July 15, 2022 Special Dispatch No. 10070

Dr. Ebrahim Mottaghi, Dean Of Law And Political Science At Tehran University: Iran Needs The Nuclear Talks To Lift Sanctions, Stop Price Hikes; Raisi's 'Shock Treatment' Economic Policy Might Rekindle Unrest

July 15, 2022
Iran | Special Dispatch No. 10070

Dr. Ebrahim Mottaghi, the dean of law and political science at Tehran University, said in a July 3, 2022 show on Channel 1 (Iran) that Iran "needs" the JCPOA negotiations in order to lift Western sanctions. He said that Iran's oil-based economy is desperate for the sanctions to be removed because it would stop consumer price increases and stabilize the economy. Dr. Mottaghi elaborated that the U.S. also needs the JCPOA, because ignoring Iran's "reality" might push Iran to a nuclear breakthrough. For more about Dr. Mottaghi, see MEMRI TV Clip No. 8814.

To view the clip of Tehran University's Dr. Ebrahim Mottaghi, click here or below.

Iran Needs The Nuclear Talks To Get Sanctions Lifted; The U.S. Needs Them Because If They Ignore The Reality Of Iran, This Might Lead To Its Nuclear Breakthrough

Ebrahim Mottaghi: "Iran needs the negotiations in order to lift the sanctions. The sanctions are a serious element in the country's economic policy. The Americans need [the negotiations] as well. Why? Because if they ignore the reality of Iran, this might lead the circumstances in Iran to an atmosphere of a [nuclear] breakthrough.


"Why does the public want there to be an agreement? Not because the negotiations are ongoing, but because of Mr. Raisi's economic policy. Under these circumstances, the prices of products that are basic for Iranian society are rising by over 300%.

"This kind of 'shock therapy' caused problems to the country in 1992, 2017, and 2019.


If Iran's Domestic Economy Is Unstable, Social Unrest Will Serve The American Negotiators; Our Only Choice Is To Negotiate

"In general, when you are conducting the JCPOA negotiations, and your main concern are the sanctions, the most important thing you have to do is to keep the prices stable, to keep your domestic economy stable. When the prices are not stable, it is unavoidable that the society will try to get out of this unacceptable atmosphere, and such a situation will serve best the American negotiators.


"The truth is that Iran's economy is based on oil. We can sound many slogans and draw graphs showing that America is under pressure, but we are also under pressure.


"We want to reduce this pressure. The point is that negotiations are a tool. You cannot deny yourselves this tool. The second point is that you cannot erase America's arrogant essence, which is based on a policy of force. Another point is that the foreign policy of superpowers is offensive in essence. Okay? Under these circumstances, our only choice is to have negotiations."

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