October 7, 2021 MEMRI Daily Brief No. 322

Photos Show Taliban's Everyday Crimes Against Humanity In Afghanistan – WARNING: GRAPHIC

October 7, 2021 | By Tufail Ahmad*
MEMRI Daily Brief No. 322

Since the Islamic Emirate (the Taliban jihadi organization) seized power in Afghanistan on August 15, 2021, the Taliban have been committing crimes against ordinary Afghans. The media reports some of these crimes perpetrated by the Taliban in Kabul, but when they occur outside Kabul, in other provinces, they go unreported.

However, ordinary Afghans are now using social media to report these crimes against humanity being committed by the Taliban. photos given below, which were obtained from social media and give insight into the Taliban's barbaric acts, reveal the true character of the Taliban Sunni jihadi organization and its members.

In one of the videos shared on Twitter, the Taliban publicly executed a man in Herat for an alleged act of kidnapping and without a court trial.[1]

A video shows people carrying the body of a man killed by the Taliban in protest and demanding justice. As per a tweet, the man in Kunar province was detained in a Taliban jail for three days for no crime and was killed by the jihadis without any trial.[2]

In a video clip available on social media, a Taliban fighter shoots dead an old man and further riddles his body with bullets in the Daikundi district in central Afghanistan.[3] The man was a Hazara, an ethnic shi'ite community deemed to be unbelievers by the Taliban.

The Taliban leaders announced general amnesty, but their fighters killed these three former Afghan soldiers in Nangarhar province.[4]

In Kabul, the Taliban detained a man, tied him to a signpost and beat him while a crowd watched.[5] The above image is from a video clip shared on Twitter. These crimes are similar to the crimes committed by the Taliban during the 1990s.

On September 27, the Taliban abducted former Afghan soldier Abdul Zahir Barakzai. After a night of torture, the jihadis shot him dead. His body was handed over to his family, according to a tweet.[6]

This image is extracted from a video clip available on social media. It shows a child killed by the Taliban jihadis in Takhar province while his brother and sister are crying helplessly. A man in the video says: "This is the Islamic Emirate regime (Taliban)."[7] The child was killed because his father had joined the anti-Taliban resistance in Afghanistan.

A video available on Twitter shows the Taliban jihadis displaying bodies of "kidnapping suspects" in several pick-up trucks and driving through the city of Herat for public display.[8]

Somewhere in Afghanistan, the Taliban stone this man until he dies. The video is shared widely on social media.[9]

Wazir Khan, a former police chief, was abducted by the Taliban and shot dead while his hands were tied, according to a tweet.[10]

A Taliban man lashes a group of Afghans. No further details are available, but the video is available in full on Twitter.[11]

Two teenagers were arrested, tied, and tortured by the Taliban. The teenagers said: "My family did not eat for the past 3 days, I am sorry if I took that bread without permission, but I had to."[12]

In Herat, the Taliban's methods of punishment in 2021, as tweeted by journalist Wajed Rohani.[13]

Photographer Taqi Daryabi (left) and journalist Neamat Naqdi were severely lashed by the Taliban in Kabul.[14]

The Taliban lashing an Afghan woman. "This time the Taliban are more brutal than they were in the 1990s," journalist Nasrin Nawa, who posted this video, tweeted.[15]

* Tufail Ahmad is Senior Fellow for the MEMRI Islamism and Counter-Radicalization Initiative


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