October 28, 2011 Special Dispatch No. 4232

Egyptian Cleric Muhammad Abdu Calls to Wipe Israel Out of Existence and Threatens to Blow Up the Dimona Nuclear Installation

October 28, 2011
Egypt | Special Dispatch No. 4232

Following are excerpts from an address by Egyptian cleric Muhammad Abdu, which aired on Al-Hekma TV on September 20, 2011. Al-Hekma is an Islamic TV channel that broadcasts from Egypt. Its “strategic mission,” according to the channel’s website, is to educate Muslims around the world and inform non-Muslims about the Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad. Al-Hekma was officially launched in 2006.[1]

Muhammad Abdu: "Israel, that plundering, crude, cruel, and criminal entity, which wants to devour the remainder of our lands, but will not succeed in this new era, as massacres can only take place in silence, but the Arab peoples have learned to talk, and will never be silent again...

"Sabra and Shatila haunt you, sons of Zion, from Lebanon to the Palestinian homeland; you will not escape the punishment of Allah, our Creator, nor that of our blessed people and kinfolk.

"Tomorrow, we will destroy Israel and wipe it out of existence, if the millions respond to the call.

"Oh sons of a sow, your hands are soiled with the blood of the peoples, from the Al-Aqsa Mosque to China. [...]

"Tomorrow, I will blow up Dimona, and those who have killed my family, my people, and deprived me of my orchards.

"Allah willing, we will deprive them of the lives they are living. One after the other, the rockets of truth will reach them, until we cleanse our Arab land of these criminal murderers." [...]

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