April 10, 2020 Special Dispatch No. 8692

Domestic Terrorism Threat Monitor – Account Review (DTTM-AR): White Supremacists, Neo-Nazis Float Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories, Encourage Followers To Infect Jews – 'With Everyone Inside... Many Power Stations Are Now Being Protected... Supermarkets Are A Great Place To Do The Same Damage'

April 10, 2020
Special Dispatch No. 8692

The following information is based on a general overview of a social media account demonstrating domestic terror-related activity / sympathies.

Platform: Telegram, Facebook, Telegram, Gab, 4Chan, other neo-Nazi websites and forums

Additional Information: A growing number of white supremacists and neo-Nazis are speculating that the COVID-19 pandemic is a hoax. Some are saying that this global health crisis is orchestrated by the Jews, and others are encouraging followers to deliberately infect Jews. Some also urging followers to sow chaos; this comes against the backdrop of the foiled bombing of a Missouri hospital by Timothy Wilson, who died in a shootout with the FBI on March 24.[1]


The content posted on Telegram is vitriolic and threatening in nature.

On March 31, a neo-Nazi Telegram channel posted a graphic stating: "COVID-19 – If you have the bug, give a hug – Spread the flu to every Jew. Holocough."

On March 31, a Telegram channel shared a graphic showing a cartoon of The Simpsons character Ralph Wiggum sitting alone on a bus, with text stating: "Boog Boys diagnosed with Covid-19 (chuckles) I'm a biological weapon now." Boog is short for "boogaloo," a white supremacist term referring to imminent and inevitable societal breakdown and civil and/or race war.

On March 25, a Telegram channel called for the "white man" to leave his home and spread the virus in supermarkets – "a great place" to do it – since power stations are "now being protected."  

On March 11, a user on a Telegram channel posted about ways he had been attempting to spread the virus to Jews and Indians by coughing on them, including going to a synagogue and coughing in the rabbi's face. He also said he had rubbed a tissue he had coughed into on the handles of gas pumps at gas stations owned by Indians.

Facebook Activity

A Neo-Nazi who says he is from the Pacific Northwest told his Facebook friends to listen to aneo-Nazi radio show discussing the effects of the coronavirus on the country, specifically, how Chicago's crime rate has dropped.

On March 31, 2020, a neo-Nazi who says he is from New England wrote that if he received a government relief check he would purchase Nazi paraphernalia with it.

A white supremacist posted a YouTube video stating that the virus is a proven hoax and that governments are spying on citizens and enslaving and impoverishing them using quarantining.

A white supremacist called the virus "a blessing" because there was no more "white genocide" in South Africa and no more "caravan of illegals" at the Mexican border.

A neo-Nazi who says she is in the Southwest shared a YouTube video asking whether the virus was "even real." She added that people laughed at her when she insisted that it was all made up.

A white supremacist wrote about the world being "shut down" because of a virus with "a 96% survival rate" and hinted that the Jews are behind this.

Another White supremacist shared a video about a New York man who, try as he might, cannot find a single coronavirus case in a NY hospital.

4Chan Activity

Users on 4Chan were also spreading videos doubting the authenticity of the pandemic. On April 2, on 4Chan, a user shared a YouTube video of a German doctor explaining that the virus is a hoax. The user added: "Corona is a hoax to implement the next stage of the NWO [New World Order]."


Neo-Nazi Forum

A thread on COVID-19 was started on February 7 on a well-known neo-Nazi forum. On it, a user shared a link from the CDC and asked whether it was a bio-weapon or anything to worry about.

Anti-government and antisemitic posts on VNN included one, saying that a former CIA officer had claimed that the virus was produced in a laboratory. He added: "There are only two possible answers of this forum to the COVIS pandemic. 1) Corona virus doesn't exist/ it's overreaction and hysteria 2) Zionists created coronavirus."

One user posted a graphic of a lab worker holding a sample labelled "Coronavirus 2020 pysop." The lab technician is wearing a mask with the CIA and UN symbols.

Neo-Nazi Forum

On April 2, a user wrote on another well-known neo-Nazi forum that those who succumb to the virus are mostly white and asked why black and brown people were not dying.

On March 24, a thread was started about the Department of Homeland Security memo according to which white supremacists are attempting to weaponize the coronavirus. A user suggested that these "nasty ideas" sound like what minorities would do, particularly black people, "trying to make whites look bad."

Another individual wrote that it was probably a Jew or an FBI agent, and posted a news article about a Brooklyn Jewish man arrested for coughing on FBI agents and selling medical supplies at inflated prices.


On April 1, a user posted an image of Bill Gates as a greedy Jewish caricature. Gates is the subject of a false claim that went viral according to which he is pushing for an initiative to microchip individuals in a bid to fight the virus.[2]


[1], March 30, 2020.

[2], March 31, 2020.

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