May 27, 2015 Special Dispatch No. 6057

Head Of Jordanian Authors Union: Salafi-Jihadi Organizations Draw Their Methods From Jewish Talmud

May 27, 2015
Jordan | Special Dispatch No. 6057

In a December 24, 2014 column in the Jordanian daily Al-Arab Al-Yawm, Jordanian Authors Union head Dr. Muwaffaq Mahadin claimed that there are ties between Salafi-jihadi organizations and global Zionism and Judaism. The jihadi groups, he said, have even drawn their methods of operation from Zionism and the Talmud, including mass murder, abductions, and the stripping away of human dignity, which he calls "clear Talmudic methods lacking all connection to Islamic heritage."

The following are excerpts from his column:

Dr. Muwaffaq Mahadin (Image:

"The facts and findings on the ground point to a connection between takfiri [jihad] organizations and Zionist circles, but what is more important is the ideological or philosophical dimension that these groups share with global Judaism and its secret circles.

"When these [jihad] organizations carry out mass murder, with suicide operations and various explosive devices, or with other barbaric collective operations such as demanding that a sectarian mob trample and kick someone they have detained, and so on - these are clear Talmudic methods lacking any connection to Islamic heritage and its lofty traditions and practices. [The evidence for this is:]

"1.   In the criminal barbaric Talmudic tradition, the plural form is used very often, such as 'the people came' and 'the people went,' much like the racist [term] 'God's chosen people,' [meaning that this people] can [do] things that are forbidden to foreign 'gentiles,' who are compared to animals that can be killed, whose property can be appropriated, and whose wives may be taken captive. The Ten Commandments [that include] 'thou shalt not kill,' 'thou shalt not steal,' and 'thou shalt not commit adultery' do not apply to the gentiles, which is reminiscent of the concept of citizenship in ancient Greece, where women, foreigners, quarry workers, and prisoners were excluded from citizenship and did not enjoy the equality of others, who were 'free.'

"2.   On the other hand, Islam, just as it stresses the fabric and unity of the ummah, so it also emphasizes reward and punishment, and the rights of the individual: a) Each person is responsible for his own actions, and b) Each person bears his own punishment.

"Therefore, [in Islam,] collective murder and punishment are completely banned, including suicide operations in any civilian population centers. Similarly, no person may be abducted to be exchanged for another who is unrelated to him.

"In conclusion, all the [acts of] mass murder, abduction, and stripping prisoners and captives of human dignity that are carried out by takfiri [jihad] organizations are the fruit of the loins of the Talmudic culture, which contradicts all Islamic heritage and the Islamic text, which explicitly ban unlawful killing."

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