May 2, 2012 Special Dispatch No. 4694

Editor Yahya Ibrahim in Inspire IX: 'Our Capabilities and Skills Have Developed… [Such that They Are Ready] to Be Transferred Now to Virginia'

May 2, 2012
Special Dispatch No. 4694

In an article in the ninth issue of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula's English-language magazine, Inspire, titled "Winning on the Ground," editor-in-chief Yahya Ibrahim responded to President Barack Obama's "baseless" claims of having achieved victory against AQAP following the death of radical Yemeni-U.S. Sheikh Anwar Al-'Awlaki. Ibrahim argued that AQAP has, in fact, increased the number of special operations it has carried out in the past two years. Speaking of Al-Awlaki's death and its impact on the continuation of jihad, Ibrahim said it was a victory unto itself and would only serve as "fuel for the coming mujahideen."...

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