January 1, 2014 Special Dispatch No. 5583

'Electronic Army Of The Caucasus Emirate' Threatens Cyber War Against Russian Government Unless It Stops Preparations For Sochi Winter Olympics

January 1, 2014
Special Dispatch No. 5583

On December 27, 2013, a website posted a video titled "Appeal by the Anonymous Caucasus #OpPayBackForSotchi2014." The "Anonymous Caucasus" describes itself as the "electronic army of the Caucasus Emirate" and has a website and accounts on Twitter and Facebook. In this video it warns the Russian government to stop its "activities" in Sochi (presumably the preparations for the Winter Olympics), otherwise the group will launch a cyber war against it in retaliation for the "Circassian genocide" of 1864. The video, 2.31 minutes in duration, shows still images of signs in English that read: "Putin, don't build your credibility on Circassian graves"; "Sochi 2014 - the hidden genocide"; "You'll be skiing on the mass graves"; "2014 Sochi Olympic winter games - Circassian genocide 150 anniversary". The message is delivered by an unseen announcer. The following are excerpts: "Our message is addressed to the government of the Russian Federation and to all the supporters of the [Winter] Olympics in Sochi. You are spending millions of dollars to organize these games on the land of the Circassians, on the land where their entire people was cruelly annihilated, on the land of the 1864 genocide..."...

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