January 25, 2013 Special Dispatch No. 5154

Egyptian Blogger: Six Million Jews Could Not Have Died In European Nazi Camps

January 25, 2013
Egypt | Special Dispatch No. 5154

Muhammad Isma'il Salama is a blogger who also occasionally publishes articles in various Egyptian papers. In an article he published recently in the newspaper of the Egyptian party Al-Wafd, he wrote that the figure of six million Jewish Holocaust victims was exaggerated and contradicts testimony and historical documents regarding the number of Jews who lived in Europe at the time. According to Salama, the Jews wished to convince the world they were victims of the Nazis in order to extort millions of dollars in compensation from Germany.

It should be mentioned that this article was published in response to a recent interview given by former IAEA chief and Egyptian opposition leader Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei to the German newspaper Der Spiegel,[1] in which he said he objected to the Egyptian Constituent Assembly because it includes Holocaust deniers.[2]

The following are excerpts from the article:[3]

"Why did ElBaradei state [that the Constituent Assembly includes Holocaust deniers]? What was his intention? With the reader's permission, I will backtrack a little and present several important points.

"First, briefly, what is the Holocaust? The Holocaust refers to an incident in which, according to the global definition, an imaginary number of Jews – no less than six million – were collectively exterminated in Nazi camps by Hitler. The idea of extermination began with [the killing of] disabled Germans in an attempt to cleanse the German race. It came from the ideas of the extremist German physician Dr. Alfred Ploetz regarding improving the human race, and of Karl Binding in his book Allowing the Destruction of Life Unworthy of Life, written together with psychiatrist Alfred Hoche, who wrote on the euthanasia of terminally ill patients. These writings did not [actually] discuss collective extermination at all, but most researchers believe that Hitler's Nazi Germany used these extreme ideas while carrying out the collective extermination of disabled Germans, and ultimately of Jews.

"Second, is the Holocaust true, as ElBaradei claims, or is it an historical lie? There are millions of books and essays on this topic. Some completely support the veracity [of the Holocaust], while others believe the idea but claim it is greatly exaggerated, especially with regards to the figure of six million Jews. To believe the current Zionist [claim] as it is, Hitler exterminated nearly [all] the Jews in Europe, since the number of European Jews at the time was six million. This is completely at odds with reality and with documents indicating the mass emigration of millions of Jews to various countries inside and outside Europe. Furthermore, the Jews' money was never seized, for they are the richest people in the world to this day. There is also the opinion that denies [the Holocaust] altogether, which has many supporters worldwide...

"Third, which countries define non-recognition of the Holocaust as a crime? Only 17 countries, most notably Germany (as the result of Zionist pressure and extortion, of course) and Israel. This means that, apart from the abovementioned countries, none of the countries of the world see non-recognition of the Holocaust as a crime. Furthermore, millions of writers around the world have completely denied [the Holocaust] and presented evidence worthy of examining, including the fact that there is no historical document that proves the event [occurred] and ties it to the Nazi authorities. In addition to [the fact that] historians have proved that the course of events as described by the Zionists is at odds with [the size of] the global Jewish population, it has also been proven that the total number of Jews incarcerated in Nazi prisons did not exceed 20,000. But the Zionists naturally have the need to make the world believe that the Jews, 'God's chosen people,' suffered at the hands of the Germans and lived through the worst nightmare of terror imaginable. This makes them the current world guardians against 'Islamic' extremism and terrorism, and leaves the German government indebted to the Jews forever. The German government – which is extorted by the Jews to pay millions of dollars in compensation, millions that flow and keep flowing – cannot refuse, since all the dollars in the world are not compensation enough for even one chosen Semite Jew who was tossed into Hitler's crematorium..."

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[3] Al-Wafd (Egypt), November 29, 2012.

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