August 8, 2013 Special Dispatch No. 5399

Former Muslim Brotherhood MP: The Holocaust – The Greatest Lie Of The Modern Age

August 8, 2013
Egypt | Special Dispatch No. 5399

In an interview with the Egyptian weekly Al-Musawwar, published March 6, 2013, former Egyptian Shura Council member and current Muslim Brotherhood (MB) member Fathi Shihab Al-Din called the Holocaust "the greatest lie of the modern age and the gravest incident of organized historical international blackmail." Stating that while the rumor of the Holocaust was started by the U.S. intelligence apparatuses in order to ruin the reputation of Germany and its allies in World War II, and also to serve as a pretext for dropping atomic bombs, the seeds of this lie, which he claims now prevents criticism of Israel, were sown by the Zionists many years previously. He added that they had spread this rumor using the global media.

Fathi Shihab Al-Din: "I Still Insist That The Holocaust Is A Great Lie"

Fathi Shihab Al-Din, 66, heads the parliamentary committee for culture, information, and tourism, which is responsible for appointing editors to Egypt's state-owned newspapers, and is also a member of the high council of the engineer's union; he is also a former head of the MB's labor department. In 2007, he was detained for four months by the security forces of Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak.[2]

This is not the first time that Fathi Shihab Al-Din has denied the Holocaust. On January 30, 2013, he marked International Holocaust Remembrance Day by publishing an article on his blog titled "The 65th Anniversary Of The Holocaust – The Greatest Fraud In History," in which he called the Holocaust a "myth" invented by the U.S., and that global Zionism and Israel had exploited this "myth of the Holocaust" in order to extort European countries politically and financially. He added that during World War II, the Jewish population of Germany was 600,000-700,000 and that after the war that number was around 500,000 – and that this discrepancy was due to illegal emigration to the U.S. by some Jews and the deaths of others from natural causes, automobile accidents, and Allied airstrikes. This article triggered harsh criticism in the international arena. He also made similar claims in an article published the next day on the MB website.[3]

According to information given in the Al-Musawwar interview, Fathi Shihab Al-Din has also authored a number of books on the truth of the Holocaust and claiming that it is a great lie; one of these is titled The Great Lies of History and another is titled The Holocaust Industry.

Fathi Shihab Al-Din's blog post: "The 65th Anniversary Of The Holocaust – The Greatest Fraud In History"

Following are excerpts from Fathi Shihab Al-Din's Al-Musawwar interview:

U.S. Intelligence Apparatuses Started The Rumor Of The Holocaust

"Q: What are the reasons for the organized campaign against you [that is, the criticism by Israel, the U.K., and the U.S. following his January 30, 2013 blog article marking International Holocaust Remembrance Day]?

"Fathi Shihab Al-Din: Jews control the global media and use it skillfully. Furthermore, they managed to spread the rumor of the Holocaust, which was started by U.S. intelligence, throughout the world, in an attempt to ruin the reputation of Germany and its allies in World War II and as a pretext for dropping the atomic bomb, until it [the Holocaust] became an indisputable sacred truth that no one dare discuss or examine. Therefore, the publication of my book The Great Lies of History, in which I dealt with the truth of the Jewish Holocaust and with it being a great lie, turned the world on its head.

"Q: What is the meaning of this lie?

"Fathi Shihab Al-Din: The lie of the Jewish Holocaust is, in essence, the Zionist claim that the Jews were collectively exterminated in Nazi camps during World War II and their claim that six million Jews were executed by Germans in camps using Zyklon [B gas]... During and after the war, the Jews exploited what they called the Holocaust for purposes of political, financial, and emotional blackmail. A Jewish rabbi named [Michael Dov] Weissmandl wrote about what he called the Auschwitz death camp based on testimony by Slovakians, stating that the number of Jewish victims of this extermination was 'six million,' and together with Jewish organizations, he launched a propaganda campaign [to increase awareness of] these massacres in Europe.

"Q: How was [the lie] spread until it became a sacred truth?

"Fathi Shihab Al-Din: A Russian Jew named Ilya Ehrenburg spread this lie via a false propaganda campaign. After the war, the Allies, who had desperately needed the empathy of Western citizens during the war, used cinematic and photographic fraud and manipulation in order to document the Holocaust and the gas chambers where, they claimed, Jews were incinerated; they changed the details of the German camps to prove their lies. In 1945, when the camps were liberated??, British and American journalists flocked to them to collect photos and film so that they could portray [what had happened there] as atrocities carried out by the Germans against the Jews... This is how so many were deceived by the lie that the gas chambers were for incinerating corpses... despite the consensus among more honest historians that the chambers contained no lethal gas, and that there were no crematoria either.

"Q: If that is the case, why wasn't this [claim] disproved at the time?

"Fathi Shihab Al-Din: Many Western and neutral researchers refuted this and other lies about the incineration of Jews in gas chambers, or the manufacture of soap from their fat, once these lies became public. Germans refuted this 1944. and some French and British condemned it in 1945. As the scientific debunking of [the lie] became more widespread, Jewish and American intimidation campaigns were launched against those debunking them; these campaigns are ongoing since 1947, to this day. One of those accused of exterminating and incinerating the Jews is Adolf Eichmann..."

The Zionists Sowed The Seeds Of The Holocaust Lie Before World War II

"Q: Was there historical evidence that convinced you the Holocaust is a lie?

"Fathi Shihab Al-Din: We can say that the lie of the Holocaust was not born in World War II. The Zionists sowed its seeds many years before... [For example,] in April 1917 [the British daily] The Times published an item that was merely a rumor, that there was a German factory that rendered corpses for use as 'hog fodder and fertilizer.' The paper later published articles that confirmed this, which caused other British newspapers to write about it as well. The truth became clear only on October 5, 1925, when a British newspaper published the truth – that a reporter for The Times had received a telegram about a factory that used animal corpses, which he twisted into a factory using human corpses instead of animal ones...

"The Holocaust has become the greatest lie of the modern age, and the gravest incident of organized historical international blackmail. It has become prohibited and taboo to deal with this issue. Many thinkers and university professors have been persecuted because of the Holocaust, including the famous thinker Roger Garaudy and others, who dealt with the topic and suffered ideological terrorism – they were fired, physically assaulted, and threatened, and the windows of bookstores selling their books were broken. In this way, the Jews created a monopoly on dealing with the Holocaust, on submitting research, and on expressing opinions on it...

"Many Jewish writers have dared to take critical stands against this behavior, and have rejected... Jewish exaggeration on this subject. One of the most important books in this respect is The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering, by the Jewish-American academic Norman Finkelstein..."

They Found A Mound Of Ashes At Dachau – And Claimed It Was The Ashes Of Jews

"Q: How did Israel exploit this lie to build its state?

"Fathi Shihab Al-Din: In his book Perfidy, Jewish author Ben Hecht states that Zionism itself committed a Holocaust against the Jews. He said that it concerned itself only with a select Jewish elite, and that when it could not get [this elite] to Palestine, it sentenced them to death without hesitation, and later embarked on massive media campaigns for trading in the blood of Holocaust victims...

"Proof that the Holocaust is one of the biggest lies in history is the series published by the German weekly Stern, on scandalous documents exposing expose the Zionists' attempts to cooperate with the Nazis...

"Q: How did the Jewish fabrication of the Holocaust begin?

"Fathi Shihab Al-Din: Most neutral historians attribute the onset of the Jewish fabrication of the Holocaust to the Allies when they entered Germany after its defeat in the war – when a soldier pointed to a pile of ashes at the Dachau camp and said that it was the ashes of 238,000 people.

"The Zionists immediately put up two signs on trees at the site, reading: 'Here are the ashes of 238,000 Jews.' This started the lie that has been spread by Jewish propaganda mouthpieces throughout the world.

"Of course, this number [of Jews killed in the Holocaust] is much lower than the number spread by the Jewish campaign [i.e. six million]. These lies obviously require corroboration; that came in the form of testimony by the German Wilhelm Hetel [sic; apparently a reference to Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel] who said that Eichmann, who was one of Hitler's senior commanders, told him that six million Jews had been exterminated...

"Let us look at some accounts by historians, researchers, and writers who exposed this grand historical fabrication...:

"Paul Rassinier, a professor of modern history in France, who was arrested by the Gestapo during the war and transferred to several camps... returned to France after the war and told of Nazi crimes, but never mentioned the alleged gas chambers, the existence of the Holocaust, or even the murder of one million Jewish children...; Robert Faurisson, a professor at the University of Lyon, France, whose famous trial shocked France because of his conclusive evidence that the Jews were not subjected to massacres during World War II...; Henry Rock, who in his doctoral dissertation refuted the famous Jewish lie, and mocked their great piece of evidence, that is, the Gerstein Report [testimony by Kurt Gerstein, an officer in the Waffen-SS, about the extermination of Jews in the Holocaust] – and proved that not even a madman could rely on the imaginary tale contained in this report; [and] Roger Garaudy, the French philosopher and thinker... who connected the lie of the Holocaust to the Jewish pretext for occupying Palestine..."

The Constructivism Of The Holocaust Ideology Was Aimed At Making Israel Immune To Criticism

"Q: What motivated you to write the book 'The Holocaust Industry'?

"Fathi Shihab Al-Din: My motivation was fundamentally political. I wanted to come out forcefully against these sacred [cows], because those who worked for the Holocaust industry exploited the Jewish people's suffering in order to justify Israel's grave violations of the Palestinian's human rights.

"I saw it as my duty to oppose the political exploitation [of the Holocaust]... I also wanted to correct the academic record regarding the Nazi Holocaust, which has been largely fabricated by those who worked for the Holocaust industry, who were acting to slake their desire for money and reparations.

"Q: The central point of your book is that the Holocaust is nothing but ideological constructivism. Can you clarify this?

"Fathi Shihab Al-Din: In my view, the constructivism of the Holocaust began in the late 1990s, when the Nazi Holocaust was brought into an ideological framework in order to serve the interests of the American Jewish elite; in this way, they strove to make Israel immune to criticism.

"The constructivism of the Holocaust ideology was done in two main ways: first, [by portraying] the Nazi Holocaust as unique in history, and second, [by portraying it] as an expression of hatred of the other... except that neither of these ways is of any historical value...

"Q: Do you think that now that the world has seen the cruel actions of Israel and of the Zionist war machine against innocent people in the occupied lands, Israel can still present itself as a victim of Arab terrorism?

"Fathi Shihab Al-Din: ...First, I want to say that what people see in the media in the Arab world and even in [the media in] Europe is completely different than what people see in the U.S. media, [which] still complains that Israel is under siege, and is still in thrall to the myths of the Nazi Holocaust, according to which the world mobilized to murder the Jews – regardless of how the picture [i.e. how Israel] has changed...

"The U.S. is working to defend its interests using Israel..."


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