December 3, 2020 Special Dispatch No. 9067

Former Hamas Official In Homophobic And Antisemitic Article: Jews Spread Homosexuality In The World; We Must Not Let Israelis, Who Allow Homosexuality To Run Rampant In Their Country, To Control Our Fate

December 3, 2020
Palestinians | Special Dispatch No. 9067

In a scathingly homophobic and antisemitic article, Palestinian writer and researcher Dr. Mustafa Yousuf Al-Lidawi, a former representative of Hamas in Syria, Lebanon and Iran, writes that homosexuals were always denounced as loathsome and deranged sodomizers and perverts that corrupt human societies. However, Jews spread homosexuality in the world and encouraged it by means of films that present it as natural behavior that must be respected and defended. He states further that, in Israel, homosexuals have gained considerable clout in society and in politics, which allows them to display their inclinations in public and compels the decision-makers to recognize them as a legitimate social sector, grant them rights and meet their demands. This, he adds, makes Israel one of the countries friendliest to homosexuals and Tel Aviv their regional capital.

Al-Lidawi expresses hope that the homosexuality prevalent in Israeli society will ultimately cause it to disintegrate and collapse, but laments the fact that, in the meantime, homosexuality-ridden Israel occupies the Palestinians' land, desecrates their sanctities and sows destruction and corruption. Finally, he warns the Arabs who have made an alliance with Israel that they will incur Allah's wrath.

It should be noted that Al-Lidawi has published many antisemitic articles. In the past he wrote two articles claiming that Jews used to kill Christian children to make Purim pastries and Passover matzas.[1]

Mustafa Yousuf Al-Lidawi (Source:

The following are translated excerpts from his recent article.[2]

"Writers in East and West Europe, [including] the prominent writers of the former Russian Empire and other authors of internationally famous novels, early and modern, describe [homosexuals] as follows: people who engage in unnatural sodomy; reeking and loathsome perverts; deranged lunatics; people who go against human nature and are controlled by their instincts; wreckers and corrupters of families, and corrupters of human society who destroy lively homes. Such was their evil reputation in Russia and Eastern Europe, in America and elsewhere. When peoples encountered them and learned the truth about them they feared for their sons [and therefore] banished the homosexuals, distanced them [but] kept an eye on them lest they take control of their children, exploit their innocence and corrupt their God-given natures.

"These [homosexuals] were Jews. Hollywood films and international cinema put them in the spotlight and revealed their sick nature, their loathsome traits, their warped true character and their perverseness, [treating all this as legitimate]. They love perversion and gender-change, and they encourage and preach homosexuality, for they make a habit of producing despicable scenes and abominable dialogue that reveal their perverted inclinations and expose their rotten psychological makeup and the repugnant truth about them. Sometimes they do not hide it, and they [certainly] never condemn it, for they regard it as something natural rather than shameful and as acceptable human behavior that societies must tolerate rather than oppose. They call to refrain from persecuting those who embrace it and from isolating, shunning, and oppressing them or discriminating against them.

"The Israeli homosexual perverts, who became numerous and gained power and influence, [and who] put their [homosexual] relations on display and were proud of their perversions, became organized and spoke with one voice. They began to demand that Israelis recognize them as part of respectable society and sanction their same-sex relations, grant them public rights, honor their personal freedoms and promise not to harm them, physically or emotionally, but rather to meet their demands and their needs. They gained the power to bend politicians [to their will] and force Israel's prime minister and party heads to accept their terms and meet their demands - otherwise they can use their votes to harm these politicians by voting for others, and thus change the political reality in their own favor.

"The Zionist entity is considered one of the countries most suitable for homosexuals, transgenders and bisexuals, and for their cohabitation, for Israeli law has begun allowing any kind of cohabitation, based on agreed-upon [marriage] contracts, made in the country or abroad. Tel Aviv is regarded as one of the most LGBT-friendly cities [in the world] and as their capital in the Middle East. It has beaches designated for [gays] and organizations devoted to their welfare. In 2018, over 250,000 of them held a demonstration in the city streets.[3]

"The Israeli perverts now have unions, associations, organizations and institutions that organize and carry out activities, coordinate their efforts and help [homosexuals] to hold conferences, symposia and lectures and organize gatherings, parades and protests to express their opinions and defend their rights. In Tel Aviv and other cities, tens of thousands of them have held parades that attracted hundreds of people who resemble them or support them, Israeli and otherwise. They became aware of their  power and numbers, and the extent of their influence, and this compelled the party leaders to consider them and defend their opinions against those who oppose their behavior and their existence.  

"Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz may have been one of the people most attentive and most supportive of their activities - so much so that some Israelis accused him of being a homosexual himself and claimed that he belonged to this community of perverts. He called to recognize them as a [legitimate] social sector, agreed to refer to them as 'Parent 1' and 'Parent 2' [on Defense Ministry documents]…, called to grant them social aid and mortgages… and to pass laws protecting their special non-biological families and guarantee their rights...

"All Israeli parties, except for the radical religious ones, yearn to gain the loyalty of the LGBT [community] and its electoral votes, for [its members] are numerous and widely-dispersed, their votes have impact… and their presence is felt. Moreover, some of them are soldiers and officers in the military, even high-ranking ones, and there are even some [homosexuals], of both genders, in the Israeli Knesset. The previous Israeli government included some, and so does the current one - homosexuals who do not hide their sexual orientation and their partners, and even use this to pressure parties and achieve funding [for LGBT causes], as well as [pro-LGBT] legislation.

"Perhaps we don't really care if Israeli society accepts homosexuality or rather bans and fights it, for this is a nation that has been known for these perverted tendencies since its inception, a nation that became identified and associated with [homosexuality]. Perhaps we are even glad about the ills that afflict it and harm it, whether these are medical or social ills, for nothing harms societies more than these perverted relations. Perhaps the day will come when their society and families disintegrate, their generations fall apart, they will stop reproducing and their end will come. But it saddens us that these perverts - homosexuals, transgenders, sodomizers and lesbians - occupy our land, desecrate our sanctities, sow destruction and corruption, surpass us in strength, control our future and determine our fate. Meanwhile, our nation -  the best, most balanced, most honorable and most noble of nations - ignores them and is unable to deal with them. In fact, some [members of our nation] have agreed to recognize [the Israelis] despite their inferiority, make an alliance  with them and help them to rob us of our rights and oppress our people. They have forgotten that Allah, who has caused the earth to swallow up people like them, is watching them. He is giving them time [to repent] but is not taking His eyes off them. They have two choices: either to wash their hands [of the Israelis], repent and come back to Allah, or to be struck by lightning and be killed by Allah's wrath, for He will remain furious with them until they once again prefer their own people and the values of their nation."


[2], November 22, 2020.

[3] Presumably a reference to the demonstration held in July 2018 in Tel Aviv against anti-LGBT discrimination in Israel, which was reportedly attended by some 80,000 people. Haaretz (Israel), July 22, 2018.



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