July 27, 2009 Special Dispatch No. 2460

Friday Sermon on Sudan TV: Preacher Abd Al-Jalil Al-Karouri Calls on U.S. 'President Hussein' to Acknowledge That the Jews Carried Out 9/11: '[Obama] Has Ideological Roots, Because his Father is One of Ours, and his Religion, Originally, is Our Religion; He Has a Longing for These Roots'

July 27, 2009
Sudan | Special Dispatch No. 2460

Following are excerpts from a Friday sermon in Khartoum, delivered by Sheikh Abd Al-Jalil Al-Karouri. The sermon aired on Sudan TV on June 5, 2009.

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"Are 19 Young Men From The Islamic World Really Capable Of Destroying America... Can Such A Thing Happen, Mr. Hussein, President Of America?"

Sheik Abd Al-Jalil Al-Karouri: "As usual, the media focused only on the political aspects of the speech by the American President Hussein. They call a man after his father, don’t they? Then why shouldn’t we call him by the name [Hussein], which belongs to us? They stress the surname, rather than the first name. It wouldn’t be a mistake for our media to call him President Hussein.

"What President Hussein said in Cairo... He knew he was being hosted by the Cairo and Al-Azhar universities, and he declared that while Cairo University is 100 years old, Al-Azhar University is over 1,000 years old - back in the days when America wasn’t even a dream in the mind of Vasco de Gama...


"We want [Obama] to consider the reasons for the invasion of Afghanistan. Are 19 young men from the Islamic world really capable of destroying America? Can they really cause all that ruin there? Can such a thing happen, Mr. Hussein, President of America?


"We call upon him to examine publications issued in America, casting doubt on whether it was the Arabs and Muslims who attacked the two Manhattan buildings. Some of these publications went as far as to state: 'No Plane Hit the Pentagon.'"[...]

"We Want President Hussein To Be Fair And To Study The 9/11 Files [...] We Consider This To Be A Jewish Conspiracy"

"How could our young men - from our so-called 'backward' countries - possibly use American airplanes to destroy these buildings, the steel pillars of which are as large as the pillar of this mosque? imagine this pillar made entirely of steel. Could [the burning] of the plane’s fuel destroy such pillars?

"Some experts published photos showing that the buildings had been booby-trapped. Mr. President of America, this booby-trapping - you brought these fighters, who helped you defeat the Soviets in Afghanistan, in order to use them as a pretext for invading Afghanistan and Iraq. We want President Hussein to be fair and to study the 9/11 files.


"We consider this to be a Jewish conspiracy. 4,000 Jews were absent from work in this usury center - these two buildings in Manhattan were the World Usury Center. 4,000 Jews were absent from work, so that 4,000 Americans would die. The [Americans] must study the issue of 9/11, so they can apologize for it, just like they apologized for the invasion of Iraq." [...]

Obama "Has A Longing For [His Ideological] Roots"

"When we listen to such a speech, we should encourage this president, who has certain roots. As I said to a certain TV channel, Obama's arrival in the region is like the arrival of Alex Haley from 'Roots' in Africa in search of his forefathers. [Obama] has ideological roots, because his father is one of ours, and his religion, originally, is our religion. He has a longing for these roots. Otherwise, he would not display such a yearning."

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