July 14, 2020 Special Dispatch No. 8843

Following MEMRI's Exposure Of Leading French Antisemites Alain Sorel And Dieudonné, YouTube Removes Their Channels

July 14, 2020
Special Dispatch No. 8843

Following MEMRI's exposure of two leading French antisemitic figures – the conspiracy theorist and ideologue Alain Soral and the antisemitic comedian and Holocaust denier Dieudonné M'bala M'bala – and in the wake of YouTube's adoption of a more aggressive stance on tackling hate speech on the platform,[1] the YouTube channels of both were removed.

On October 29, 2019 MEMRI published on its French website a report on inciting videos posted by Soral on his YouTube channels.[2] His channels were subsequently shut down by the platform, on July 6, 2020. Dieudonné's channel was removed a week previously; MEMRI has been publishing reports on him in both French and English, and releasing translated clips of him, for over a decade.

Below are excerpts and screenshots from the MEMRI report on Soral, and links to all MEMRI reports on Dieudonné.

MEMRI Report On Alain Soral – October 29, 2020

The October 29, 2019 report on Alain Sorel's videos includes excerpts from two of them. One, "Yellow Vests," was posted June 21, 2019; he was condemned for it in France on September 19, but the clip remained on YouTube, and, as of October 11, had had 112,000 views. The other clip, titled "Alain Soral – Yellow Vests: Analysis and Synthesis," was posted November 30, 2018 and as of that date had over 427,000 views.

In these two videos, Alain Soral explains his conspiracist view – that the Jews rule the world and deliberately impoverish the "French people" for the sake of Israel – and specifically pointed at several prominent French Jews.

Screenshot from the video showing a photo of French philosopher Bernard Henri-Levy being burned

Excerpts From The "Yellow Vests" Song

"We have the right to defend our freedoms, this is unacceptable,

"This is not our France...

"Vests vests yellow vests... Vests vests yellow vests...

"We have to change things and we will not let go...

"Vests vests yellow vests... Vests vests yellow vests..."Violence is what we experience every day ...

"This is violence: asking the French to tighten their belts ...

"Vests vests yellow vests... Vests vests yellow vests...

"A tsunami of unnerved workers is sweeping over France,

"They work during the week and protest on the weekends.

"Patriot proletarians, very angry [but] not the least bit fascist, fed up with their hard lives.

"Trying to make ends meet.

"They see a decadent elite, totally disconnected,

"An arrogant ruling class, cut off from their reality.

"Contemptuous little barons who behave like parasites...

"Guys that get paid 10,000 [Euro] a month to explain [to you] that there is more money [left for you]..."[3]

Screenshot of video showing burning paper labelled "Rothschild"

"Only By Firing The Rothschilds Can We Save France; We Will Have To Fire [French Jewish Economist Jacques] Attali And [French Jewish Philosopher Bernard Henri Levy] BHL Too"

"The rebelling French have put on their most beautiful yellow vests

"And are blocking the whole country to protect the lives of [their] kids...

"Macron is just a pawn on the chessboard of Finance.

"Only by firing the Rothschilds can we save France.

"We will have to fire Attali and BHL too,

"But the most urgent of emergencies is to repeal the banking law and to impose a popular referendum.

"People are beginning to understand how the oligarchy is fucking them [all].

"We no longer are deluded by political appearances.

"Voting to appoint our masters will never change anything,

"Only by passing our own laws shall we become true citizens.

"Vests vests yellow vests... Vests vests yellow vests...

"And let the media check how popular they are...

"They manipulate the facts and lie by not reporting [the true facts],

"It is a contest of untruths in all their broadcasts.

"The French are waking up to this censorship,

"The homeland of human rights and its dictatorship aftertaste.

"If they had paid attention, they would have known, thirty years ago,

"That the law of market never tolerates any opposition...

"The banks bought the media to consolidate their hold.

"And if we're talking about the media and [French president Emmanuel Macron] Macron, we'll need to talk about "[French Jewish businessman Patrick] Drahi too,

"His ass is hidden in Israel as he pays no taxes here [in France]...

"The media are not shocked by police violence...

"State brutality which is being denounced everywhere else...

"If this were happening in Iran boy,

"We would be talking again about waging war upon them,

"We would bomb Tehran, we would fire all the mullahs,

"And all this [supposedly] for the good of the people.

"Vests vests yellow vests... Vests vests yellow vests..."

Excerpts From "Alain Soral – Yellow Vests: Analysis And Synthesis" – "Macron Was Elected, But Not By The French" – "By A Very Powerful Network" Including Prominent Jews

"...I'll go back to where it started, namely when Macron got elected on the basis of bluff. I already mentioned this [before], I even think that [what happened] is similar to a kind of coup, [implemented] thanks to big data, electoral fraud, to the huge media offensive in his favor. We remember in particular the press and the media [owned by Jewish businessman Patrick] Drahi...

"Macron was elected, but not by the French. He was placed at the head of the French ruling apparatus by a very powerful network, and here we may mention [French Jewish economist Jacques] Attali, the people who are behind him [i.e. Macron] and who have the real power... We may mention Goldman Sachs, huh, we may mention the Attali gang, which is clearly marked at the [Jewish] community level. This may also be the reason why a certain community [i.e. the Jewish community] is not very supportive of the Yellow Vests, and is actually worried, and calls this legitimate popular anger... "crypto- fascist," even antisemitic...

"The Yellow Vests are a very beautiful response to the national-Zionist offensive [waged] by [right wing French Jewish writer] Eric Zemmour and to his book The French Fate[4]... We could mischievously ask Eric Zemmour (but we won't ask him because it's dangerous) how many Jewish dentists, Jewish cosmetic surgeons, Jewish real estate speculators can be found within the Yellow Vests... There is indeed an understanding between the parasites from the lower or middle class, and the parasites from the top whom they are serving, meaning the Attali gang...

"Little Rothschild banker Macron gets his commission... I would say that the Yellow Vests are not antisemitic... But this may [only] be because they don't know yet that they actually are... However I trust [French Jewish philosopher] Bernard-Henri Lévy... I count on Bernard-Henri Lévy, [French Jewish actor] Mathieu Kassovitz and [French Jewish politician] Cohn Bendit to make the Yellow Vests realize that they are [indeed] antisemitic..."[5]

Screenshot of video showing a photo of Macron burning

A Decade Of MEMRI Publications On Dieudonné M'bala M'bala

Following are links to MEMRI reports from the past decade on Dieudonné M'bala M'bala, including on his connection to the Iranian regime. [6]


[1], June 5, 2020.

[3] – video no longer available.

[4] Le Destin français, 2018;

[5] – video no longer available.

[6] Read more reports on Dieudonné on the MEMRI French website here.

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