March 30, 2018 Special Dispatch No. 7404

Egyptian Historian Bassam El Shammaa On Palestine TV: MEMRI 'Translate[s] My Shows... When I Talked About Counter-Holocaust' In Which Jews Murdered 60,000-80,000 Germans

March 30, 2018
Egypt, Palestinians | Special Dispatch No. 7404

Egyptian historian Bassam El Shammaa, interviewed by the official Palestinian Authority TV channel, repeated his claims of a post-WWII "counter Holocaust" carried out by Jews against the Germans, in which "60,000 to 80,000 Germans were killed... and 2-3 million Germans were persecuted and tortured." Following MEMRI's translation of a previous TV appearance (see MEMRI TV clip no. 6386 Egyptian Historian Bassam El Shammaa: The Jews Killed And Tortured Germans In A 'Counter Holocaust', December 17, 2017), Shammaa said that "the Zionists are very interested in my shows" and that "when I [talked about the counter Holocaust], they got upset with me." He recounted that during a trip to Jerusalem he had visited Yad Vashem and the "Israel" Museum – stressing that he had reservations about the name – and said: "I was surprised to find an entire kingdom of our Egyptian archaeological objects, which are held by the Zionists and put on display at the 'Israel' Museum." El Shammaa was interviewed by Nagwa Younis and the show aired on March 15.

To view the clip of Bassam El Shammaa on MEMRI TV, click here or below.

Bassam El Shammaa: "In Asia, there used to be a tribe called the Khazars. In Hebrew, they are called 'Khuazarim' or 'Khazarim.' That tribe has a name in Hebrew, which means that they acknowledge their existence. The Khazar tribe had no religion. A man called Bulan was their Khagan – that's like their big boss – who one day said to them: 'I want to become religious.' To make a long story short, he summoned a Muslim, a Christian, and a Jew..."

Nagwa Younis: "And then the Jew conned the other two..."

"The Burger-Eating Basketball-Playing American Doesn't Know What Hebrew Is... [They Are] Like A Blank Page"

Bassam El Shammaa: "Exactly. It's a famous story, although not entirely accurate... Ultimately, he converted to Judaism, along with 4,000 of the tribe's nobles. Some of them were allowed to continue to worship idols. They were not forced to become Jews. They caused problems, like they do always and everywhere. I urge you to check out the list I posted on Facebook, to see how many countries expelled the Jews. You will be surprised.


"The Jews had the best time in Iraq. That's why only a small number of them returned to Palestine after the Babylonian captivity. Why did the Jews of Iraq stay there? 'Brother, you don't want to go back to the Promised Land, or whatever?' 'No, man. I'll stay in Iraq. I like it here.' They had their businesses in Iraq and didn't want to go back. The same story recurs hundreds of years later. The largest numbers of Jews in the world do not want to go to the Promised Land. They sit in America, because that's where their businesses are."


Bassam El Shammaa: "We should export true history to the world. In the West, they don't speak Hebrew. The burger-eating, basketball-playing American doesn't know what Hebrew is."

Nagwa Younis: "The American people are not intellectual, to put it mildly."

Bassam El Shammaa: "Madam, this is our greatest opportunity. They are like a blank page, on which we can write what we want."


"They Translate My Shows – The Zionists Are Very Interested In My Shows... When I Talked About The 'Counter Holocaust'"

"When I was in Jerusalem, I stopped a taxi, driven by a great Palestinian. Earlier, I asked a great Palestinian girl at the hotel which museum I should visit. I like museums. She said that there was a museum called Yad Vashem, or something like that, which deals with the Holocaust. So I went there.


"I asked the driver, and he said that there is also one called the Israel Museum. I have reservations about the name Israel, which is historically wrong, and even more incorrect from the social and political perspectives. He said he would take me there. When I walked in, I was surprised to find an entire kingdom of our Egyptian archaeological objects, which are held by the Zionists and put on display at the 'Israel' Museum.


"They translate my shows. The Zionists are very interested in my shows..."

Nagwa Younis: "When I talked about this, I asked whether they published distortions, because it is in their nature to take some words and add a falsified translation..."

Bassam El Shammaa: "When I talked about the 'counter Holocaust'... Look, Madam, they exported the story about the six million to the whole world..."

Nagwa Younis: "This figure is exaggerated..."

Bassam El Shammaa: "Very exaggerated."

Nagwa Younis: "How many Jews were there in Europe?"


"How Many Books Have Been Written About The Counter Holocaust? One... How Many Books Have Been Written About The Regular Holocaust, Which They Try To Export To The Whole World? 85,000 books, With A Single Book On The Other Hand"

Bassam El Shammaa: "You see that they keep talking about that vague figure, which was criticized by foreigners like Roger Garaudy.


"How many books have been written about the counter Holocaust? One. It is titled An Eye for an Eye, and it was written by John Sack. What is the counter Holocaust? After Hitler and the Nazis were defeated, German Nazis were arrested and placed in the same prisons, and the wardens in those prisons were Jews, who began to torture them in revenge. John Sack, [Egyptian writer Ayman] Sharaf, and others wrote that 60,000 to 80,000 Germans were killed in those prisons, and 2-3 million Germans were persecuted and tortured. This was called the counter Holocaust. When I said this, they got upset with me.


"How many books have been written about the regular Holocaust, which they try to export to the whole world? Schindler's List... Steven Spielberg... All kinds of movies, and whatever... 85,000 books, with a single book on the other hand. Where is freedom? Where is democracy?"

Nagwa Younis: "They have a lobby capable of mobilizing the media machine, with money and so on."

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