June 15, 2021 Special Dispatch No. 9395

Gaza Child YouTuber Majda Abu Al-Ros: Egypt Is Exaggerating The Extent Of Its Aid To Gaza; We Have Enough Food, But Need Items Banned By Israel

June 15, 2021
Egypt, Palestinians | Special Dispatch No. 9395

Gaza child YouTuber Majda Abu Al-Ros, a.k.a "Majda Daughter of Jerusalem," blasted Egypt for "blowing out of proportion" the extent of its aid to Gaza during the recent armed conflict with Israel and in its aftermath. She made her remarks in a video posted on her YouTube channel, on June 13, 2021. Abu Al-Ros said that Egyptian medical aid was insufficient, and that Gaza had no need for the trucks of food sent by Egypt, because Gaza is self-sufficient in terms of food. She said that what Gaza truly needs are the 1,000 items banned by Israel from entering the Gaza Strip, which Egypt will not send Gaza. Her video included footage of a medical supply truck which entered Gaza, carrying few medical supplies. Abu Al-Ros concluded by saying that the people of Gaza appreciate any aid from Egypt, "but when they are blowing this out of proportion, it is infuriating."

To view the clip of Gazan YouTuber Majda Abu Al-Ros on MEMRI TV, click here or below.

Why Is Egypt Blowing Out Of Proportion The Support It Has Been Providing Following The Recent War?"

Majda Abu Al-Ros: "Why is Egypt blowing out of proportion the support it has been providing following the recent war?

"Ten Egyptian ambulances arrived at the Rafah Crossing Point, but none of them entered the Gaza Strip. It is not me saying this. These are the words of Dr. Mohammad Gad, chairman of the Egyptian Ambulance Organization. Egypt declared a state of readiness in 3 hospitals in Al-Arish and Sinai. But in fact, only 11 out of the 1,400 injured were admitted there.

"Just to be clear – we are grateful for any support, even moral support. Why is [Egyptian] media blowing this out of proportion, I ask. Furthermore, Egyptian doctors were allowed to volunteer to go to Gaza, in order to treat people injured during the war. 1,200 doctors volunteered for this mission. Just see how these people care about us. By Allah, the Egyptian people are great. In short, only one doctor, out of 1,200, was allowed to enter Gaza.

"Egyptian journalists, however, have entered Gaza in droves, and a special show of 'Good Morning Egypt' was shot in front of the Hanadi Tower, which had been targeted. Regarding the aid convoy, carrying food and medicine – 140 [Egyptian] trucks entered Gaza carrying poultry, baby formula, clothes, and vegetables. I saw with my own eyes trucks loaded with potatoes. Indeed, the post-war mood requires potatoes.

"Here In Gaza, We Are Self-Sufficient Regarding Food... I Wish That The Egyptian Government Would Send Us Any Item Out Of The Thousand That The [Zionist] Entity Denies Us"

"Our brothers in the Egyptian government do not know that here in Gaza, we are self-sufficient regarding food items like poultry, vegetables, and many fruits. We have got this under control.

"The [Zionist] entity prevents a thousand kinds of items from entering Gaza. I wish that the Egyptian government would send us any item out of the thousand that the [Zionist] entity denies us. But unfortunately, the brothers in the Egyptian government prevent the same thousand products from entering the Gaza Strip.

"A video was leaked by a member of the security forces in Gaza. The video showed a 40-foot-long truck carrying medicine."

Man 1: "A truck carrying medicine just arrived here. It only contains a few boxes of medicine and syringes. Only 50 boxes. It contains only 50 boxes. Look..."

Man 2: "Film over there..."

Man 1: "50 boxes..."

Majda Abu Al-Ros: "50 boxes can fit on a tuktuk rickshaw or in the trunk of a car. Who needs this huge truck, and all the flags and celebrations? We appreciate the change in the Egyptian government's policy towards Gaza. [As the hadith says:] 'He who is not grateful to people, is not grateful to Allah.' We are grateful for any support, but when they are blowing this out of proportion, it is infuriating."

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