April 16, 2020 Special Dispatch No. 8702

Domestic Terrorism Threat Monitor – Account Review (DTTM-AR): White Supremacist Telegram Channel Calls To Kill German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Shares Manuals For Manufacturing Weapons, Lionizes White Supremacist Terrorists

April 16, 2020
Special Dispatch No. 8702

Since September 2019, a Telegram channel has been posting content calling for assassinating German chancellor Angela Merkel and a Bulgarian local politician. The channel also calls for murdering adult film industry workers for their alleged part in promoting "Race-mixing."  It also doxxed an alleged FBI agent and posted a document with what it said was 35,000 names of Mossad and Israeli army agents.

The channel shares links and files for building and manufacturing weapons and explosives, including a video that appears to have been published by ISIS. It also links to other white supremacist channels and organizations, and posts white supremacist and Nazi imagery and images, videos and documents lionizing white supremacist terrorists Brenton Tarrant, Dylann Roof, and Andres Breivik.

The following report will examine the threats, calls to action and terror idolization, as posted on the Telegram channels.

Direct Threats And Weapons Guides

One method by which the Telegram channel spreads and promotes its ideology is by stressing its actionable aspect. The channel does this in two main ways: a) providing general and/or specific targets and giving cultural or ethical background to justify having chosen these targets, and b) providing manuals and guides for assembling and manufacturing weapons and explosives, as well as tactical war methods.

For example, In March 2020, the channel expressed its desire to destroy the modern social and cultural constructs, explaining that to do so readers "must revolt against the modern System. The post explains the role it believes women have in the "Modern World" that it aims to destroy.

It goes on to specify the main methods of interacting with women, one of which strongly advocating to use rape as a form of terrorism, and can also include murder, kidnapping, vandalism and destruction of private of public property. The post concludes with a call to murder German chancellor Angela Merkel, a former adult film actress, and a Bulgarian elected official. The post was deleted by Telegram for violating the platform's Terms of Service.


In April 2020, the channel posted an image of a French Jewish entrepreneur and adult film director and producer, blaming him for his part in promoting anti-white race-mixing pornography. The post concludes with a direct call to its readers to kill members of the adult film industry.

In February 2020, the channel forwarded a post from a different Telegram channel, which calls for people with COVID-19 to try to infect others, providing them with methods of distributing their illness.

In November 2019, the channel forwarded a post from another Telegram channel, showing the personal information of an alleged FBI agent, instigating readers to contact her.

The channel posted a list of over 35,000 names of individuals in October 2019, claiming that they were all agents of the Mossad and the Israeli army.

Weapons Guides And Manuals

The channel shared a video in October 2019 that was originally posted by a different Telegram channel, and in it, a masked figure explains how to build a homemade bomb. The video is a 2016 ISIS production of an ISIS operative showing the steps for making an IED, from preparing the TATP explosive compound to assembling the bomb. The video is dubbed into Russian, but the original is in Arabic.[1]

In December 2019, the channel shared a series of documents originally posted in another Telegram channel for building homemade weapons.

The channel shared a video in January 2020 that was originally posted by another Telegram channel.[2] The video shows how to make homemade Napalm B Type.

Promoting Ideologies, Endorsing Other Groups

The channel regularly shares images and videos showcasing neo-Nazi and violent white supremacist ideologies. The content includes Nazi and white supremacist insignia, and racist and antisemitic videos and imagery, and shares images, links, and recruitment posters of other white supremacist groups.

In September 2019, it posted an image of a masked man holding a swastika standard performing the Nazi salute. He is standing between two UK flags.

The channel posted, also in September 2019, an image of armed masked figures standing in front of the banner of the French branch of the white supremacist organization Blood & Honour.[3] This organization is outlawed in the UK and Canada.

In October 2019, the channel posted an image of a man wearing a mask with the Yr rune (also known as the Death rune) on it. The background is military camouflage style with the Black Sun symbol on the left. The text reads the name of the channel.

Racist And Anti-Semitic Imagery

The channel shared a link, in December 2019, to a BitChute channel which uploaded a video that discusses alleged Jewish ritual murders.

In October 2019, the channel posted a video of a black man being shot in the head with a shotgun.


An image was posted on the channel in December 2019 of a white woman smiling and looking at a lynched black man.

Promoting Other Channels

Since its early days, this channel has been promoting and encouraging people not only to subscribe to other channels, but to actively join National Socialist organizations, such as Atomwaffen Division and other similar groups, that regularly attempt to recruit through their own Telegram channels on which they share posters and links to their encrypted email accounts.

In October 2019, the channel posted a link to a  National Socialist Telegram channel, and encouraged readers to join them.

In October 2019, the channel shared a link by a white supremacist organization Telegram channel, stating that that organization is recruiting members, and providing its ProtonMail and Tutanota email addresses.

In January 2020, the channel forwarded a graphic from the a white supremacist and neo-Nazi Telegram channel showing an armed figure with the Totenkopf symbol.[4]  The image includes the organization's ProtonMail address.

Lionizing White Supremacist Terrorists

The Telegram channel posts and shares content, including images and videos, glorifying white supremacist terrorists, along with texts authored by them.

In March 2020, it posted a quote from Brenton Tarrant's manifesto "The Great Replacement" expressing his decision to commit his attack. The manifesto was posted online prior to Tarrant's murder of 51 and wounding of 49 in two Christchurch, New Zealand mosques.

In October 2019, the channel posted a photo of 2015 Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof holding a pistol and a confederate flag.

In April 2020, the channel posted the manifesto of Andres Breivik, who in 2011 killed 77 people in two attacks in Norway. Breivik is cited by Tarrant in the latter's manifesto as his direct inspiration for his own attack.

The channel shared, in September 2019, links to over 20 audiobooks popular with white supremacists, including Mason's Siege (1992) and The Turner Diaries (1978) by William Pierce.[5]

The channel posted an image of a figure with the Totenkopf for a head and Nazi SS bolts on its shirt against a background of woods, in December 2019. The text encourages people to read the book Siege.

[2] For more on this channel, see DTTM Special Dispatch No. 8564 'Telegram Channel Provides Bombmaking Instructions; Calls For Burning Synagogues, Planned Parenthood Clinics,' February 14, 2020.

[3] Blood & Honour is a British neo-Nazi network whose ideology is derived from the National Socialist doctrine of Nazi Germany., August 30, 2017.

[4] The German skull and crossbones, a symbol used by many white supremacist groups and individuals.

[5] For more on white supremacist literature and its potential effect, see DTTM Inquiry & Analysis The Evolving White Supremacy Ideology And Its Protagonists, September 6, 2019.

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