December 15, 2017 Special Dispatch No. 7226

In Editorial, London-Based Urdu Daily Criticizes Trump's Decision On Jerusalem, Urges Boycott Of American Goods, Says: 'It Is Stated In The Koran In Clear Terms: O Believers! Do Not Have Friendship With Jews And Christians'

December 15, 2017
Palestinians | Special Dispatch No. 7226

On December 6, U.S. President Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital and announced that the U.S. Embassy will be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. After the announcement, Roznama Ausaf, an Urdu daily published from London, published several editorials on the issue and called for the economic boycott of America.

"Now, Israel And America Will Themselves Be Responsible For Damage To Israeli And American Interests In The World"

Given below are excerpts from an editorial titled "In Trump's friendship with Israel, the door of Hell will take him to the logical conclusion:"[1]

"American President Donald Trump has crossed all the limits in enmity against Islam and Muslims. Striking at the hearts of Muslims, [he] announced the recognition of occupied Jerusalem as the Israeli capital...

"Fulfilling the objectives of the world's first illegitimate, occupier, and impious state of Israel present on the world map, President Trump trampled upon the holiness of the land of the prophets and, recognizing Jerusalem as the Israeli capital, ordered his embassy to shift there. Not only the Islamic countries like Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey, Egypt, and Morocco, but the entire world, including the European Union, France, the UK, and Germany, has expressed hate against this foolish and unacceptable decision.

"No one has accepted this move to stab a dagger in the back of the world of Islam by President Trump, who is popular among the Americans who have become like a mad elephant. Protests are underway in the Middle East against this coarse and imprudent decision. We [the editors of Roznama Ausaf] understand that the entire Islamic world and the civilized Western countries should protest and force Trump to take back this decision. But, we will request the people of Pakistan and other Islamic countries of the world to keep the protests peaceful; and especially in Pakistan, no private and public property be damaged in any protest against this decision...

"In the Islamic world, the First Qibla has a unique and distinct status; and there cannot be any compromise on the dignity of Jerusalem. If there is any mischief during protests, then it will fulfill the abhorrent objectives of the Jews; therefore, no opportunity should be given to the enemy. While the American move is a negation of the resolutions of the UN Security Council, this ugly and crafty decision cannot guarantee peace in the Middle East. Now, Israel and America will themselves be responsible for damage to Israeli and American interests in the world."

"We Make This Suggestion To The Islamic World That To Control This Mad Elephant [Donald Trump], An Immediate Decision Be Taken To Boycott American Products"

"Israel has maintained a forcible occupation of Jerusalem. And Jews are being brought from across the world and settled through the construction of Jewish settlements. The UN has passed a resolution to stop the construction of these settlements. There is no doubt that America backs this illegitimate Jewish state of Israel and this is the cause of the threats to peace in the world... Today the leaderships of those countries which have established relations with Israel, or have underhanded sympathy [for Israel], should also think about it.

"It is stated in the Koran in clear terms, 'O Believers! Do not have friendship with Jews and Christians. Between themselves, they are friends of each other. And whoever among you will strike friendship with them, then he too is from among them. Without doubt, Allah doesn't guide the oppressors' (Al-Maeda: 51-52). What better leadership for us [Muslims to] be offered.

"We understand that the American president has pushed world peace toward destruction; and if the third world war erupts, then its catalyst will be the American president. The world today sits on a mound of explosives and the slightest spark can destroy everything. There are no two opinions about it that the door of Hell which is opening in Trump's friendship with Israel will take him to the logical conclusion..."

Following are excerpts from an editorial titled "The Islamic world should boycott American goods and review trade relations:"[2]

"We make this suggestion to the Islamic world that to control this mad elephant [Donald Trump], an immediate decision be taken to boycott American products. And the countries that have struck defense and trade deals with America worth millions and billions should cancel them and stop repayments so that pressure can be mounted on America... We understand that Israel and America will continue to hatch conspiracies [against the Islamic world] till Jerusalem is freed from the impious Zionist claws..."


[1] Roznama Ausaf (UK), December 8, 2017.

[2] Roznama Ausaf (UK), December 12, 2017.

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