May 4, 2016 Special Dispatch No. 6411

Egyptian Journalist: Zionist Capitalism Controls The World Media With Aim Of Realizing 'Protocols Of Elders Of Zion'

May 4, 2016
Egypt | Special Dispatch No. 6411

Rim Abu 'Ali, an Egyptian author and member of the Egyptian Writers' Union, wrote in the daily Al-Ahram an antisemitic article titled "The Media Plot." In it, she claimed that the global media is controlled by "Zionist capitalism" that is inspired by The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and whose objective is to take over the world. According to her, this control is achieved by planting Zionist media figures in various countries, including in Egypt. These people pretend to be patriots, but after they gain supporters they reveal their true face and start serving the "Zionist plan." Abu 'Ali mentions a long list of Egyptian media figures who she claims are Zionist agents, though without naming names.

The following are excerpts from her article:

Rim Abu 'Ali (image:

"Give me a media without a conscience, and I will give you a people without consciousness - so said Josef Goebbels, who was the Nazi information minister under Hitler. Every time I read this sentence, several hypothetical questions occur to me: Is there any connection between The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and this statement? Is this statement one of the reasons that caused Hitler to carry out his famous Holocaust, which some people, in particular Jews, have become experts on? Anyone examining today's media may come up with the same questions. [These questions] may not find a definite answer, especially [when it comes to] the historical events, but [an examination] of the present situation in which we live may lead us to some answers, though these are hypothetical as well.

"The truth that is no longer in question is that the media is not just a tool for entertainment or education, as we all used to think and as was claimed by those in charge of it. It is also a destructive tool, a weapon of mass destruction. This places certain media figures at the level of hitmen or mercenaries.

"As everyone knows, the global media is controlled by Zionist capitalism, which aims to realize, to the letter, what was dictated by its Zionist predecessors in the Protocols [of the Elders of Zion] with the aim of taking over the world. [This is achieved] by recruiting and incorporating in the media certain people who are cherry-picked for specific characteristics, primarily their weakness of character and their willingness to sell their conscience for money or sex. But first, these people are expertly trained to make a perfect display of false patriotism, in order to attract as many viewers as possible when they first appear on the television screens, and form a popular support base [of people] who believe every word they utter. In the next stage, the planted media figure starts to fill the mind of his viewers with poison that serves the goals of the Zionist plan, in order to shape public opinion in a way that conforms to this plan.

"Sadly, our Egyptian media presents many examples of such [media figures], who all appeared on the television screens at roughly the same time. Each of them has a definite role that follows the script of the plot to the letter. One example is the sarcastic media figure who started his media career by poking fun at the Muslim Brotherhood and its followers, until he gained a large following of viewers who trusted his ideas. [Then] he started inciting against the state and disparaging it, and casting doubt on all its achievements. [This is apparently a reference to renowned Egyptian satirist Bassem Yousuf].  Another [figure] used to attack the Zionist plan on his private satellite channel, until he gained admirers from all sectors of society. Then he surprised everyone by hosting the Zionist ambassador in his home and exploited his popularity to call for normalization with the Zionist entity that is hostile to Egypt. [The reference is to Tawfiq Okasha]...[1]

"And let us not ignore some media figures who are involved in immoral scandals and are known to be agents of the White House and therefore also of the Zionist entity. [The reference is apparently to Yousuf Al-Husseini].[2] And there is that media figure who so expertly fulfilled the role of opposing the corruption of the previous regime, but very soon revealed his true face as an inciter against the homeland [This is apparently a reference to 'Amru Adib].[3] [Not to mention] the man who made efforts to instigate disputes every night and ignited social fires, until the public as a whole started calling him 'Conflagration' [The reference is to Wael Al-Abrashi]. [4] And there is a media figure with roots in Hamas and another who insults the viewers every evening dressed... like a clown in the circus [This is apparently a reference to Ibrahim 'Issa].[5]

"All of these media figures are agents and an integral part of the Zionist plot that aspires to destroy Egypt and sway public opinion against it. People, wake up, for the plot continues!" 




[1] On this affair, see MEMRI Special Dispatch No. 6337, Egyptian MP Ousted From Parliament In Normalization Controversy After Meeting With Israeli Ambassador, March 4, 2016.

[2] A former host on ONTV who has been criticizing Al-Sisi. Lately he was involved in a scandal when an alleged recording of him having phone sex was circulated.

[3] Adib's three-hour daily show "Cairo Today" is considered to be the most popular talk show in the Arab world. The show was suspended in September 2010 (according to Adib by the Mubarak authorities, which claimed that it incited against the Egyptian people), and was renewed in February 2011, shortly after the January 25 revolution.

[4] Al-Abrashi hosts the Dream TV talk show "Ten PM." He has been dubbed hariqa ("conflagration") for his provocative style and tendency to instigate confrontations on the show.

[5] TV host Ibrahim 'Issa is known for his unique style of dress (his trademark is suspenders in various colors), and for his scathing criticism of Al-Sisi and the Saudi regime.

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