April 10, 2012 Special Dispatch No. 4644

German IMU Spokesman in New Message Incites Western Muslims to Carry Out Terror Attacks: 'Only Justification for Living among Infidels is to Terrorize Them'

April 10, 2012
Special Dispatch No. 4644

On March 9, 2012, the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan's (IMU) media company Jundullah Studios released a new audio message from its German spokesman, Yassin Chouka, also known as Abu Ibrahim Al-Almani, in which he praised noted "lone-wolf" attackers and called upon Muslims living in the West to emulate these attacks.

Abu Ibrahim, who was recently declared a wanted international terrorist by the U.S. under Executive Order 13324, spoke with decisive defiance, marking what seems to be an escalation in the IMU's rhetoric. In the message, titled "Yes, We Are Terrorists!" Abu Ibrahim vowed to kill all those serving Obama's interests, and proudly identified himself and like-minded members of the global jihad movement as terrorists, taking pride in their terrorization of the West in the decade since 9/11. He encouraged Muslims living in the West to carry out attacks against "the infidels," as there was no religious justification for living in their lands other than carrying out such actions.

It should be noted that this theme, i.e., the encouragement of lone-wolf attacks, has become a major theme for Al-Qaeda in recent years, one which its spokesmen and leaders have repeated in numerous messages and propaganda publications. ...

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