March 17, 2020 Special Announcements No. 886

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March 17, 2020
Special Announcements No. 886

WASHINGTON, D.C., March­ 16, 2020 – The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI)  has added dozens of new translations and reports to its archives from the past month on reactions to the global outbreak of coronavirus. Follow all the latest updates on the new Coronavirus Reactions page.

MEMRI has translated Arab, Iranian, Russian, Turkish, and other media reactions to coronavirus and published reports from the Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM), Sermons By Imams In The West, Reform Project, South Asia Studies Project, and Lantos Archives on Antisemitism.

MEMRI has published 14 reports, 21 clips, and 8 JTTM reports on coronavirus reactions. The clips have been viewed almost 1.5 million times on social media. In the coming days and weeks, many other translations, reports, and videos will be added to our archives.


New MEMRI clips and reports on reactions to coronavirus include translations of statements by Iranian, Iraqi, Jordanian, Lebanese, Saudi, and Russian figures, among others:

Arab Writers: The Coronavirus Is Part Of Biological Warfare Waged By The U.S. Against China

Iran Studies Project

Coronavirus In Iran III: Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi Denies Approving Purchase Of Vaccine From Israel

The Coronavirus In Iran – Part II: In Tweets, Iranian Journalist Says Death Toll Is 2,000 – Not 237 As Regime Claims – And Criticizes Health Minister; Tweets Were Deleted Shortly Thereafter

Senior Iranian Official Hossein Sheikholeslam – Advisor To Majlis Speaker, Former Advisor To Foreign Minister, And Former Iranian Ambassador To Syria – Dies Of Coronavirus: Clips From The MEMRI TV Archives

Iranian Majlis Representative From Qom: 10 Deaths Every Day From Coronavirus In The City, The Regime Is Concealing The Numbers Of Dead In Iran; Former Official In Office Of President Rouhani: 'Coronavirus – A Gift From The Clerics Of The Islamic Republic [Of Iran] To The People'

Iranian Scholar Hossein Momeni: COVID-19 Is Man-Made, A Weapon That Targets Shi'ites, Muslims, Iranians

IRGC Gen. Gholamreza Jalali, Head Of Iran's Civil Defense Organization: Coronavirus Has Many Of The Characteristics Of A Biological Weapon; The U.S. Has Many Biological Labs In The Area That May Be Responsible For Spreading The Virus

Iranian TV Host Delavari Continues To Criticize Top Officials' Coronavirus Response: “President Rouhani… We Haven't Heard From You For A While. We Miss You…"

Iranian TV Host Slams IRGC General In Charge Of Civil Defense For Evading The Issue Of Coronavirus And Bio Warfare: You Only Come To The Show When We Couldn't Care Less About What You Have To Say

Iranian Researcher And Former Diplomat Amir Mousavi: Coronavirus Created In A Lab; U.S. May Have The Cure, But Is Waiting To Release It In Order To Profit

Dr. Hossein Ali Shahriari, Member Of Medical Committee in Iranian Majles: WHO Experts Come To Iran To Learn From Us, Rather Than Help Us

Iranian Sh'iite Eulogist Nariman Panahi: Khamenei's Bodyguards Prevented Us From Kissing His Hand On Feb. 15 To Protect His Life (Authorities Confirmed Coronavirus In Iran Only 4 Days Later)

Iranians Lick Shi'ite Shrines In Defiance Of Coronavirus Threats; Iranian-Islamic Medicine Expert: I Will Cure It

Iranian TV Host Delavari Criticizes Government's Coronavirus Response: The Delivering Of Information To The Public Is Catastrophic

Iranian Deputy Health Minister Harirchi: We Oppose Quarantines; If We Shut Down Qom, People Would Go Traveling, Spreading Coronavirus All Over The Country


Iraqi Islamic Scholar Hadi Al-Modarresi, Prior To Being Infected With Coronavirus: The Virus Is A Divine Punishment Against The Chinese

Iraqi Political Analyst Muhammad Sadeq Al-Hashemi: Coronavirus Is An American, Jewish Plot To Reduce World Population; Rothschilds Paid For The Annihilation Of Native Americans And Scots

Iraqi Political Analyst Sabah Al-Akili: The Coronavirus Was Spread In China By American Officials In 2015; This Is Part Of A Biological War Against China


Jordanian Islamic Scholar Ahmad Al-Shahrouri: The Jews Are More Dangerous Than Coronavirus, AIDS, And Cholera; Jihad Purifies Our Bodies And Souls, Can Save People From These Diseases


Lebanese Political Science Professor Al-Naboulsi: Coronavirus - Possible Anti-Chinese Biological Warfare By The U.S.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Columnist Following Coronavirus Outbreak: Why Do We Expect The World To Solve Our Problems?

Veteran Saudi Journalist: The Iranian Regime Is 'The Deadliest Virus' – And The West's Lenience Towards It Endangers The Region

Turkish Studies Project

Turkish Politicians, Press, Public React To Coronavirus: 'This Virus Serves Zionism's Goals Of Decreasing The Number Of People'

Russian Media Studies Project

As Russia Awaits Spread Of Coronavirus, Columnist Gurevich Pleads With Regime To Be Open With Russia's Citizens

Russian Biologist Yakutenko Discloses Chaos Accompanying Evacuation Of Russians From China

Russian Biologist and Former U.N. Expert Igor Nikulin: Coronavirus Is A Biological Weapon Used By Global Government To Reduce The World's Population By 90%

Sermons By Imams In The West

NY-Based Muslim Brotherhood Activist Bahgat Saber To Egyptian Nationals: Give Coronavirus To Officials, Staff At Egyptian Consulates And Embassies; If I'm Infected, 'I Will Go To The Egyptian Consulate' In New York

NJ Friday Sermon by Mohammad Abasi, Rutgers University Faculty Member: Coronavirus Is Divine Retribution For China's Treatment Of Uyghur Muslims; It Is The Least The Chinese Should Suffer, May Allah Punish Them Further

Muslim Brotherhood-Affiliated Canadian Imam Hussein Amer: The Chinese Eat Aborted Human Fetuses; Coronavirus Is Allah's Punishment For Their Treatment Of Uyghur Muslims

U.K.-Based Islamic Scholar Abdul Rahman Dimashqia: Coronavirus Outbreak In Iran Is Divine Punishment For Shi'ites; Iran Deliberately Infects Sunnis With The Virus

Reform Project

Muslim Liberal Mansour Al-Hadj: Muslims Must Denounce The Absurd Notion That The Coronavirus Outbreak And Other Natural Disasters Are Allah's Revenge On The Unbelievers

South Asia Studies Project

Revivalist Group Tablighi Jamaat Not To Send Preachers To China And Hong Kong Due To Coronavirus, Forms 30 Groups Of Preachers For Other Countries

Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor

Note to media and government: For a full copy of these reports, email your name, title, and organization with the title of the report in the subject line to [email protected].

Afghan Taliban Assure International Community Of Cooperation To Fight Coronavirus In Areas Under Their Control

Jihadi Commander Warns: Iran Could Use Patients Infected With Coronavirus As Biological Weapon Against Rebels In Syria

Article In Jihadi Magazine 'Balagh' Describes Coronavirus As 'One Of Allah's Soldiers,' 'Divine Vengeance' On Criminals

ISIS Weekly Editorial: Coronavirus Outbreak In Iran Is Proof That "Shi'itism Is A False Religion"

Military Spokesman Of Kata'ib Hizbullah In Iraq Accuses U.S. Of Developing, Spreading Coronavirus

ISIS Article Describes Coronavirus As Allah's 'Epidemic' Visited On Chinese 'Unbelievers', Disagrees With Those Calling It Allah's Punishment For China's Persecution Of Muslims

Jihadi Clerics Issue Fatwa Permitting Muslims To Celebrate Spread Of Coronavirus In China, Accuse China Of 'Exporting' Coronavirus To East Turkestan


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