October 27, 2022 Special Dispatch No. 10284

Fatah Officials At Events In Honor Of Terrorist 'Uday Al-Tamimi: Fatah Follows The Path Of Struggle; The Martyr Al-Tamimi Carried Out Heroic Actions

October 27, 2022
Palestinians | Special Dispatch No. 10284

The Fatah movement, headed by Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud 'Abbas, continues to express support for terrorists who carried out operations against Israelis and to describe them as patriotic heroes.[1] Among these terrorists are 'Uday Al-Tamimi, the perpetrator of two recent attacks: an October 9, 2022 shooting at a checkpoint in Shu'afat in East Jerusalem, in which an Israeli female soldier, Noa Lazar, was killed, and another  shooting ten days later at the entrance to the Israeli town of Ma'ale Adumim, in the course of which he himself was killed.[2] Following his death Fatah officials and senior members of the PA security apparatuses visited mourning tents erected for Al-Tamimi in several locations in the West Bank, and Fatah produced posters eulogizing him as "a martyred hero."

The following are several examples of these statements and posters.

Fatah Official Muhammad Al-Madani And His Deputy On Visit To Al-Tamimi's Family In 'Anata:  Fatah Follows The Path Of Struggle

Muhammad Al-Madani, a member of Fatah's Central Committee and the head of its Recruitment and Organization Commission, visited Al-Tamimi's family in the town of 'Anata along with other Fatah officials. Al-Madani's deputy in the Recruitment and Organization Commission, 'Abd Al-Mun'im Hamdan, said during this visit that "Fatah follows the path of struggle alongside the [political] forces and freedom-loving [fighters] of our people until [we achieve] victory, liberation and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital."[3]

Fatah Official 'Abbas Zaki: "Al-Tamimi Died A Martyr Attacking The Enemy"

Fatah Central Committee member 'Abbas Zaki also made a condolence call to 'Uday Al-Tamimi's family. After the visit he posted on Facebook that "Al-Tamimi died a martyr attacking the enemy and not fleeing." One day earlier he visited a mourning tent erected in Al-Tamimi's honor in the Hebron area.[4] 

'Abbas Zaki's Facebook post

Fatah Official 'Azzam Al-Ahmad: Fatah Was Founded To Liberate Palestine

Fatah Central Committee and PLO Executive Committee member 'Azzam Al-Ahmad attended an event at a mourning tent for Al-Tamimi erected at Fatah's headquarters in Jenin. At this event, attended also by the local Fatah leadership, including branch secretary 'Ata Abu Rumeileh, Al-Ahmad said: "With its victims and struggle, which will continue until the establishment of its independent state, our people proves its love of freedom." He added: "Fatah was established to liberate Palestine and to express the people's desire for freedom, independence, the emptying of the prisons and the attainment of all our legitimate rights."[5]

Fatah official 'Azzam Al-Ahmad at the mourning tent for 'Uday Al-Tamimi at Fatah's headquarters in Jenin (, October 22, 2022)

A Fatah Spokesperson Tweets In Praise Of Al-Tamimi

Mounir Al-Jaghoub, the spokesperson of Fatah's Recruitment And Organization Commission, tweeted a graphic praising the "martyr" Al-Tamimi, "who carried out the heroic operations at the Shu'afat and Ma'ale Adumim checkpoints," and wrote: "There are those who excel at writing the last chapter of their stories, until their last breath, their last shot, their last bullet and even the last quiver of their bodies. May Allah have mercy upon him and house him in His spacious gardens alongside the righteous, the martyrs and the prophets…"[6]

Al-Jaghoub's tweet (, October 19, 2022)

PA Security Officers Visit Mourning Tents At Fatah's Nablus and Jenin Headquarters

Fatah's various branches in the West Bank also expressed support for Al-Tamimi. As mentioned above, the movement's headquarters in Jenin erected a mourning tent for him, and the headquarters in Nablus erected a tent as well, which was visited by officers of the PA's security apparatuses.

Officers of PA security apparatuses at mourning tent at Fatah's Nablus branch (,, October 22, 2022)

Officers of PA security apparatuses at mourning tent at Fatah's Jenin branch (,, October 22, 2022)

Posters Of The Terrorist On Fatah Social Media Glorify Him As A Heroic Fighter

Various Fatah branches shared posters of the terrorist 'Uday Al-Tamimi on their social media platforms, in which he is depicted as a fighter in uniform.

Poster on Facebook of Fatah's East Jerusalem branch (, October 22, 2022)

Poster on Facebook of Fatah's Ramallah branch: "The Hero 'Uday Al-Tamimi" (, October 20, 2022)

Fatah Jenin Branch Statement Lauds Al-Tamimi, Urges General Mobilization, Confrontations With IDF

Following Al-Tamimi's death on October 19, 2022, Fatah's Jenin branch released a statement which praised the "martyred rebel" and called for "confrontation with the occupation." The statement reads:

"By the name of Allah the Compassionate and Merciful

"'Among the believers there are those who are true to what they pledged to Allah. Some have fulfilled their vow and others await the appointed time. They have not changed their commitment  in the least.' (Quran 33:23)… [We] bow our heads in honor and appreciation… of those who fought to the last bullet and to the last breath, and who gave their most precious possession [i.e., their lives] as a dowry for Jerusalem and Palestine.

"Full of pride, glory and respect, Fatah in Jenin escorts to his nuptials[7] the Moon of Palestine and of the capital of Jerusalem, the martyred rebel who sought to confront [the enemy], 'Uday Al-Tamimi, whose pure blood saturated the earth of the beloved homeland.

"O the masses of our honorable people in the Jenin district, the Fatah movement calls upon you to strictly observe the general strike in the district, and announces a general mobilization and confrontation with the aggression in all the areas of friction and confrontation with the oppressive occupation.

"Blessed are the honorable martyrs of our people: the martyred commander and founder of [Fatah's] military activity in the Jenin district, Dr. 'Abdullah Al-'Absi Abu Al-Teen; the martyred heroic rebel Mateen Dabayat; the martyred heroic prisoner Muhammad Maher Turkman,[8] [and] the martyred heroic knight on the battlefield, 'Uday Al-Tamimi…

"A promise is a promise and a pledge is a pledge. Therefore a rebel does not [truly] die, and the victory is undoubtedly drawing closer, with Allah's help.

"[We wish] glory and eternal life to our righteous martyrs, imminent salvation to our brave prisoners and a speedy recovery to our courageous wounded.

"This is the revolution, until victory, until victory, until victory.

"Fatah movement, Jenin district."

The statement from the Fatah's Jenin branch (, October 20, 2022)

Footage of Al-Tamimi's first attack on Fatah's Facebook: "See the hero! Watch the moment when the heroic act was perpetrated at the Shu'afat checkpoint (Source:, October 9, 2022)


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[7] This is a reference to the Islamic belief that a martyr weds 72 black-eyed virgins in Paradise. See MEMRI Inquiry & Analysis Series No 61: The Joy of the Mothers of Palestinian 'Martyrs', June 27, 2001.

[8] ‘Abdullah Abu Al-Teen, amember of Fatah's military wing, and Mateen Dabaya, a member of the military wing of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, were killed in a gunfight with Israeli security forces in Jenin on October 14. Muhammad Maher Turkman participated in a shooting attack in the Jordan Valley on September 4, 2022. He was captured by Israeli security forces after suffering burns from a Molotov cocktail he intended to throw, and died of his wounds on October 14.

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