March 28, 2012 Special Dispatch No. 4610

Egyptian Journalist: Jews Use Victims' Blood to Prepare Purim Sweets

March 28, 2012
Egypt | Special Dispatch No. 4610

In a March 14, 2012 article in the Egyptian daily Al-Wafd, columnist Fikriya Ahmad wrote that the Jews, throughout their history, used to celebrate Purim by wreaking murderous vengeance on non-Jews and using their slaughtered victims' blood to make Purim sweets. She added that, today, they continue this custom by perpetrating attacks and assassinations against the Palestinians.

The following are excerpts:[1]

The Jewish Festival of Purim Is Dedicated to Murderous Acts of Vengeance Against Non-Jews

"In ancient times, [around] 400 BCE or earlier, groups of Jews lived in Persia under the patronage of Ahasuerus, king of Persia and India. [These Jews] spread evil and destruction, as well as their dishonest and treacherous ways. Thus, they deservedly [incurred] the hatred of the state minister Haman, who incited the king of Persia against them and killed them. He picked a day by lottery on which to massacre the corrupt Jews and thus rid the country of their evil. The Jews, as is their wont, resorted to the cheapest trick [possible] and took revenge on him by ways of spying and seduction. Knowing that Ahasuerus couldn't resist beautiful women, they sent him one of their daughters, Esther, in order to trap and seduce him, and eventually the two of them got married. [Esther, now] controlling the king, caused him to quarrel with Haman, and persecuted Haman until he was [eventually] hanged and his 10 children were killed. That is how Esther saved her people, the Jews. Esther even persuaded the king to arm the Jews, so they could take revenge on their Babylonian enemies. The king did so, and [the Jews] exterminated the Babylonians, to the last one. The Jews defeated their enemies through cunning plots and by sparking internecine wars and quarrels.

"[Later, the Jews] turned the anniversary of the lottery day, on which they escaped massacre, into a major religious festival... They dedicate this [festival] to murderous [acts of] vengeance against anyone who isn't Jewish. On this day, the Jews read one of their scrolls, the Scroll of Esther, and the flame of their hatred towards all non-Jews grows even hotter. Their children put on scary costumes, to fan their hostility and hate. The sweets they eat on this day are made from the body parts of Haman. There are sweets [shaped like] Haman's ear, hand or head, in order to take revenge upon him, [and celebrate] his execution and the delivery of their people.

"Anyone who follows the murderous actions of the Israeli army, its intensive assassination [policy], and its physical extermination of the Palestinian owners of the land, as well as the cruel attacks by the Jewish settlers, will find that most [of the attacks take place] on the Jewish festival of Purim... They usually choose March 13 or 14 to perform their strange rituals."

On Purim, the Jews Would Hunt Down a Non-Jew, Slaughter Him, and then Hang Him Up to Drain His Blood

"Jewish history documents murderous actions [perpetrated as part] of Purim celebrations. On this festival, the extremists among them used to hunt down or abduct a non-Jew, slaughter him, and then hang him up like a sacrifice to drain his blood. Alternatively, they would subject him to barbaric torture by stabbing him deeply and letting him bleed into a container, while they took pleasure in his screams and his pain. The blood would be dried into a powder, which they would mix with flour to make into pastries..."

Today the Jews Celebrate Purim by Killing Palestinians

"Now that their deeds on this festival have been exposed, the Jews seem to have replaced them with other actions, far more sweeping, [namely] the killing of Palestinians in unjustified military attacks during this holiday... Let me mention Baruch Goldstein, who on the morning of Purim 1994, entered the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron armed with grenades and a machine gun, and fired his hatred and his bullets at the [Muslim] worshipers, who were performing their morning prayers. He killed 29 and wounded 150. A historical review of Purim celebrations reveals that, [on this day, the Jews] routinely kill some Palestinians without any clear reason, as though offering the blood of the Palestinians, who own the land, on the altar of this holiday...

"The current spree of assassinations, in the form of air strikes on the commanders of the Palestinian resistance in Gaza, is also a kind of blood-sacrifice on the occasion of this holiday – even though Israel presents it as a response to the operation on the Israel-Egypt border last August, which it attributes to the Islamic Jihad [organization]. This begs the question: Why is Israel is responding to this incident today, several months after it occurred? May it have something to do with Purim? The answer is as clear as day: They are now dancing in their despicable carnival, wearing monstrous costumes. They are getting drunk, raising their glasses in a triumphant [toast] to their bloody [acts of] vengeance, and laughing at the sound of the Palestinians' cries of terror. They are feasting their satanic eyes on the blood of the martyrs and on the weakness of the Arab and Muslim world, which does nothing more than [utter] condemnations at [various] conferences."

[1] Al-Wafd (Egypt), March 14, 2012.

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