May 6, 2013 Special Dispatch No. 5295

Former Hamas Official: In The Past, The Jews Slaughtered Christian Children On Passover; Today They Torment And Kill Palestinians Instead

May 6, 2013
Palestinians | Special Dispatch No. 5295

In an article he published on April 30, 2013 on the website, which is close to the PLO, former Hamas official Dr. Mustafa Al-Lidawi wrote that the Jews haven't changed since ancient times: in the past they used to drain the blood of Christian children in order to mix it into their Passover matzas, and today they sadistically torment and kill Palestinians. He added that Passover, which had once struck fear into the hearts of the Christians, was now a time of suffering and pain for the Palestinian people.

The following are excerpts from the article, which was also published in the Egyptian oppositionist weekly Masr Al-Gadida:[1]

Dr. Mustafa Al-Lidawi

The Jews Used To "Hunt Down A Pure And Innocent Christian Child," And Use His Blood To Make Matzas

"The Palestinians hate the Jewish festival of Passover… While the Jews rejoice, exchange holiday greetings, eat their matzas baked with blood, sip wine, congregate, dance, play, hold parties, and celebrate, they sentence the Palestinians to death. They place them under siege, close the gates and the [border] crossings, impose a curfew, and prevent them from traveling and from leaving and entering [the territories] – including even students, patients, elderly people, and individuals with special [needs]. The curfew they impose can last for days, depending on the decrees of field commanders, and in the meantime life comes to a standstill and people place their interests on hold, waiting for Passover and the celebrations to end.

"The Jewish Passover has always been accompanied by suffering and pain… When the Jews began celebrating their holidays, blood would begin to flow. Since ancient times, their festivals have always involved sorrow for others and their aspirations have always entailed suffering for others. In the past, their Christian neighbors used to fear the holiday of Passover. They did not anticipate it [with pleasure], but feared what might happen [during this holiday] and the violent incidents that might accompany it… For the Jews always made sure to hunt down a pure and innocent Christian child, who had not tasted wine and whose blood had never been contaminated with impurity. They would take him to the altar in their temple, where they would stab him with knives, or else place him in a barrel lined with needles, under which they would place a large bowl to collect his blood. Then they would mix the blood into some dough [and bake a matza] cake, which would be divided up and handed out to many Jews who wished to partake of the blessing… Then they would drink four glasses of grape wine, their children would sing, and their daughters would dance…

"The Jews regard Passover as one of their important holidays… for it is the day on which they began their journey back to the Promised Land, the day on which they were rid of Pharaoh's cruelty and the tyranny of the leaders of Egypt. For this reason, they regard it as the founding day of the kingdom of the children of Zion, the day on which they left the old dens of oppression, bade farewell to Pharaoh's emissaries who had enslaved them, and left the land that had kept them far away from their dreams. In Jewish history this is a day of liberation, the day on which they found their identity, future, and place, and realized their greatest goal. [It is the day] on which they returned to the land of milk and honey, found a common language, and came together from various diasporas. It is the day their prophet received the Torah and their holy book, the day that distinguished them from the nations and elevated them above other people. [For this reason,] this holiday is very important to them and they make great efforts to mark it."

"The Jews Have Not Forgotten Their Blood-Soaked Past and Their Perverted Rituals"

The Jews have not forgotten their blood-soaked past and their perverted rituals. In the past they would seek out a Christian child in order to drain his blood for their matzas, which they would feed to their children, big and small, in order to gladden them, and today they murder every Palestinian child and hurt every [Palestinian] man and youth and every boy and girl. They murder [their victim] in cold blood, shoot him, bombard him with shells, drag him along the ground, run him over with cars, rip his stomach open with knives, bash his head in with stones, break his bones with clubs, and crack his skull with the butts of their guns. The settlers compete with one another in killing and torture techniques.

"Nothing has changed in the Jews and their customs. Their ancient nature remains the same, [though] their hatred has grown and taken root… In the past, they used to perform their injustice alone, without help from anyone, whereas today others help them against us by providing them with means of oppression, tools of killing, and methods of torture."

"On Their Passover, The Jews Enjoy A Life Of Comfort And Pleasure" While Sadistically Torturing The Palestinians

"On their Passover, the Jews enjoy a life of comfort and pleasure in our homeland, benefiting from its soil and resources, [while] stealing our historical [treasures] and the remnants of our past. They poke around in our holy places, destroying them and desecrating them. They take bones out of tombs and dig up graves with bulldozers, throwing aside the bones of our leaders and forefathers. In their place they plant an alien seed that does not grow in our land and cannot thrive there, but they claim that it is native and that it is only theirs, and that nobody can compete with them over it.

"During the Jewish Passover, our mosques are closed and Muslims are prevented from praying in them. The Jews close Al-Haram Al-Ibrahimi [The Cave of the Patriarchs] in Hebron and bar Muslims from entering it. They [even] seal the windows of [Palestinian] homes overlooking it and ban the muezzin from calling the Muslims to prayer. They fill the compound outside [the building] with hundreds of Jewish babies and hold a mass circumcision ceremony, and also hold weddings for hundreds of young Jewish men and women… who dance and perform religious rituals. They visit the tombs of saints and prophets… and Al-Haram Al-Ibrahimi remains closed for many days until Muslims are allowed to pray there [again]… The occupation authorities are trying to create a similar situation in Al-Aqsa, and to employ the same policy there. The compound outside the mosque and the areas near it have become a site of pilgrimage for Jews, where they pray, celebrate and hold weddings.

"We Palestinians cannot greet the Israeli Jews on their Passover holiday… How can we greet the hangman who holds the whip that sears our bodies…? How can we greet the one who wields the knife that cuts the throats of our children and people? How can we share their joy during these days, when they constrain us, reinforce the walls that surround us with [more walls] and the barbed wire fences with new wires…? They celebrate this holiday in a sadistic, loathsome, perverted and pathological manner. Their holiday clothes are black, and their food is made from our blood and cooked over the fire of our oppression and the flames of our suffering. How can we be happy for them and greet them?... We beseech Allah to return them to the desert, send them fleeing, break up their ranks, sow division among them and weaken them. We ask Allah not to bless them, not to give them long life and not to fill their nights with celebration."


[1], Masr Al-Gadida (Egypt), April 30, 2013.

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