July 2, 2014 Special Dispatch No. 5788

Editor Of Hamas Paper: Murder Of Palestinian Teen In Jerusalem Reminiscent Of Jews' Custom Of Baking Matzos With Blood

July 2, 2014
Palestine | Special Dispatch No. 5788

In an antisemitic article, the editor of Hamas's paper Al-Risalah, Wisam 'Afifa, associated the death of Muhammad Abu Khdeir, a Palestinian teen whose body was found yesterday (July 2, 2014) in Jerusalem, with the claim that the Jews used blood to bake their matzos on Passover. It should be noted that the identity and motivation of Abu Khdeir's murder(s) is yet unknown; the murder is possibly a hate crime perpetrated by Jews in revenge for the recent murder of three Israeli teens. 'Afifa wrote that, just as the Jews once killed non-Jews to use their blood for matzos, today they still engage in "sacred rites" of vengeance. He added that Israel has adopted the ideology of the Nazis, who distinguished between superior and inferior races.

The following are excerpts:[1]

Wisam 'Afifa (image:

"The settlers used the body of 17-year-old Muhammad Hussein Abu Khdeir, from Shuafat in northern Jerusalem, to carry out their sacred [act of] vengeance by torturing him and burning him to death, in a crime reminiscent of their holy matzos that became part of their history of betrayal and murder – for the culture of violence and blood grew among the Jews to such an extent that it seeped into their sacred rites and prayers.

"By holy matzos,' I mean those matzos mixed with human blood, the blood of gentiles, namely of the non-Jewish other, [which they baked] to celebrate the Jewish holiday called Passover. According to historical accounts, they used to murder Christians, preferably children under ten, collect their blood, and then hand it over to a rabbi, so he would mix it into the holiday matzos, and then serve them to the believers, to devour on their holiday.

"These ancient rites are echoed in modern ones, whereby [the Jews] sanctify the blood of [their fellow] Jews, who are considered humans of the first level, and disregard the blood of Palestinians. This obliges [Palestinian] President Mahmoud 'Abbas to define and classify the martyred boy Abu Khdeir, after he ['Abbas] expressed his rage to the Muslim countries' foreign ministers [at the June 18, 2014 Jeddah conference] and said that the three settlers who had been kidnapped in the West Bank were human beings like us and we must search for them and return them, thus meeting [the Israeli] demand to endow these three settlers with a halo of divinity and of lofty humanity and describe them as 'exceptional human beings'...

"The unjust world – from the US and the EU to the president of the Palestinian Authority – greatly lamented the death of the three settlers, but it does not lament the death of the Palestinian boy Abu Khdeir, since he belongs to the group whose blood is not [considered] sacred, according to the international community's classification of human, ethnic and political groups, which places Israel high on the ladder and the Palestinians low. The international community's double standard regarding Israeli and Palestinian blood revives the heritage of the Nazi theory. The Jews, with their criminal behavior, adopt the vision of Hitler, which was based on classifying people into superior races, like the Aryan race, versus inferior races, like the blacks, Arabs and Jews, [and held that] the superiority of the white race over all other peoples entitles it to many absolute rights, such as the right to rule over other peoples.

"Similarly, we see that Israel believes that the superiority of the Jewish race endows it with the absolute right to occupy, build settlements, take vengeance and spill blood. That is how they baked their sacred bread in the past, and that is how they hold their sacred rites of vengeance in the present, whose victim [this time] was the boy Abu Khdeir."


[1] Al-Risalah (Gaza), July 3, 2014.

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