December 31, 2010 Special Dispatch No. 3479

Hamas Interior Minister Fathi Hammad: The Americans and the Jews are Abhorred Worldwide; The Americans are Led by the Jews, 'Outcasts Who Live Off Corruption and Plundering'

December 31, 2010
Special Dispatch No. 3479

Following are excerpts from an interview with Hamas Interior Minister Fathi Hammad, which aired on Al-Aqsa TV on December 14, 2010.

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Fathi Hammad: "The Jews have become abhorred and loathed outcasts, because they live off corruption and the plundering of the peoples – not only the Arab and Islamic peoples, but all the peoples of the world. The world has begun to be aware of this corrupting danger, and to applaud Hamas. The entire world says: 'Bravo, Hamas, for confronting these people of corruption.' Whenever we score a goal, by achieving something against the Jews, the world applauds us. When we are playing, the entire world supports us.

"Therefore, I expect that in the future, support for Hamas will grow. I also expect that in addition to the aid convoys, Hamas will get some 'heavy stuff,' which will help it be victorious. Hamas will receive its means of survival, its arms, and its supporters from where it is least expected, because the hatred for the Jews is on the rise, and people who hate the Jews find no [other] way to fulfill their hatred of the Jews and of the Americans – the Americans too have become abhorred throughout the world, because of their corruption, for they are led by the Jews – and they will support us." [...]

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