October 24, 2001 Special Dispatch No. 289

Egyptian Government Daily On the Muslims' Love of Death and Their Enemies' Love of Life

October 24, 2001
Egypt | Special Dispatch No. 289

Dr. Abdallah Al-Naggar, a religious columnist for the Egyptian government daily 'Al-Gumhuriya,' wrote of the differences between a 'Muslim believer's' approach to death and that of his enemies. Following are excerpts from the article:[1]

"The believers in Allah rightly do not dread their enemies and do not fear [waging a] Jihad, because they see Jihad as a profitable bargain, selling their lives to Allah [to get paradise in return]."

"Their enemies protect their [own] lives, as criminals do. [Allah] has already said about them: 'You will find that they are the people who protect their [own] life more than anyone else.' In this verse, the term 'life' is given without the definite article, to indicate that they protect all kinds of life, even if it be a life of humiliation and misery. What is important as far as they are concerned is [to continue] to live, even if their fate is [to live] a humiliating life, being kicked or whipped on their backsides."

"What is distressing is that their protection of their life has become an incentive for them to bolster their status by means of science and inventions. They have explored all means of defending their lives and imposing their inferior ideas on humanity through force of arms, while the men of truth (i.e. Muslims) have been negligent; they have not excelled at science and have not explored means that will guarantee their triumph in their struggle against men of falsehood (i.e. the enemies of Islam)."

"The believers do not fear the enemy [during] the struggle and do not protect their lives. Allah has promised them one of two good things: [either] victory or martyrdom. Each of these is a great hope…"

"Yet their enemies protect [their] lives like a miser protects his money. They do not give [their lives] easily; they do not enter into battles seeking martyrdom; they do not act in order [to attain] martyrdom. This is the secret of the believers' victory over their enemies – though the believers are few and the polytheists many, with advanced weaponry and equipment."

"It would be a mistake to think that force of arms is the key to victory. As Allah has already said: 'Many a small group has, with the help of Allah, overcome large groups,' adding, 'Oh believers, if you stand by Allah, He will stand by you.'"[2]

[1] Al-Gumhuriya (Egypt), October 7, 2001.

[2] The 'profitable bargain' refers to a Koranic verse often used amongst Islamist Mujahideen (Jihad warriors): "Allah has bought from the believers, their souls and their properties for they shall inherit paradise. They will fight for the cause of Allah and they will kill and be killed… This is a promise of truth…"

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