September 16, 2019 Special Dispatch No. 8277

Following Iranian Attack On Saudi Oil Facilities, Houthis Threaten Further Attacks, Warn Foreigners And Companies To Leave; Hizbullah Supporter Tweets Photo Of Anti-Ship Missile

September 16, 2019
Iran, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Yemen | Special Dispatch No. 8277

Following the September 14, 2019 Iranian attack on the Saudi oil facilities, which was carried out by the Houthi militia and shut down half the kingdom's daily oil production,[1] the Houthis threatened further attacks on the same facilities, and warned “foreigners and companies” to leave the area. The Houthi threats were published September 16, 2019 on the Twitter account of Houthi military spokesman Yahya Saree, who two days earlier had published the Houthi claim of responsibility for the attack. It should be noted that, according to a senior source in the U.S. Administration, the attack was carried out using more than 20 drones and 12 guided missiles launched from Iranian territory.[2] In another threat, a Hizbullah supporter tweeted what he claimed was a photograph of an anti-ship missile in Hizbullah’s possession.

The aftermath of one of the attacks (source:, Sept 16, 2019)

Houthis Warn: “Foreigners And Companies” Should Stay Away From The Refineries We Attacked; Our Long Arm Can Reach Any Target

On September 16, 2019, Saree tweeted that the attack  "which targeted the oil refineries in Abqaiq and Khurais was carried out by several types of [remotely piloted] aircraft operating with various new motors, some ordinary and some jet-powered. We warn the companies and the foreigners to stay away from the plants which were attacked, since they are still in our line of fire and may be attacked [again] at any moment."[3]

Saree’s tweet warning companies and foreigners in the area to beware

In another tweet Saree wrote: "We emphasize to the Saudi regime that our long arm can reach any place we want at the time of our choosing. [The Saudi regime must] reconsider its steps and cease its aggression toward Yemen and its siege on it."[4]

Saree’s tweet threatening the Saudi regime

Hizbullah Supporter: Hizbullah Has A Missile Which Can Destroy Battleships

In the context of the current tensions, a Hizbullah supporter tweeted a photograph of a missile bearing the Hizbullah symbol which he claimed "can destroy every kind of battleship and wipe out anyone  on board."[5]

The Hizbullah supporter’s tweet


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