June 22, 2001 Special Dispatch No. 231

The Egyptian Government Paper Al-Akhbar Once Again Defends Hitler

June 22, 2001
Egypt | Special Dispatch No. 231

Following criticism of President Husni Mubarak during his visit to the US in early April 2001, the Egyptian government daily Al-Akhbar temporarily ceased publishing articles defending Hitler. Recently however, the paper again published an article by Mahmoud Muhammad Khadhr, a cleric from Al-Azhar University, entitled "In Defense of Hitler"[1]. Following are experts of the article:

"No one was sorry when Hitler vanished from the world; he took his own life, as did many of his ministers and [military] officers. They did it so that they wouldn't have to see the faces of the old ape, Churchill, and the big bear, Stalin, who would sentence them to death with no one to defend them or ease their punishment."

"Each one of them has the right to a defense, whatever their infractions may have been, and even if they admit to their [crimes]. But Hitler's executioners took this right away from him and attributed to him crimes that he committed and that he did not commit. I do not know what would have happened to Churchill, de Gaulle and Roosevelt, had Hitler won. Perhaps the crimes for which they deserve the death sentence would have been much worse than all that Hitler has done."

"But all of Hitler's crimes and infractions were forgotten by the world, except for one crime that was exaggerated and blown completely out of proportion, thanks to the insistence of world Zionism to continue to stoke the fire. The reason for this was the emotional need of the Sons of Jacob to extort Germany and to eat away at its resources. It is hard to believe that the Europeans and Americans, who are entitled to thinking, confirming or denying anything -- including the [existence of] the prophets and God himself -- cannot address the 'Jewish Question', or more precisely, the false Holocaust, whose numbers and scope they have exaggerated until it has reached the level of the merciless destruction of six million Jews, only because Hitler saw them as an inferior race unworthy of living next to the Germanic race, which must rule the world."

"Anyone who knocks on this door encounters the most horrible accusations and is tried in all of the European countries and in the US for anti-Semitism, for two reasons:"

"The first is Zionism's control over thinking in the West. This control testifies to the degree of oppression of thought by the Zionist propaganda apparatus in those nations. No one can oppose this oppression, for fear of being tried and sent to prison, or having his livelihood and his reputation threatened... "

"The second reason is, without a doubt, the great fear that the lies of Zionism will be exposed if the subject [of the Holocaust] is investigated by facts and if logical conclusions are made."

"The first dubious fact is the number of six million Jews who were burnt in the gas chambers. Did they have families, children, who demanded compensation, or did Zionism see itself as their only heir? If we assume that every person had an average of five family members, this would bring the number of Jews affected to thirty million. It is certain that many Jews escaped before the ship sunk, that many of them therefore, survived, despite the so-called extermination and burning [in the gas chambers]. This would mean that the number of Jews in Germany was sixty million, although the total number of Germans has never reached this number."

"Even if we cross off one zero from the six million and are left with a tenth of this number, it would still seem exaggerated and would have to be investigated."

"No one can ask why Hitler punished the Jews. The reason had nothing to do with that broken record known as anti-Semitism. If Hitler was an anti-Semite, why was this anti-Semitism mentioned only after the World War was declared? Hitler could have expelled - in the period in which he built Germany up and prepared it for the War in order to recover what it lost in WWI -- this undesirable [Jewish] race from Germany and planted it in South Africa or anywhere else in the world. Did Hitler attack the Jews or did their crime deserve even more?... "

"The Zionists were a fifth column in Germany, and they betrayed the country that hosted them, in order to realize their aspirations. This had to be exposed, [and indeed], Hitler discovered that the Zionists were spies for the Allied Powers. Inevitably, he was enraged and took revenge on them for this great betrayal."

"Both the Zionist movement and the Allied Powers had an interest in keeping this matter a secret, so that people would not know that the Zionists were punished for helping the Allied Powers, for betraying [Germany], and for stabbing Hitler in the back."

"Even Germany and the government set up by the Allied Powers could not tell the truth, although they knew it, because it was under the influence of the Allied Powers, and because defeated nations must pay. Thus, the Zionist movement took control over the subject from Europe and the US and has easily made laws with which they try anyone who wants to raise the subject. Even historians can research any subject except for this forbidden one. Furthermore, the influence of the Zionist oppression has reached some Arab countries, who prevented the meeting of two conferences of historians who want to investigate the subject and expose the truth. The conference was delayed more than once, but some of Egypt's main journalists promised to host this conference and we hope that it will succeed in exposing the secrets surrounding this subject..."

"We denounce racial discrimination and the persecution of any person on the basis of religion, race or color, anywhere in the world. Those who yell about false persecutions that allegedly occurred half a century ago, must not ignore the persecution of others, their expulsion from their houses and their land, and the confiscation of their property. They should not commit those crimes that they claim were committed against them."

"Likewise, Germany should pay compensations to the victims of mines that were planted in the Western desert [in Egypt], and compensations for the land that lay untouched for half a century, before it pays compensations for false crimes that have no proof except for false and misleading claims."

[1] Al-Akhbar, May 27, 2001

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