December 29, 2001 Special Dispatch No. 322

Egyptian Government-Sponsored Scientific Journal: On American and Israeli Bio-Warfare and Jews Spreading AIDS to Asia and Africa

December 29, 2001
Egypt | Special Dispatch No. 322

Following the outbreak of anthrax in the U.S., the November issue of the Egyptian science magazine Al-'Ilm featured an article reviewing the history of biological and chemical warfare throughout the world. Al-'Ilm, put out by publishers of the government-sponsored daily Al-Gumhuriya, shares the daily's editor-in-chief as well – Samir Ragab. Al-'Ilm's executive board is chaired by Egypt's Minister of Higher Education and the State for Scientific Research, Mufid Shihab.

The article, by Dr. Husniya Hassan Moussa, lecturer at the National Research Center, was titled, "The germ war: 52 universities and secret laboratories manufacture deadly microbes in America – Britain has revived smallpox, with unique qualities! – A strange disease causing fever, headaches, and hemorrhage is striking the Afghans – Dr. Janet paid for her satanic experiment with her life."[1] The following are excerpts from her article:

"…The cases of anthrax infection in the U.S. emerged simultaneously with the beginning of the American war against Afghanistan. News coming from Afghanistan mentions symptoms of a strange disease… causing fever, headaches, and hemorrhaging."

"This brought us back to the discovery of… a biological weapons factory in the Ural Mountains in Russia, by the American espionage program… However, the Soviets exposed the American activity in this destructive field, as well as the deaths of American scientists who worked in the germ industry. This industry includes secret laboratories belonging to the Department of Defense. Scientists from 52 universities are cooperating with the Pentagon in preparing for [biological] war… The U.S. was not content with its [own] scientific institutes and universities; it also contracted with several universities abroad, including in Israel… The missiles that the U.S. supplied to NATO are equipped with biological warheads. These things were approved by the White House…"

Later in the article, Dr. Moussa quotes a report, authored by "Dr. Joseph" of UNESCO, according to which Korea, China, and Vietnam were attacked with biological weapons. She then continues: "It was not the first such incident. The Allies [from WWII] have a well-known history of germ industry. After World War II broke out, British prime minister Winston Churchill received a secret letter from his scientific advisor Lord Cherwell, who called on him to request anthrax microbes from the American Department of Defense to use against the Germans, because it was an effective weapon that annihilated people and farm animals in large numbers… Finally, it was decided to manufacture biological weapons in Britain instead of importing anthrax bombs from the U.S…"

Dr. Moussa then reviews the history of bio-warfare: "The European colonialists gave the Indians in America smallpox. During the American Civil War, [both] sides used such methods as polluting drinking water with animal corpses."

"In the modern age, biological weapons were first used when Bulgaria secretly joined Austria to fight Serbia. Typhus spread, cutting down the Serbs. In the summer of 1949, cholera spread throughout Egypt following the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948. Egyptian documents indicate that the disease originated in Israel…"

"When Japan began its experiments in this field, it injected prisoners with viruses of plague, anthrax, smallpox, and cholera. Three thousand prisoners died… Plague was scattered from airplanes during the Sino-Japanese War of 1940-1942. In 1944, these epidemics spread to the border of the Soviet Union; a year later, Japan used the microbes against Mongolia."

"The U.S. used germs against Vietnam, North Korea, and China… Biological weapons research is being conducted by Israeli universities. Prior to the October War [1973], they injected birds with germs and released them above Jordan, Palestine, and the Suez Canal."

Dr. Moussa touched briefly on the Nazi biological warfare research program, stating that Dr. Josef Mengele "was known as 'the butcher' and as someone who tortured Jews in order to find out how different types of germs affected them." However, she immediately returned to the topic of the U.S. and Israel, which, she said, "keep biological weapons at American bases; if these were to be used, they would destroy half of the population of the area under attack. Some of this weaponry makes women miscarry."

"The U.S. took over the state of Ottawa [sic] to conduct experiments there with deadly biological weapons. It is possible that the urge for vengeance will push the U.S. to test its advanced biological weapons on a real enemy, to find out how extensive the effect is."

"Also, Jewish tourists infected with AIDS are traveling around Asian and African countries with the aim of spreading the disease."

"It is no coincidence that the U.S. is the only member of the United Nations that has not signed the agreement on punishment for the collective annihilation of people… Israel continues to use germ warfare to destroy the Palestinian people on its occupied land, while it challenges the international community."

Towards the end of the article, Dr. Moussa writes: "A number of doctors have said that mad cow disease developed in Britain because of… animal feed containing dead laboratory animals, including mice and pigs. After these were added to the artificial feed for sheep and cows, mad cow disease appeared."

[1] Al-'Ilm (Egypt), November 2001.

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