] destruction, better than anything the rabbis had envisioned.

"4. The agents succeeded in driving a wedge between two groups of preachers: clerics in the official religious establishment [on the one hand] and supporters of political Islam [on the other]. They fought an all-out war against the members of the latter group, impeding their proselytizing through intimidation and bans [against their activities]. They attacked them and their families time and again, after they had besmirched [their reputations], called them traitors, and prevented [their activities]."5

The Jews Destroyed Iraq and Afghanistan

"5. [The Jews] sowed seeds of hate among the [various] sectors of Islamic society and sparked civil wars among [them]: between Copts and Muslims, Shi'ites and Sunnis, Muslims and Hindis, among sects, neighborhoods, and organizations. These ongoing wars have brought harm upon individuals, places, mosques, churches, Shi'ite centers, holy tombs, markets, and innocent people. [These civil wars] destroyed everything and caused Islam, Muslims, and [Islamist] extremism to be blamed, which led to rifts, acts of vengeance, and unbridgeable schisms. A brief investigation will expose the fingerprints of a rabbi on the match that sparked [these civil wars].

"6. They encouraged harming the Prophet's image, Allah's prayer and peace be upon him, with an artist's pencil or a pig's head, calling it freedom of expression and creation. They also placed limits on building mosques and minarets, and banned sounding the call to prayer, even in some Islamic countries...

"7. They opened the gates of wealth and moneymaking to the clerics [who served their] leaders, and had fatwas issued requiring [Israel's enemies] to recognize it, make peace with it, normalize [relations] with it. welcome its leaders, and participate in international conventions where rabbis, priests, and imams are assembled together...

"8. Whoever does not comply with the rabbis willingly does so in submission and debasement, with the rabbi's rod on his back, now that the rabbis have chosen a new name for themselves – the New Conservatives – and destroyed Baghdad, Islam's great capital, wreaking havoc on its honorable scientific legacy and smashing its minarets. They did the same thing in Afghanistan [and its capital] Kabul, and they are the ones behind the tragedy in Palestine [that takes place] before the eyes of all the sleeping or collaborating Muslims."[6]

Immorality and Ignorance Are Spread by the Jews

In another article in the series, Abu Al-Subh addresses the state of universities in the Arab world, claiming that moral and cultural decay in higher education is part of the Jews' plan to bring ruin upon other peoples: "The most dangerous aspect in the Protocols – and all [their aspects] are dangerous – is the corruption of universities. It is well known [that universities] are temples of learning and instruction, [where] the next generation is prepared, and that it is students who lead a nation in all aspects of life... The Jews have various ways of carrying out their objectives through their agents, and these are the principal ones:

"1. To [recruit] messengers and brainwash them. They empty [their brains] of the cultural heritage, ideals, and beliefs of the nation, and then fill them with their own philosophies, ideals, and beliefs. When [these messengers] attain positions of leadership, they become tools of destruction vis-à-vis the culture and heritage of the ummah, and builders for the Jewish plan. [All] historians agree that the influence of Nietzsche, Durkheim, Freud, and Marx on society was greater than that of any invading army.

"2. To corrupt the education systems to the extent of creating a generation that does not know the history of its homeland as well as it knows about the Italian, French, and American revolutions, [and] which does not know the heroism of its people as well as it knows about the schools of art and philosophy; [a generation] which knows more about Sartre than Al-Farabi, and more about the negative aspects of the philosophies of Ibn Rushd and Ibn Sina[7] than about their positive aspects. [This generation] calls for women to be liberated, to get jobs and to expose their faces, while relinquishing the rights and duties that Islam has given them.

"3. The universities have become like halls for fashion exhibitions, dancing, song, and games, since these things are considered progressive and enlightened. Civil marriages between male and female students are rampant, as is rebellion against the customs, traditions, and morality of a society, which are considered reactionary, backward and rigid..."[8]

Freemasonry – Another Arm of the Jewish Conspiracy

Abu Al-Subh goes on to claim that throughout history the Jews have carried out their plans covertly by means of other groups, including the Freemasons. He describes the latter as a movement aimed at "establishing a worldwide democratic republic that would wage war against religion, protecting the secular countries only to destroy them later through globalization. They consider officials who serve their country to be anti-Semites, who must be forced to join the Freemasons or else must be ostracized or dismissed from their positions in the name of democracy. This is why the world did not accept the results of the 2006 Palestinian elections and aspires to remove Hamas from power by any possible means. When they failed in this, they stipulated that the siege on Gaza would end only if new elections were held, in order to throw [Hamas] out the same way it came in...

"This movement has worked toward destroying the family through children's education... The 'Zionist [Givat] Haviva Institute' has served a treacherous role in ruining the personalities of a great many adolescents. [This was achieved] by flooding them with activities whose values and goals were carefully chosen, and which completely detached them from the [Palestinian] people and cause, turning them into 'monster' clones of homos, 'homeless,' and bohemians. The [television] program Star Academy is [also] part of this, as the lives of the adolescents [on the program] are wanton, vapid, and base. Those governments that identify, whether in theory or in practice, with the rabbi's program, accept and support this as a positive trend, in order to spread corruption and sordidness..."[9]

In the final article in the series, Abu Al-Subh says the Jewish plot should be fought in the following ways: supporting institutions opposed to the Zionist plan, protecting governmental institutions from the agents of the Jews, increasing awareness and cultivating cultural roots among the youth in order to prevent them from falling into the Jews' trap, and building a generation of leaders who would identify themselves with their homeland. He wrote: "The Jews spark wars, suck blood, slaughter the oppressed, and waste time. [People] of this character and morality can have no edifice, country, or lasting power. It is the logic of history and the story of civilization that informs us of the rise and fall of peoples..."[10]


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