April 2, 2012 Special Dispatch No. 4628

Global Terrorist and Lashkar-e-Taiba Founder Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, Now With $10 Million Bounty On His Head, Writes To Pakistani Lawmakers To Call For Referendum On Reopening of NATO Supply Lines Via Pakistan

April 2, 2012
Special Dispatch No. 4628

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On April 2, 2012, U.S. Undersecretary of State Wendy Sherman announced in New Delhi that Professor Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, the founder of the Pakistani jihadist organization Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) and Emir of LeT's charity arm Jamaatud Dawa (JuD), now carries a $10 million bounty on his head. Sherman also announced a $3 million[1] bounty for LeT co-founder and Saeed's brother-in-law Abdul Rehman Makki.[2]

Saeed, who was designated a global terrorist in 2008, has been on India's most-wanted list since the November 2008 Mumbai terror attacks, for which Lashkar-e-Taiba is blamed; Makki was designated a global terrorist in November 2010. The reward puts Saeed on par with Taliban founder Mullah Omar.[3]

The LeT and JuD, which were outlawed by the U.N. Security Council following the Mumbai attacks, also operate under the banner of a charity called Falah-i-Insaniat Foundation (FIF). Recently, Hafiz Muhammad Saeed launched Difa-e-Pakistan Council (DPC, or Defense of Pakistan Council), a coalition of banned militant groups. The DPC has held numerous mass public rallies in Pakistani towns, seeking to force the Pakistani government to end all relationships with the U.S. and India. It has especially demanded that Pakistan not allow the reopening of supply lines through Pakistan to NATO forces in Afghanistan.

In an exclusive interview with Al-Jazeera following the announcement of the bounty, Hafiz Muhammad Saeed "demanded proof" and said that the U.S.'s move was prompted by the fact that he had been holding rallies in opposition to the reopening of the NATO supply lines. He said, "We are not hiding in caves for bounties to be set on finding us. I think the U.S. is frustrated because we are taking out countrywide protests against the resumption of NATO supplies and drone strikes." He added, "I believe either the U.S. has very little knowledge and is basing its decisions on wrong information being provided by India or they are just frustrated."[4]

MEMRI has been monitoring Hafiz Muhammad Saeed and his organizations for some time. In a recent MEMRI TV clip, Hafiz Muhammad Saeed pledges to wage jihad against the U.S. and states that "Atomic Pakistan will shine on the map of the world":

To view this clip on MEMRI TV, visit

For the most recent MEMRI Inquiry and Analysis on the subject, "Pakistani Jihadist Organization Jamaatud Dawa/Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) Reappears on Internet, Promotes Antisemitism and Jihad, Leads Mass Protests," published February 2, 2012, visit Pakistani Jihadist Organization Jamaatud Dawa/Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) Reappears on Internet, Promotes Antisemitism and Jihad, Leads Mass Protests Against America and India. (For more MEMRI TV clips and MEMRI reports, see Appendix.)

In a recent letter, Hafiz Muhammad Saeed urged Pakistani lawmakers not to permit the resumption of the delivery of NATO supplies through Pakistan. Hafiz Muhammad Saeed's intervention in Pakistani foreign policy, and his extraordinary public rallies, come at a time when the U.S. and Pakistan are seeking to revive their bilateral relationship damaged by the May 2011 Abbottabad operation in which Osama bin Laden was killed, and the November 2011 NATO raid that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers.

Following is the text of Hafiz Muhammad Saeed's letter, as translated from Urdu:[5]

On Likely Agreement on Resumption of NATO Supplies: "The East India Company Too Enslaved Hindustan [India] Through a Similar Agreement with the Mughal Government"

"Respected Members of Parliament!

"Assalam-o-Alaikum [Peace be upon you]

"As it is in your knowledge, the Parliamentary Committee on National Security has presented its recommendations regarding the relations with America and the issue of NATO supply before the joint session of parliament on March 20, 2012, and it will come under discussion in the current session.

"However, there are reports that under American pressure, the resumption of NATO supplies [for U.S. and NATO troops in Afghanistan via Pakistan] is being considered. There is also a proposal to increase the tax on NATO containers and to allocate 50 percent of the supply via railways. A reminder was sent earlier through a letter by the Difa-e-Pakistan Council [DPC or the Defense of Pakistan Council]. At such an historic turn, we want to remind you further that:

"1) [Pakistan's military ruler General] Pervez Musharraf allowed such facilities to America and NATO through secret and verbal agreements with America that damaged the country's national security; and NATO and America also massacred Afghan brothers. But it will be an extremely dangerous step now if the parliament permits these condemnable measures with some modifications.

"2) The East India Company too enslaved Hindustan [India] through a similar agreement with the Mughal government. Therefore, if such agreements were approved through the parliament [of Pakistan] today, then this step will be tantamount to pushing the country into the American and European slavery in future."

"If We Provide the Route [for NATO Supplies] Through Parliament [Approval], Then Relations With China Will Be Jeopardized"

"3) We should also keep in mind the reality that if we provide the route [for NATO supplies] through the [approval of] parliament, then relations with China will be jeopardized.

"4) After years, a courageous decision was made by Pakistan following the [November 26, 2011] American and NATO aggression on the Salala checkpost [which killed 24 Pakistani soldiers] that we closed the route [for NATO supplies through Pakistani territory]. As a result of this, self-confidence emerged among the inhabitants of Pakistan. However, if the rulers return to the former position [allowing the supplies], then it will undermine stability, which will be dangerous for our dear nation.

"5) The [trade] route that is being given to India for Afghanistan and Central Asia is far more dangerous than permitting the route for America and NATO [supplies]. America and India have recently conducted joint military exercises along the Rajasthan border [with Pakistan]. Both these countries are a security risk for Pakistan. Providing India with the route and facilities for trade will be tantamount to [provoking the] resentment of a friendly nation like China and will be like cutting off the roots of Pakistan."

Resumption of NATO Supplies a Path to Deployment of U.S. Troops in Pakistan: "If... There Are Attacks Tomorrow [On NATO Supplies], The U.S. and NATO Will Say... 'We Will Bring In Our Own Forces"

"6) We should also bear in mind that the U.S. and NATO containers carrying supplies pass through all four provinces of the country. These containers are also attacked. Now, if these [supplies] were to be given constitutional authority through permission granted in the joint session of parliament, and if such attacks take place tomorrow, the U.S. and NATO will say, 'Our supply line is not secure, and we have no confidence in your security forces; therefore we will bring our own forces.' In this way, American and NATO forces will be deployed in the country on high alert, and the soil of Pakistan will be turned into a new Afghanistan. Therefore, we will have to understand this tactic of America and NATO.

"7) Historically, America has never abided by agreements. Regarding the drone attacks, it did not respect even our parliament's resolution [and pressed ahead with the drones]. The Salala checkpost attack was also blamed on our soldiers, and it was argued [by the U.S.] that the NATO forces carried out the raid in response to an attack by the Pakistani military. In fact, they want an increase in the production of suicide bombers here by continuing [and as a result of] the drone attacks. The question arises of whether we will fulfill their wishes, and through the parliament. If this happens, then all of Pakistan will be handed over to an unending wave of terrorism, the fuel and air support for which will be provided by none other than the U.S., NATO, and India."

"Let There Be a Referendum To Ascertain the People's Viewpoint" On a Resumption Of NATO Supplies

"Oh, members of Parliament! Consider our recommendations with a seriousness of heart. Setting aside the tradition of supporting the policy line of [your] parties, decide, keeping in mind the future of Pakistan and your coming generations. Let there be a referendum to ascertain the people's viewpoint [on the resumption of NATO supplies]. Then the sentiments of the entire nation are known to all. When these sentiments come forth, the American and NATO pressure will be punctured and you can openly tell the world that we cannot accept the demands of America and NATO by going against our people.

"Lastly, we invoke Allah [to remind you] that life is but a few passing days. Oh MPs! If you decide against the people's will, then there will be serious damage for the inhabitants of Pakistan and the Afghan brothers. Remember! To provide facilities to those who burned the pious Koran, to [aid in] shedding the blood of Afghan brothers, and to submerge Pakistan in blood and dust will be accounted for in this world and even after death.

"The security of this world and of the Hereafter demands that you stand by the Right. May Allah aid and support you. The people of Pakistan are with you.


"Your well-wisher

"Hafiz Muhammad Saeed

"Emir, Jamaatud Dawa Pakistan"

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