March 20, 2020 Special Dispatch No. 8650

Domestic Terrorism Threat Monitor (DTTM) – Account Review: Amid Coronavirus Outbreak, Telegram Channel Shares Instructions For Making And Using Weapons In Preparation For Civil War

March 20, 2020
Special Dispatch No. 8650

Since December 2019, a Telegram channel has been sharing content in preparation for the upcoming "Boogaloo" – a white supremacist term referring to imminent and inevitable societal breakdown and civil and/or race war.[1] Content posted and shared on the channel includes guides for tactical and guerilla warfare, survivalism, and instructions for manufacturing and using weapons. The channel also shares links to other extremist and white supremacist Telegram channels.

The following report shows examples of the links and documents posted on the channel that include this content.

Weapons Guides And Military Manuals

In March  2020, the channel shared a link to its blog site. The blog, attributed to a Telegram user who claims they run the channel, includes instructions on guerrilla warfare, types of equipment, training and strategy guides, and fitness and martial arts programs.

The sections focusing on guerrilla warfare feature several graphic images illustrating battle tactics for "Boogaloo." The idea of this civil war or overthrow of the government is gaining in popularity among white supremacists, who believe that race war in the U.S. is inevitable and immanent.

Basic boogaloo tactics, part 12

Links to the channel's blog posts

General Defense blog with index

In March 2020, the channel shared multiple graphic images focusing on the supposedly imminent civil war. The images also appear on the channel's blog.

In March 2020, the channel shared a link to a site with hundreds of PDF files of weapons guides, manuals for assembling and using weapons and explosives, military and guerilla training manuals, and other similar content.

Murdercube file directory

In March  2020, the channel shared a link to another site that provides PDF files of military training guides and weapons manuals. The link was posted by a Telegram user who has claimed to be the channel's operator.

Banner image for the website. The image shows two camouflaged men with a sniper rifle.

In March 2020, the channel shared a PDF file that teaches military tactics for handgun use.

Coronavirus Epidemic Advice

In March  2020, the channel shared a link to a chat group belonging to a white supremacist Telegram channel, with a graphic image advising users on online and offline behavior to minimize drawing undesirable attention and maximize personal security.

In January 2020, the channel shared links to multiple other Telegram channels, some of which focus on posting antisemitic and white supremacist content.

Links to white supremacist and survivalist Telegram channels

In March 2020, the channel shared a GIF originally shared by another Telegram channel that regularly posts content on the coronavirus epidemic. The GIF shows an armed, uniformed figure wearing a gas mask while running on a treadmill.



[1], accessed March 19, 2020.

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