December 1, 2010 Special Dispatch No. 3405

Egyptian Cleric Muhammad Al-Zoghbi: Pharaoh Would Ride the Jews Like the Donkeys They Are

December 1, 2010
Egypt | Special Dispatch No. 3405

Following are experts from a religious program featuring Egyptian cleric Muhammad Al-Zoghbi, which aired on Al-Rahma TV (Egypt) on March 9, 2010:

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Muhammad Al-Zoghbi: "When [the Israelites] came to Egypt and lived with the Egyptians, they did not assimilate with them. There was no assimilation, no interaction, no intermarriage. There was nothing. Why not? Because of their condescension, their arrogance, and their conceit. We are all familiar with the Jews. [...]

"If an Egyptian had sex with an Israeli woman, and she became pregnant, she would rip open her belly so as not to bear his child. Why? Because she believes that she belongs to the Chosen People. [...]

"[Pharaoh] would ride a Jew as one might ride a donkey. Let me show you how. Pharaoh would say: 'Bring me a Jew, an Israeli.' Then he would say to him: 'Over here. Bend over and make like a donkey.' The Jew would crouch like a donkey, and Pharaoh would ride on his back, his legs dangling on either side. Sometimes, he would ride him sidesaddle. He would grab him by the collar, and lead him: Giddyup... He would ride him like a donkey because a donkey he is.

"We do not encourage such a thing, but I must say that it is due to their sins, arrogance, and conceit that Allah sent enemies to rule them and turn them into donkey underfoot." [...]

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