October 10, 2008 Special Dispatch No. 2077

Editor of Syrian Government Daily: What's The Difference Between Bush/Neo-Conservatives and Nazis?

October 10, 2008
Syria | Special Dispatch No. 2077

In an editorial published July 30, 2008 in the Syrian government daily Teshreen, editor 'Issam Dari compares U.S. President George W. Bush to Adolph Hitler, and neo-conservatives to the Nazis. He also claims that there is no difference between the "U.S. global plan" under Bush and the "Nazi plan" during Hitler's rule.(1)

Following are excerpts from the article:

"A Comparison Between President Bush and Hitler, and Between Neo-Conservatives and the Nazis... Cannot Be Avoided"

"A countdown has begun for the exit of the most dangerous government in the modern era after the demise of Hitler's Nazi regime… Although a comparison between President Bush and Hitler, and between neo-conservatives and the Nazis, will annoy the 'Washington rulers,' it cannot be avoided. [The reality] experienced by the world during President Bush's two terms in office compels us to draw an objective analogy between the two plans – that of the Nazis and that of the U.S. If we are mistaken, [we beg your indulgence], since in this world mistakes are inevitable.

"Adolph Hitler propelled the world towards a destructive world war, as a result of which millions of people died, and the Nazi army conquered [many] countries and toppled [many] regimes. George Bush has [also] initiated several wars – from Afghanistan to Iraq and Lebanon – and the U.S. army has [also] conquered countries and deposed regimes. The events of [the past] eight years have been the closest possible approximation of a world war.

"[Furthermore,] Hitler is accused of being a Nazi and of holding a racist ideology. It is not our intention to question this [assertion] – but how are Bush and neo-conservatives different from their Nazi predecessors? Didn't Bush, at the beginning of his rule, declare a 'crusade' against the Muslims and the Arabs?"

"Bush and His Neo-Conservative Gang... Are Out to Implement the Talmudic Precept Enjoining the Killing and Elimination of 'The Gentiles' – First and Foremost the Muslims"

"If the team for improving the image of the U.S.– whose [task is, in effect,] to rectify Bush's acts of folly and errors – attempted, at the time, to qualify these racist proclamations, [events] in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, Sudan, Somalia etc. have confirmed that not only their import but also that the malice filling the hearts of Bush and his neo-conservative gang were taken literally and acted upon. They are out to implement the Talmudic precept enjoining the killing and elimination of 'the gentiles' – first and foremost the Muslims, who are compared to 'vermin' and 'cockroaches'!

"No one knows the exact number of [people] who fell victim to Bush's terrorist [activities] in Afghanistan – but it is very large. As for the number [of victims] in Iraq, it is still not known for certain, [but] the estimate is that over 1,200,000 Iraqis have lost their lives as a result of the crimes perpetrated by the Bush administration against Iraq, and that [other casualties, including] maimed, wounded, and displaced, number in the millions. Not to mention the devastation [the Bush administration] has inflicted on [Iraq], sending it back to the Stone Age.

"We must [also] not forget the terror victims in Lebanon, which was designated as a transit camp to serve the U.S.-Zionist plan known as 'the new Middle East plan,' nor terrorist [acts] against occupied Palestine. It is beyond the scope of this article to describe the circumstances in full."

"The U.S. Global Plan... Is No Different From the Nazi Plan"

"In conclusion, we believe – without adducing any more examples – that the U.S. global plan, which seeks to make the 21st century an American century, is no different from the Nazi plan to conquer the world and make the 20th century a Nazi [century]!"

"[The Americans] Will Be the Happiest When This Black Cloud Disappears From the American Skies – As Bush and the Mainstays of his Administration Exit the White House"

"To be fair, [it must be stated that] the world nations, or at least most of them, have suffered on account of the administration of Bush and the neo-conservatives – and especially the American people, since it is they who have paid the price of the aspirations of that group of extremists and zealots who know nothing but the language of war and destruction, and disregard peoples' will and rights.

"Not only have the Americans been paying this toll in money and blood for eight years, but U.S. policy has brought disgrace and hatred upon them, [but] they will be the happiest when this black cloud disappears from the American skies, as Bush and the mainstays of his administration exit the White House and enter one of the darkest pages of history."

(1) Teshreen (Syria), July 30, 2008.

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