February 9, 2012 Special Dispatch No. 4482

Global March to Jerusalem: Speakers at Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan Conference Claim That Mosques in Jerusalem and Medina are 'Under Direct Threat of Jewish Designs'

February 9, 2012
Palestine, Pakistan, Iran | Special Dispatch No. 4482

Asian delegates attend a meeting Karachi (image courtesy:

On February 2-3, 2012, delegates from various countries in Asia converged in Karachi to discuss their preparations for a Global March to Jerusalem (GMJ).

The Global March to Jerusalem is an international march led by leftist and Islamic leaders. It aims to coordinate activists from various countries in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, who will form groups of marchers. From Asia, the march will set out from India on March 9 and proceed to Jordan. The GMJ follows the First Asian Convoy to Gaza (December 2010-January 2011).

International delegates attending the Karachi meeting included Feroze Mithiborwala (International Executive and Central Committee-GMJ India), Salim Ghafouri (International Central Committee-GMJ Iran), Moinudeen Khan Badal (Member of Parliament, Bangladesh), Muhammad Mahruf (member Asian Committee, Indonesia), Ekin Sakaguchi (member Asian Committee, Japan) and Sabir Karbalai ( International Central Committee-Observer Pakistan).[1] Representatives from Palestinian organizations led by Dr. Muhammad al Zhaza were also present.

According to a report, the delegates told the conference: "We have … decided to march to Jerusalem on the 30th of March 2012 (Palestine Land Day), where we will be assembling in the hundreds of thousands on the borders of Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria. Within Palestine itself, hundreds of thousands will be marching to Jerusalem, from all across historic occupied Palestine."[2]

The delegates said: "We are committed to the liberation of Palestine with Jerusalem as its capital. We also support the right of return of the refugees and call an end to the illegal settlements and the apartheid wall, and demand the end of the siege of Gaza."[3]

Speakers at Jamaat-e-Islamic Conference: "Israel is Like a Cancer"; "Israeli Designs … [are] an Open Threat to World Peace"; Israel, U.S. and Britain "Started a New Colonialism in 1991"

All parties conference organized by Jamaat-e-Islami in Karachi

On February 4, 2012, the Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan held an all parties conference to express support for the Global March to Jerusalem (GMJ). At the conference in Karachi, representatives of Pakistani religious and political parties "supported the decision [to organize the Global March to Jerusalem] and believed that the march would be a milestone in the awakening of Muslim world."[4] Activists from Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Bangladesh, Palestine, India and other countries attended the event.

At the Jamaat-e-Islamic conference, various speakers said that the "Palestine issue is above the discrimination of color, creed, and race" and added that "Masjid-e-Aqsa and Gumbad-e-Khizra … [are] under direct threat of Jewish designs."[5] Gumbad-e-Khizra (Green Dome) refers to the Holy Mosque in Medina. Speaking on the occasion, Muhammad Hussain Mehnati, the Emir of Jamaat-e-Islami for Karachi, accused the U.S., Britain, and Russia of imposing "Israel's existence on the Palestinians to suppress them."[6]

Muhammad Maaroof, one of the speakers from Indonesia, said: "Israel is like a cancer."[7]
Saleem Ghafoori, a speaker, told the conference that the issue of Palestine could lead to World War III. Meer Nawaz Khan Marwat warned that "Israeli designs … [are] an open threat to world peace."[8]

Ghulam Mustafa of Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) party told the all parties conference that PML-N would go hand-in-hand with the Palestine Foundation for resolution of the issue of Palestine.[9] Speaking on the occasion, Feroze Mitthi Bor Walla, a delegate from India, said that "Israel, United States, and Britain were a unity and they started a new colonialism in 1991."[10]

Those who attended the event were: Feroze Mitthi Bor Walla from India, Dr. Muhammad from Palestine, Muhammad Maaroof from Indonesia, Saleem Ghafoori from Iran, Sama Gochi from Japan, Meer Nawaz Khan Marwat of Moatmar Alam-e Islami, Muzaffar Ahmed Hashmi of Palestine Foundation, Qazi Ahmed Noorani, Palestine Foundation Pakistan Central Spokesman Sabir Karbalai, Minority leader & former Pakistani lawmaker J. Salak, Syed Zia Abbas of National People’s Party, Allama Afzal Sardar of Markazi Jamiat Ehl-e Hadith, Mehooz Yar Khan of Awami Muslim League, Barrister Sameen Khan, Engineer Naved Qamar of Jamaatud Dawa, Ghulam Mustafa Advocate of Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N), Nusrat Mirza of Muslim Rabita Council, Muhammad Haleem Ghori of Jamiat Ulema Pakistan, Jamaat-e-Islami Karachi Deputy Chief Birjees Ahmed and others.[11]

Palestine Foundation (PLF) Pakistan Forms Pakistan Youth Committee for Global March to Jerusalem

The Palestine Foundation (PLF) Pakistan – a Pakistani campaign group – has announced the formation of Pakistan Youth Committee for Global March to Jerusalem. PLF spokesman Sabir Karbalai announced that the youth committee has been formed under the aegis of the Palestine Foundation.

According to a report on the PLF website, Sabir Karbalai disclosed that the youth committee has representatives from People Students Federation (PSF), Pukhtoon Students Federation (PSF), Imamia Students Organization (ISO) and National Students Federation (NSF), Hussaini Youth (HY) and General Union of Palestine Students (GUPS) based in Pakistan.[12] The committee comprises of Mujtaba Qadri of PLF, Moosa Raza of HY, Mir Askari of NSF and Fadel of GUPS.

The decision regarding the formation of the youth committee was taken at a meeting of delegates from Asian countries. These delegates included Feroze Mithiborwala from India (Member of the International Executive Committee for Global March to Jerusalem), Salim Ghafouri from Iran (Member of the International Central Committee for Global March to Jerusalem), Muhammad Maruf from Indonesia, Ekin Sakakoichi from Japan and Sabir Karbalai (Observer of the International Central Committee for Global March to Jerusalem & Central Spokesman of Palestine Foundation Pakistan).

Iran's Cartoon House Launches Cartoon Contest in Support of "Long March to Jerusalem"

Iran's Cartoon House has launched a cartoon contest in support of the Global March to Jerusalem. The above cartoon accompanies an announcement in this regard published on the website of the Palestine Foundation (PLF) Pakistan.[13]

The themes of the cartoon contest include: Right of the displaced Palestinians to return to their homeland; Protest to occupation of the Jerusalem as the holy land of all religions. The cartoons are to be sent by April 30, 2012 to


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