July 9, 2024 Special Dispatch No. 11437

Fatah Spokesman In Europe Jamal Nazzal: Hamas Has Sacrificed Gaza's Civilians, Thwarted The Chance To Establish A Palestinian State

July 9, 2024
Palestinians | Special Dispatch No. 11437

Fatah Spokesman in Europe and Revolutionary Council Member Dr. Jamal Nazzal said in a June 26, 2024 interview with Awda TV (Palestinian Authority) that Hamas has sacrificed civilians in Gaza. He explained that they did not make the choice to sacrifice themselves. Nazzal continued to say that Hamas does not want a Palestinian state, because it thwarted the implementation of the Oslo Accords, which would have led to a Palestinian state.

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We Consider The Palestinian Civilians In Gaza To Be Martyrs, But They Did Not Sacrifice Themselves; They Were Sacrificed By Hamas

Jamal Nazzal: "Hamas should not consider the tens of thousands of Palestinian civilians in Gaza who were martyred, and who were killed by the occupation in their homes... We consider them to be martyrs, but they did not sacrifice themselves. They were sacrificed. The people who applaud this – especially from abroad – did not try to live in Gaza, for example.

"If you want to talk about public opinion polls... In an unfortunate poll, the Palestinians were asked a question that justifies the crimes of the occupation. The occupation says that all the Palestinians are extremists. When the polls show support for a certain type of action – this harms the Palestinians. We could do without this poll. When West Bank Palestinians are asked in these polls whether they support the October 7 attack in Gaza, they say 'yes.' But when they are asked whether they support a similar attack in the West Bank, they say: 'Thank you, but no thank you.'


Hamas Does Not Want To Establish A Palestinian State, Fought Against Every Opportunity To Establish One

"Hamas is not interested in a Palestinian state. It does not want to establish a Palestinian state. It fought every opportunity or possibility to establish a Palestinian state. When the Oslo Accords started to be implemented and the Palestinian cities were being handed over to the Palestinian Authority, a Palestinian state was supposed to be established there, and the land of Area C was supposed to be handed over to the Palestinian Authority. And then, when every Palestinian city was about to be handed over to the Palestinian Authority, Hamas carried out bombing attacks inside Israel in order to thwart this process. If this process would have run its course, it would have given the Palestinians true independence and a fully sovereign state."


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