April 17, 2020 Special Dispatch No. 8672

Egyptian-Canadian Writer Said Shoaib: Erdoğan Believes In Islamic Imperialism Like The Muslim Brotherhood Does; We Must Abandon The Idea Of An Islamic Caliphate, Or Else The MB Will Remain In Control

April 17, 2020
Egypt, Turkey | Special Dispatch No. 8672

Egyptian-Canadian writer Said Shoaib said in a March 23, 2020 interview on Mehwar TV (Egypt) that the time has come to stop giving ideological support for Islamists in the West, which he said are led by the Muslim Brotherhood. He said that organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood are responsible for spreading lies about Muslims in Canada being persecuted, that there is no systematic anti-Muslim discrimination in Canada, and that some people in the West are naturally afraid of Islam because of Islamic terrorism. He also said that the purpose of his book Erdoğan's Islam is to tell Muslims that the Islamists are only pretending that they want to build a free and just country. Furthermore, Shoaib said that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan shares the Muslim Brotherhood's beliefs that imperialism is a part of Islam. Shoaib added: "If we do not abandon the idea of Islam as a country and a Caliphate, then the Islamists will remain in control of the Middle East."

To view the clip of Said Shoaib on MEMRI TV, click here or below.

"There Is No Systematic Discrimination Against Muslims In The Law Or Constitution"

Said Shoaib: "It is time to stop giving ideological support for the Islamists [in the West]... I am talking about Islamists, and they are led by the Muslim Brotherhood – the Muslim Brotherhood is the most organized [Islamist] group, but they are all one and the same. It is time to stop supporting them ideologically.

"They say, for example, that Muslims in Canada are persecuted. That is a lie. Islamic centers tell lies and the religious institutions come and say: 'Look, Islamophobia!' But these are all lies. I am not talking about the West in general. I am talking about what I have experienced in Canada. There is no systematic discrimination against Muslims in the law or constitution. If you want to build a mosque, the same laws apply for building a synagogue, a Buddhist place of worship, or a church – most Canadians are Christians."


"People Are Afraid Of Muslims And Of Islam Because Of The Terror Attacks That Some Muslims Have Carried Out"

Interviewer: "In the West – Europe and America – nobody talks about hostility towards Muslims?"

Said Shoaib: "No"

Interviewer: "So there is none?"

Said Shoaib: "People are afraid of Muslims and of Islam because of the terror attacks that some Muslims have carried out. This fear is natural. I am not making excuses and some mistakes might be made. I am not talking about the governments, since they have a different logic, with which one can agree or disagree. I am talking about the society.

"As a Muslim in Canada, I have not experienced any discrimination, and if this does take place, I would be lucky, because then I would receive a lot of compensation."


"[Erdoğan] Is More Dangerous Than A Dictator Because He Has An Imperialist Plan"

"[My book] Erdoğan's Islam tells Muslims that the Islamists are pretending to build a country of freedom and justice, but you do not need to try it out [to see the truth]. There is the example of Omar Al-Bashir in Sudan and of Erdoğan, who has fooled the world. He has managed to fool the Muslims and the West. He has used the West in order to distance the army from the political arena. After he used the rules of the EU to oust the army, he took control of the country and exposed his ugly imperialist face. He is more than just a dictator. He is more dangerous than a dictator because he has an imperialist plan that he considers to be a part of Islam. [He believes that] reviving the Ottoman imperialist enterprise is a part of Islam.

"Erdoğan is not crazy, nor is he mentally disturbed and it bothers me when people describe him like that. Erdoğan believes, just like the Muslim Brotherhood, that in order to enter Paradise, he needs to restore the Islamic Caliphate."


"Islam Is Neither A Country Nor A Caliphate"

"The time has come to abandon the idea of Islam as a country and a Caliphate. Islam is a religion. It is important for me to say these things. If we do not abandon the idea of Islam as a country and a Caliphate, then the Islamists will remain in control of the Middle East. Islam is neither a country nor a Caliphate. It was never so, and it should never be so."


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