July 8, 2009 Special Dispatch No. 2410

Egyptian Government Daily: The International Community's Caution is Sending the Wrong Message to the Iranian Regime

July 8, 2009
Egypt, Iran | Special Dispatch No. 2410

In its June 18, 2009 editorial, the Egyptian government daily Al-Ahram criticized the international community's cautious stance on the unfolding events in Iran. According to the editorial, this caution gives the Iranian regime the impression that the international community will overlook the crackdown on opposition protests so as not to adversely affect talks on the nuclear issue.

Following is a translation of the editorial in full:

"Events in Iran have followed in close succession since the announcement that fundamentalist candidate Ahmadinejad was elected to a second term in the presidential elections. Between the mass demonstrations [of the reformists] decrying electoral fraud, and the counter-demonstrations accusing the reformists of allegiance to the West, the international community has stood confused about what position to take towards this democratic outpouring in a country that is on the threshold of acquiring nuclear capabilities, something all international and regional actors consider an unwelcome development.

"The caution that has characterized the position of the principle international actors towards the abuses occurring in the streets of Iran, up to and including the killing [of protesters], may be sending the wrong message to the ruling powers there. The upshot of this message is that the strong desire to reach a political resolution to the Iranian nuclear crisis and to avoid a clash with the Iranian authorities is a goal that supersedes all other considerations - even if these other considerations be support for international principles and human rights, and the urging of the [Iranian] government to stop the violence and bloodshed and to lend an ear to the views of the Iranian opposition. [This opposition] has expressed its rejection of the election results and its resistance to a second term for the current president, primarily for domestic reasons, and principle among them [Ahmadinejad's] failed management of the economy." [1]


[1] Al-Ahram (Egypt), June 18, 2009.

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