February 3, 2009 Special Dispatch No. 2207

Hamas Leader Khaled Mash'al Meets With Iraqi Terrorist 'Army of the Naqshabandi Order' and Accepts Their Women's Gold

February 3, 2009
Iraq, Palestinian Authority | Special Dispatch No. 2207

A report that aired on Syria's Al-Rai TV on January 22, 200 shows a meeting between Hamas political bureau head Khaled Mash'al and a delegation of Iraqi terrorists from the Army of the Naqshabandi Order organization. At the meeting, the Naqshabandi delegation gave Mash'al gold jewelry donated by the women of the organization. (Al-Rai TV's broadcast of the donation event, which aired January 4, 2009, is included in this clip.) Also attending the meeting was Al-Rai TV's owner, Mish'an Al-Jabouri, a Saddam loyalist who is wanted in Iraq and lives in exile in Syria. To view this clip, visit

A previous MEMRI TV clip presents excerpts from an Al-Rai TV program about the Army of the Naqshabandi Order's military training for children (


"We Took Upon Ourselves to Sacrifice Our... Gold Jewelry For The Sake of Our People in Gaza – Even Though [It] is Needed for the Liberation of Iraq"

Presenter: "This gold jewelry may have been the only possession of the noble Naqshabandi women, who wanted to participate in the nation's Jihad in Gaza. They sent their donations with a delegation of the Army of the Naqshabandi Order, which was a guest of the head of Hamas' Political Bureau. They conveyed their congratulations for the victory of the resistance, and stressed their shared path and fate."

Delegation member, reading a message from the Naqshabandi women: "We took upon ourselves to sacrifice our necklaces, our bracelets, and our gold jewelry, for the sake of our people in Gaza, even though this jewelry is needed for the liberation of Iraq. We believe this is what our tolerant Islamic shari'a dictates, since the battle against injustice, tyranny, and occupation is a common battle."

Presenter: "The representative of the Naqshabandi Army, which has carried out many attacks as part of the Iraqi resistance against the American occupation, conveyed his pride in Hamas' victory over the Zionist entity, and in the steadfastness of Hamas' fighters."

Delegation member: "We share this clear victory with you, the people of Palestine. We share your Jihad and this wonderful victory, which has raised the banner of Allah Akbar, and the full meaning of bravery and sacrifice in the Islamic and Arab nation."

Mash'al: "We, Too, Are Proud of Iraq and Its Great People, Which Defended the Nation Against the American Advance"

Presenter: "This highly symbolic gift and blessing to Hamas was an act of altruism, especially since the Iraqi resistance itself is in need of support, as was emphasized by Mash'al, who expressed his pride in the Iraqi resistance, which played an important role in defending the nation."

Khaled Mash’al: "We, too, are proud of Iraq and its great people, which defended the nation against the American advance, and stopped it, and by means of the heroic Iraqi resistance, it defended the entire nation from the arrogance of Bush, and from his plan for hegemony over the Arab and Islamic region. May Allah reward you."

"Here in Damascus, Baghdad and Gaza Have Met"

Presenter: "Mish'an Al-Jabouri, the head of the Reconciliation and Liberation bloc praised, in turn, the joint efforts of the Iraqi and Palestinian peoples in confronting occupation and tyranny. The nation is one, and the enemy is one. He stressed that the Iraqi resistance is the resistance of the nation in confronting the greedy (powers). One resistance meets another, and a victory blesses the victory of the nation. Here in Damascus – Baghdad and Gaza have met. The unity of arms stressed the unity of blood, in the hope of meeting soon in a land liberated forever."

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