February 16, 2022 Special Dispatch No. 9774

Former Iranian Ambassador To Australia And Mexico Mohammad-Hassan Ghadiri-Abyaneh Makes Antisemitic Remarks, Adds: Rouhani Is A Traitor, Ahmadinejad Delusional, Zarif A Coward

February 16, 2022
Iran | Special Dispatch No. 9774

In an interview that was posted on on January 14, 2022, former Iranian ambassador to Australia and Mexico Mohammad-Hassan Ghadiri-Abyaneh criticized former Iranian leaders. He said that former president Hassan Rouhani was a "traitor" who deserved to be lashed and to have his religious scholar’s cloak taken from him. Ghadiri-Abyaneh also said that he suspects Rouhani, as well as former president Ahmadinejad, had been pleased with the "martyrdom" of IRGC Qods Force commander General Qasem Soleimani. In addition, Ghadiri-Abyaneh said that former president Mohammad Khatami is "good for nothing" and that former Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif is a "coward." At a different point in the interview, Ghadiri-Abyaneh said that Jews infiltrate wealthy and powerful non-Jewish families, and that the mortality rate in those families subsequently increases so that the Jews get a larger portion of the inheritance. Furthermore, Ghadiri-Abyaneh claimed that the Israeli flag represents a Zionist belief that the geographic area between the Nile and the Euphrates rivers, which he claims spans 20 countries and includes Mecca and Medina, belongs to Israel. For more information about Ambassador Ghadiri-Abyaneh, see MEMRI TV clips Nos. 8918 and 998.

To view the clip of Ghadiri-Abyaneh on MEMRI TV, click here or below.

Israel's Flag Represents The Country's Belief That "20 Countries, Including Mecca And Medina Belong To The Zionists"

Interviewer: "If you wanted mention one senior Iranian official from recent years who deserved to be lashed, who would you choose?"

Mohammad-Hassan Ghadiri-Abyaneh: "Mr Rouhani. In addition, he should be stripped of his religious scholar's cloak, in my view. His Islam is English Islam.


"The Jews have a book called the Talmud. This is their book of jurisprudence and it was written 1,500 years ago. It says that Jewish girls must not marry non-Jewish men, unless they are kings or wealthy people. But another thing is at play here. When a Jew marries into a family of wealth or power, the mortality rate in that family increases, so that the share of the person who married the Jew in the inheritance grows.


"I think that Rouhani may have even rejoiced over Soleimani's martyrdom and his elimination, and the same is true of Ahmadinejad."

Interviewer: "As always, at the end of the show, we say a word to our guest, and ask him to tell us how he feels about it in one word.


"The flag of Israel."

Ghadiri-Abyaneh: "It has two blue stripes that represent the Nile and Euphrates rivers. It means that the entire area between those two rivers, which includes 20 countries as well as Mecca and Medina, belongs to the Zionists."


Former President Rouhani Is "A Traitor"; Former President Ahmadinejad Is "Delusional"; Former Foreign Minister Zarif Is A "Coward"

Interviewer: "Trump..."

Ghadiri-Abyaneh: "A stupid man."

Interviewer: "Hassan Rouhani..."

Ghadiri-Abyaneh: "A traitor."

Interviewer: "Mr. Ahmadinajed..."

Ghadiri-Abyaneh: "Delusional."


Interviewer: "[Former President] Mohammad Khatami..."

Ghadiri-Abyaneh: "Good for nothing."

Interviewer: "Mohammad Javad Zarif..."

Ghadiri-Abyaneh: "Coward. He is petrified and attracted to the West."

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