March 19, 2010 Special Dispatch No. 2867

Former Palestinian Plane Hijacker Leila Khaled: 'The Ultimate Goal of the Struggle is the Establishment of a Palestinian State Within the 1967 Borders, Including Jerusalem...But This is Just One Stage'; 'We Have the Right to Return To... All [of] Palestine'; 'If You Use Force, the Enemy Withdraws'

March 19, 2010
Palestine | Special Dispatch No. 2867

The following are excerpts from an interview with PFLP member and former airplane hijacker Leila Khaled, which aired on Abu Dhabi TV on January 31, 2010.

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The Ultimate Goal of the Struggle

Interviewer: "Will we see the renewal of negotiations without a freeze on settlement?"

Leila Khaled: "I hope that President Abu Mazen [Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud 'Abbas] maintains his position, because – and I say this loud and clear – if he succumbs to this pressure, he will encounter formidable revenge by the people. At present, I am behind Abu Mazen, and I say to him: We are with you in the face of this pressure. You will not be alone in the battlefield. But if you agree to sit down at the negotiating table – we will be against you."


Interviewer: "You represent a large sector of the Palestinian public. You said that if Mahmoud Abbas agrees to negotiations, you will be against him. What does this mean in practical terms?"

Leila Khaled: "We will set the streets ablaze.


"The ultimate goal of the struggle is the establishment of a Palestinian state on the land of Palestine, within the 1967 borders, including Jerusalem."

The Right of Return

"But this is just one stage – not everything. Ultimately, we have the right to return to Palestine – all Palestine. I am from Haifa, and I want to return to Haifa. It is a human, legitimate, and natural right for people to live in their land. Of course, there are people who will say: 'Dream on.' I respond: 'Revolution begins with a dream.'"

Interviewer: "Many people say that Israel will never accept two things – giving up Jerusalem, and the issue of the refugees."

Leila Khaled: "So how come Israel agrees to release prisoners? It had declared that even if the prophet descended, it would not release so-and-so, but eventually, it did."

Interviewer: "But after how many years?"

Leila Khaled: "If you use force, the enemy withdraws. When the occupier begins to feel that the occupation is costly, what does he do? He withdraws."

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