December 9, 2019 Special Dispatch No. 8401

Followers Of Online Activist Nick Fuentes, 'The Groyper Army', Promote Anti-Semitic, Racist And Anti-LGBTQ Views In 'Groyper War'

December 9, 2019
Special Dispatch No. 8401


The "Groyper Army" is an American far-right conservative movement that follows 22-year-old Nick Fuentes, the white nationalist host of "America First," a political commentary show on YouTube.[1] "Groyper" refers to an illustrated toad,[2] based on the internet meme Pepe the Frog.[3] Fuentes' supporters, who call themselves "Groypers" differentiate themselves from other rightwing nationalists and conservative groups, whom they view as "fake conservatives" or "Conservative Inc.", who have sanitized their views on "traditional values" in order to maintain the "optics" of mainstream acceptability, thus betraying the true heart of conservativism as defined by the Groypers.[4] The Groyper Army gained national attention when they publicly heckled Donald Trump Jr. during a national tour to promote his book.[5] This is part of the "Groyper War," in which Groypers attend conservative events on college campuses and troll the speaker with homophobic and racist questions, including ones relating to popular antisemitic conspiracy theories.[6] The following report includes an overview of the online presence of Fuentes and the Groypers, including examples of their anti-Semitic and inciting posts.

As a meme, the Groyper meme, but mostly Pepe the Frog, are not used only by the conservative-religious right, but by white nationalists and white supremacists – and in some cases, by Islamist terrorist organizations like the Lebanese Hezbollah – who do not necessarily share the same conservative ideals held by the original "Groypers".

Nick Fuentes and the logo for the website


Nick Fuentes' Social Media: YouTube - "America First with Nicholas J Fuentes,"[7] 65,700 subscribers, 31 videos, active since October 2019; Twitter - @NickJFuentes,[8] 69,200 followers, 6,593 tweets, active since April 2014; Telegram - NickJFuentes,[9] 10,795 members, active since June 19, 2019

Groypers On Telegram: - Daily Groyper,[10] 603 members, created November 4, 2019; GroyperGang,[11]82 members, created October 30, 2019; Groyper Takes,[12] 272 members, created October 17, 2019; Catholic Groyper,[13] 197 members, created October 20, 2019.

Nick Fuentes on Telegram

On November 18, 2019, Fuentes posted a response to the firing of right-wing columnist Michelle Malkin from conservative group Young American's Foundation after she expressed support for him.[14] Fuentes wrote: "The holocaust denial smear is probably the stupidest and most ridiculous attack they could possibly throw at me. It's like, I rarely even talk about that on my show, I made a joke about it one time and so what that makes me a Denier" and it's permanent and even though I said it was a joke, because I said it one time that's just what I am? ... 'Malkin defends Holocaust Denier' is the headline. It's like you do 500 episodes of a podcast, nobody calls you a podcaster... you make a joke about the Holocaust one time - and you're a denier for life. Moreover it's like the comment in particular. I was replying to a superchat... I was going off of the superchat. I was continuing the bit. It’s not like I just started rambling about it for no reason. Anyway not like it matters, all of this is to say the smear doesn't make any sense, it's just the worst thing they can say about me and legally get away with... All these names 'conspiracy theorist' 'holocaust denier' 'white supremacist.' All of this is shorthand for 'blacklisted.'

On November 14, Fuentes posted an image listing the "victories" achieved by his followers as part of the Groyper War. The image appears to list conservative speaking events held at university campuses across the U.S., as well as political convention Politicon, where groypers successfully voiced their agenda to the speaker. The accompanying image echoes the iconic photograph of U.S. Marines raising the American flag in Iwo Jima, Japan in 1945.[15] The image posted by Fuentes depicts an army of groypers raising a flag bearing the words "Groyper War Total Victory!" The groypers are also carrying a U.S. flag, a flag with the logo for Fuentes' YouTube show "America First," and a rosary. One grouper is wearing a red "Make America Great Again" cap. The army is trampling an LGBT flag, signs with the words "Culture War," and "Turning Point U.S.A." and a shattered TV screen with a caricature of Charlie Kirk.

On October 4, Nick Fuentes shared a link on his Telegram channel to a response made by @Elah_Avahati to one of Fuentes' tweets on the same day. Fuentes initially tweeted about the film "Joker": "Mom: Should I see Joker? Me: You wouldn't get it." He followed the text with an image of the grinning Joker from the movie. Twitter user @Elah_Avahati responded to Fuentes' tweet: "LMFAO [laughing my fucking ass off]. When the anti-Semite can't escape the ubiquitous influence of the Jews, whether in religion, in tech, or in entertainment. Poor guy." Fuentes' shared a link to the response from @Elah_Avahati on his Telegram channel, with the text: "Lmfao." He followed the post on his Instagram channel with two more posts. The first was: "Me: 'Jews have a lot of influence.' Jew: that's anti semitic. Jew: haha this anti semite can't escape the influence of us Jews." The second post was a quote from the twitter response from @Elah_Avahati: "The ubiquitous influence of Jews."

Fuentes' Telegram post, sharing a link to the Twitter response

The Twitter response to Fuentes' post about "Joker."

Fuentes' Telegram posts following the link to the Twitter response.

On October 1, Fuentes posted on his Telegram channel: "I've been saying this for years: why do Christian Republicans always get screwed over? Because the GOP is run by Jews, atheists, and homosexuals."

On September 16, Fuentes posted: "My Italian ancestors came her in the early 1900s and kissed the ground when they got off the boat. We see ourselves as flag waving, patriotic Americans. Lots of Jews came in with the southern Europeans during the same time period. Does their experience resonate more with the dominant group, the White Man, or the aggrieved and oppressed "negro?" Might be kind of relevant considering the disproportionate manner in which they contribute to political campaigns and control media and Hollywood, don't you think?"

On September 11, Fuentes posted: "Physiognomy and constitutional psychology are completely legitimate - I don't believe for one second that it's not significant that Charlie Kirk and David Hogg are nefarious political actors and they look the way they do." Charlie Kirk is the chairman of Turning Point USA, a conservative student organization, and a frequent target of the Groypers, who heckle him at speaking events.[16] David Hogg is a survivor of the high school shooting in Parkland, Florida, and an outspoken advocate for gun control.[17]

Fuentes then forwarded a post from Telegram user Franssen: "But we're not talking about 'clothing style' here. That's weird and gay. We're talking about how you are in your essence. Physiognomy and constitutional psychology. Your physique is the physical manifestation of your will, more or less. And the AURA you exhude [sic] is entirely your responsibility. The Bible is full of examples of men with intense personal, Western auras. And so was our lore before the Jews consolidated all the publication and distribution companies within the first 20-30 years of arriving to America."

On August 29, Fuentes posted: "Of course the Zionists countersignaling wholesome trad [i.e. traditional] Aryan living. This is what they took from us!"

On August 7, Fuentes posted an image of an "army" of Groypers, with the text: "nicker nation mobilizing for battle against lying Zionists in the replies on twitter." "Nicker Nation" is the name of a group that was active on online forum Reddit before being banned in August for posting violent content.[18]

On August 5, Fuentes made the following series of posts: "I had to edit out like the last 30 minutes of my [live]stream tn lol bc [sic] i called matt walsh a faggot race traitor shabbos goy that works for jews lol." Matt Walsh is a columnist at The Daily Wire (led by Ben Shapiro) who tweeted that the El Paso shooter was a "white supremacist scumbag."[19] Fuentes continued: "but i know that the lamestream media would take it out of context. You know how it is with political correctress. you cant say anything anymore... Yeah sure they'll get the soundbyte of me saying matt walsh is a faggot pussy race traitor that works for Jews and totally misrepresent what i was saying, typical fake news... pc gone mad truly... anyway had to cut out that hilarious and tasteful joke for that reason, hope you all understand."

On July 14, Fuentes posted: "I can't tell you how many Jews bring up this extremely dubious online source which says that Fuentes is a Sephardic surname. It's total BS. This is what literal DC Zionist Jews have been saying to me for years to get under my skin or convince me to turn. Just another dishonest J[ewish] tactic, from an ethnic banker himself."

On July 11, Fuentes posted: "Dude what a fucking clown world. Literally within one week I get attacked by some Zionist guy saying I take money from Iran and now getting attacked by this Jewish comedian saying I take money from NASA or something(?)"

On July 10, Fuentes posted: "Adelson, Rothschild, Soros... You know whenever I got to DC I get all these fingers in my lapel telling me I need to learn the difference between all these Right Wing Zionist **** and the Left Wing Globalist **** well idk [I don't know] man i see a lot of collaboration. Remember when Harvey Weinstein hired Mossad agents to silence his accusers? What the fuck is that about then? ... Jeffrey Epstein is apparently one of the "bad one" globalists, okay so why's he connected to a certain Israeli intelligence agency and Ehud Barak huh"

Also on July 10, Fuentes posted: "My show is for high iq aristocrats who understand esoteric Yugioh references [a Japanese cartoon] not stupid dumb animals who complain. If i wanted ppl [people] like this to watch my show i would have sold out to the Zionist Jews and made the big bucks. How about a little gratitude for singlehandedly saving the White Race huh." He continued in another post: "Jews get mad at me for calling out Ziocons [i.e. Zionist conservatives] but if I called myself a White Nationalist then they would flip. Zionism is literally ethnic nationalism for Jews. lk [like] this isn't exactly a groundbreaking observation but the double standard is ridiculous."

On June 19, Fuentes posted: "Just last week Ron Coleman was playing dumb with me as if he doesn't know wat a dual loyalty Ziocon is... now he's defending Zionist warhawk Dan Crenshaw. You love to see it!" Fuentes is likely referring to an exchange he had on Twitter with Ron Coleman, a Jewish lawyer who objected to Fuentes' use of the term "ZioCons."[20]

The Daily Groyper Website

The Daily Groyper is a website that features a newly-launched podcast called "GroypCast" as well as news items and opinion pieces relating to the movement. The website lists the following Twitter users as their contributers:

The Website features a section titled "Knowing the Enemy - What Underlies Leftists & their Gatekeepers," which appears to be the website's mission statement. The piece posits terrorist Theodore John Kaczynski, also known as the Unabomber[21] as an ideal expression of the movement's ideals:

"Understanding our enemy is of keep importance and viewing politics beyond the dichotomy of the two party system allows us to realize a lot of overlapping trends we find across all political adversaries. If you are past the point of believing the only thing that separates you and those who do not agree with you about politics is just not hearing the right talking points, then a critical analysis of the enemy could be useful in routing them out. In our polite society, not many people would stick their neck out to critique and label other people, but a man - who bucked conventionalism and was past the point of playing nice with others - has given us a nice jumping off point for this discussion. Someone who truly stood athwart history yelling "STOP!" His TruCon [True Conservative] credentials are unrivaled as he stands as one of the few who literally revolted against the modern world. Someone who understood and challenged the malaise brought on by modernity which brings with it indignities, psychological suffering, and the decay of society along with the natural world. I am of course talking about Theodore John Kaczynski, otherwise known as the Unabomber."

The piece also states: "this publication DISAVOWS [sic] any explosive expression of political dissidence and that "True Groyper intellectuals can see the forest from the trees" when considering the merits of Kaczynski."

An opinion piece posted on the website on November 11, 2019, titled "Groyper Wars: The Fire Rises,"[22] signed by writer "Hess @PunishedHess" describes the goals and pitfalls facing the movement.

Catholic Groyper Telegram

On November 1, 2019, the channel "Catholic Groyper" shared a link to an article from the white supremacist blog "Occidental Dissent," which bears the tagline "Nationalism, Populism, Reaction."[23] The article is a response to the call made by the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) to remove Nick Fuentes from Twitter.[24] ZOA's National President had urged Twitter to stop providing a platform for the spread of racism and hate-speech. The "Occidental Dissent" article linked on Telegram reported on the ZOA's call, and concluded: "These elderly Jews are used to getting their way." The Telegram post added the caption: "Jews are literally out to get Nick Fuentes. LMAO [Laughing my ass off.]"

Groyper Gang on Telegram

The following are selected posts from the Telegram channel "Groyper Gang." On October 30, the channel posted a cartoon image depicting Charlie Kirk draped with Israeli flags, and leading immigrants past a wall plastered with signs advertising McDonald's, Taco Bell, and "Trump 2020."

Also on October 30, the channel posted an image of the cover of the book written by radio host Sebastian Gorka, titled "Why we Fight: Defeating America's Enemies - With No Apologies," edited to read: "Defeating Israels [sic]Enemies - With No Apoligies." Adding: "A book that makes Israelis Dance." This is a reference to the popular conspiracy theory that Israel had orchestrated and celebrated the 9/11 attacks.[25]

The following examples, all from November 15, 2019, demonstrate the antisemitic discourse the users of the channel frequently engage in:

On November 14, the channel forwarded a clip from what appears to be a Nazi film, with the caption: "The fabricated story of the Holocaust is foundational to the jewish agenda of demographic replacement. Jews have spent trillions of dollars over several decades to indoctrinate our people to a story that grands them permanent victimhood status. This status affords them the ability to obtain and use their disproportionate control of our systems of power against us, while dismissing any resistance to it as Nazi, facist, anti-semitic. These labels immediately denigrate our movement in the average person's mind. Without the foundational lie of the Holocaust, jews are rhetorically impotent against the inherent truth, justice, and natural law that National Socialism represents." The channel then added in another post: "Holocaust is an issue that needs to be brought up at least a little. It's the platform they use when everything else fails."

Groyper Takes - Telegram

On November 3, the channel "Groyper Takes" posted: "Isn't it funny how Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego all survived being thrown into a fiery furnace because they were innocent [...] but the jews in the Holocaust didn’t survive the same thing[?]"

Pepe the Frog Memes

The figure of Groyper is one of many variations of the popular Pepe the Frog meme, which has become associated with far-right extremism. Other variations of Pepe include "Apu Apustaja" ("Help Helper" in English)[26] and "Clown Pepe / Honk Honk / Clown World".[27] These variations are often disseminated on platforms that are popular with white supremacists, antisemites, and conspiracy theorists such as 4chan and Neinchan, where they serve as shorthand for anti-institutional or anti-governmental views, often paired with antisemitic theories that the government is controlled by Jews. The acronym ZOG (Zionist Owned Government) is frequently used in these forums, and are also used in Islamist online circles. The following are examples of Pepe the Frog memes.

On November 22, 2019, a version of the "Smug Pepe" meme[28] was posted on the Telegram channel "Syrian Maymay Base Idlib’s final weeks EDITION", which shows a soldier of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps ordering fighter planes to attack ISIS militants.[29]

On November 26, 2019, a version of the Apu Apustaja meme was also posted in the Telegram channel "Syrian Maymay Base Idlib’s final weeks EDITION", which shows Hezbollah, the Shiite Lebanese terror organization helping Amal, the Shiite political movement.[30]

The profile image for the Telegram channel " Third Position Army" is a version of the "Clown Pepe" meme, showing Pepe the Frog dressed as a clown, with a Nazi hat standing in front of a Black Sun, a popular white supremacist symbol.[31]

On November 23, 2019, a thread on 4chan titled "Briton fined for saying Brenton Tarrant is a hero" included responses to a news story about a man who was fined after praising the New Zealand Mosque mass shooter on Facebook.[32][33] One response in the thread was a post of the Pepe the Frog variant meme "Apu Apustaja," in which Pepe is depicted reading Tarrant's white supremacist manifesto "The Great Replacement" with a poster of Tarrant on the wall.


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