June 22, 2023 Special Dispatch No. 10677

Fatah Central Committee Member Abbas Zaki: America Sent COVID To China; China's Message To The World Is One Of Peace, Love, And Cooperation, While America Spreads Oppression And Death

June 22, 2023
Palestinians, China | Special Dispatch No. 10677

Fatah Central Committee member Abbas Zaki said in a June 12, 2023 show on Awda TV (Palestinian Authority) that the U.S. had "sent" COVID-19 to China, and he praised the way China dealt with the virus and provided aid to the Palestinian Authority and elsewhere in the world. Zaki added that China spreads a message of "peace, love, and cooperation" while the U.S. spreads a message of "plague, oppression, and killing."

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The U.S. Sent Covid-19 To China "In Order To Make China Consumed By Its Own Troubles"; "It Was China That Worked Towards Eliminating The Pandemic"

Abbas Zaki: "[China] is in no hurry to rule the world by force. They rule the world like they did at the time of the coronavirus. Back then, [the U.S.] sent Covid-19 to China, in order to make China consumed by its own troubles. But the Chinese were able to cure it, and send planes [with vaccines] everywhere in the world, without asking: 'are you with me or against me?' in order to bury this pandemic, because it crossed national borders. It could not have been stopped without international cooperation.

"Trump politicized this pandemic, and got screwed. He lost a great deal. It was China that worked towards eliminating this pandemic, and they gained a lot. As you saw, they sent a delegation to us, they brought medical equipment. We are no big deal, but they also sent [aid] to Italy... You saw how the Europeans sang the praises of the Cuban doctors who came to them, and of China. This is unusual.

"The World Has Changed, Because There Is A Message Of Peace, Love, And Cooperation From China, While There Is A Message Of Plague, Oppression, And Killing From The American Government"

"The world has changed, because there is a message of peace, love, and cooperation from China, while there is a message of plague, oppression, and killing from the American government. In the world's eyes, the us has reached the peak of imperialism. What is imperialism? It is when your goal is only how much you gain, and you strengthen yourself, even if the entire world is slaughtered. China is the complete opposite. It says that it wants a prosperous life in China, but it has to be in [other parts of] the world as well."

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