August 19, 2021 Special Dispatch No. 9504

Hamas Leader Ismail Haniyeh: Hamas Has A Strategic Relationship With Iran, Hizbullah – Therefore Any 'Foolish Act' On The Part Of Israel Could Lead To Regional War

August 19, 2021
Palestinians | Special Dispatch No. 9504

Chairman of Hamas Political Bureau Ismail Haniyeh said that Hamas maintains "a strategic relationship" with Iran, Hizbullah and "many (others) in the region," and therefore any "foolish act" on the part of Israel could lead to regional war. Haniyeh made his remarks during an interview with Al-Alam TV (Iran) that aired on August 10, 2021. He said that "it is no secret that Iran played a very important role" in building the force that was seen during the recent round of fighting with Israel. Haniyeh further said that "Jerusalem will not remain hostage to Zionist practices, policies, and projects, and the Palestinians will not be left alone to defend Jerusalem." He added that Iran and Hamas are prepared to confront the "American-Zionist projects in the region.

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"We [Hamas] Have A Strategic Relationship With Our Brothers In The Islamic Republic Of Iran, With Our Brothers In Hizbullah, And With Many [Others] In The Region"

Ismail Haniyeh: "We have a strategic relationship with our brothers in the Islamic Republic of Iran, with our brothers in Hizbullah, and with many [others] in the region. It is no secret that Iran plays a very important role in building the force that was seen during the Battle of the Sword of Jerusalem. The exchange of information and intelligence within the axis [of resistance] also played an important role in this battle.

"Not everything that was done behind the scenes during the battle can be published in the media, out in the open. We are conducting our battle with the enemy on the basis of a united front, focusing on one central cause and revolving around Jerusalem.

"Any Foolish Act Carried Out By The Occupation Against The Al-Aqsa Mosque Or Jerusalem... Might Lead To A Regional War"

"Therefore, we no longer hesitate to say that any foolish act carried out by the occupation against the Al-Aqsa Mosque or Jerusalem, or an act that crosses the line concerning the Al-Aqsa Mosque and Jerusalem, might lead to regional war..."

Interviewer: "Is the axis of resistance interested in any escalation against the enemy?"

Haniyeh: "I cannot deny that there is such a tendency and that we are ready for it. Jerusalem will not remain subject to Zionist practices, policies, and plans, and the Palestinians will not be left alone to defend Jerusalem.


"When The Americans Leave The Region, When The Israelis Can No Longer Win Their Military Battles, When The Path Of Normalization Fails... A Strategic Environment [Can] Be Formed Around The Palestinian Cause"

"Our relationship [with Iran] is strategic, stable, solid, evolving, ready to face major tasks, first and foremost of which is the cause of Palestine and Jerusalem, as well as to confront the America-Zionist plans in the region.


"These changes will influence the Palestinian cause in a positive way. When the Americans leave the region, when the Israelis can no longer win their military battles, when the path of normalization fails, and when the resistance wins battles inside or outside Palestine, that means that a strategic environment could be formed around the Palestinian cause that is better than before."

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