August 17, 2006 Special Dispatch No. 1254

Former Pakistan Intelligence Chief on Al-Jazeera: ‘Israel is Our Main Enemy’; As Mel Gibson Said, ‘The Jews Caused All the Wars’

August 17, 2006
Pakistan | Special Dispatch No. 1254

On August 8, 2006, Al-Jazeera TV aired footage of a press conference with Gen. Hamid Gul. At the conference, Gul, who headed Pakistan's Inter-service Intelligence Directorate from 1987-89 and whom, according to the Washington Times, was termed Pakistan's "most dangerous man" by an internal CIA assessment, [1] told reporters that "every Israeli leader has said that Pakistan is their number one enemy," and quoted Mel Gibson, stating that "the Jews caused all the wars."


According to an August 7, 2006 UPI article, General Gul, who is "known for pro-Taliban and pro-Al-Qaeda views, told the media that the United States would attack Syria and Iran next October, and that Pakistan, with its nuclear arsenal, was the only Islamic country that could use its nuclear capability to defeat Israel's designs." [2]

In a post-9/11 interview, Gul told Egypt's Al-Ahram Weekly that he "support[s] the implementation of Shari'a, and we must be governed by the rules of Allah." He also said, "The people who committed this crime [9/11] are inside America, and let me tell you that they are Israelis, not Muslims. Only Israelis can pull off a job like that..." Asked about whether he thought the U.S. authorities were aware of this, he said, "They are aware, but they are afraid of Israel's influence, which is why they are diverting attention to the outside." [3]

The following are excerpts from Gen. Gul's statements during the August 8th press conference on Al-Jazeera:

Gen. Hamid Gul: "From Ben Gurion to Netanyahu, every Israeli leader has said that Pakistan is their number one enemy."


"Pakistan was established in accordance with the ideology of Al-Madina. This is a widely accepted ideology and theory, because all other ideologies are false. These Israelis know this. When Al-Madina was established, it was established next to [the Jewish city of] Khaybar. Of course, as long as Khaybar was not destroyed, Islam did not spread.

"When Mel Gibson, in one of his movies, played a role that was anti-Israeli, anti-Jewish, the Jews claimed that he was an anti-Semite. That American actor, Mel Gibson, said that the Jews caused all the wars. Now he is being sued. Therefore, all the wars, World War I and II, and others... Even at the advent of Islam, the Jews would incite the polytheists against the Islamic state in Al-Madina.

"The Jews have always caused the wars. Mecca was only conquered after the destruction of Khaybar. Mecca was not captured in battle. This indicates that the war was not against the polytheists. Even today, our war is not against America or Europe. Our basic war is against Israel, or the so-called State of Israel. When Pakistan was established, so was India, but we didn't know that the Jews... [Their state] was established along with ours. It is our main enemy. Pakistan was established in 1947 and Israel was established in 1948. It is either us or them. We cannot live together."

[1] The Washington Times (U.S.), December 3, 2004.

[2] UPI, August 7, 2006.

[3] Al-Ahram (Egypt), October 4-10, 2001.

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