December 15, 2009 Special Dispatch No. 2697

Egyptian Writer Muhammad Yousuf 'Adas, Former UNESCO Advisor, Denies the Holocaust and Claims: The Jews Finance Wars

December 15, 2009
Egypt | Special Dispatch No. 2697

Following are excerpts from an interview with Muhammad Yousef 'Adas, former advisor to UNESCO, which aired on Al-Rafidein TV on April 25, 2009. Al-Rafidein TV is an Iraqi channel that broadcasts mainly from Cairo, Egypt, through the Nilesat 102 satellite.

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Muhammad Yousef 'Adas: "The reason for the whole issue is that [the Jews] meddle with the economy, thus gaining control over nations. They finance wars. They are the cause of wars and economic corruption. They helped other countries to shackle Germany, by means of the World War I treaties, with which we are familiar. [...]

"Like Roger Garoudy said, the number of [victims] is very controversial. These figures emerged from a myth, not from facts. [...]

"There are movies in Europe – in France and everywhere – in which they say that Christ is dead..."

Interviewer: "Nobody is held accountable for this, but whoever denies the Holocaust is harassed, fired, arrested, or even physically eliminated."

Muhammad Yousef 'Adas: "Physical elimination goes without saying, if the other solutions are difficult to accomplish. This is the situation in France, for example. In Germany... The worst thing that happened is that this has become a religious doctrine, which is taught at school, instead of any other doctrine. They are given Holocaust lessons. Some of these students have become ministers and heads of state. I don't need to tell you that Merkel, who is the president of..."

Interviewer: "You mean Angela Merkel, the German chancellor."

Muhammad Yousef 'Adas: "She graduates from these schools, and so her head has been filled with this idea of a Holocaust. They use this to cover up the holocaust in Gaza. [...]

"There are statistics that show that there were only a few hundred thousand – at most 400,000 – Jews. And some statistics give much lower figures..."

Interviewer: "Some say 5,000."

Muhammad Yousef 'Adas: "5,000 Jews. [...]

"It is not merely deception. It has become an industry – the Holocaust industry. They profit from this a great deal. Most recently, after extorting Germany and others, they have been extorting Swiss banks. Whenever they are in need of money, they invent a new story. They said: 'In the Holocaust, the Nazis took the gold belonging to the Jews, and put it in Swiss banks. We want to get back this gold from the banks in Switzerland.' These banks were forced to pay them huge compensation to silence them. Otherwise, these banks would go bankrupt, because of this propaganda and the Holocaust industry, as I mentioned. [...]

"There is a fundamental racism in Western mentality. The Jews are part of this racism because they are white Europeans. The Europeans... Let's put Hitler aside – the Europeans in general believe that the white race is..."

Interviewer: "The supreme race."

Muhammad Yousef 'Adas: "Right."

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